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  1. Basically played however their front 3 of Messi neymar suarez dictated
  2. Belgium always produce some ****ing mental players in my saves
  3. Yeah man ill give it a go for sure, your 4231 was great to begin with if the amc was firing a bit more it woukd be awesome, cheers man
  4. Do you think you'll try and tweak your 4231 to get the amc more involved on that one too?
  5. Nice finds mate? What's your method, do you just usually go check the certain clubs youth teams on intake day?
  6. Some of these newgens your showing are 100% created in the editor my guy 😂
  7. hahaha something not right here, some of his stats boosted by +8, 9, 10 etc including his pace has gone from 10 > 20 in the space of 5 months?
  8. will try this now, i feel theres a real lack of 4123 this year.
  9. Nice video, but does anyone have any examples of some top class regens that these academies have produced in their fm save?
  10. They differ every save, I find it boring signing the same players on different saves
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