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  1. Important matches never changes. Consistency can improve over time, not sure if it can trained.
  2. FM09 Save Game into FM10???

    I have started importing my favourite regens from fm9 to fm10 using fmrte, it is a lot of fun.
  3. I am up to 2016 but talent is very thin on the ground, losing much point to playing for me.By now I would have expected a few top shelf players for most positions, players with high pa's appear but they just aren't much good at playing.
  4. Consistency can improve,Important match stays the same.
  5. Bale scored the first one he took for me(2nd season).Has only taken a few since but his strike rate is excellent.
  6. Sounds like you have a problem with your away tactics
  7. That is a rare occurrence in my games, Balotteli scoring, he never delivered for me or any other team.
  8. Possession

    I find slight tempo adjustment can have a large influence on possesion
  9. Yes it is not clear at all how you register the players for the b and c teams
  10. This steam system, mine would not activate on steam, but no problem with uniloc?A joke
  11. What is the format of the keycode, Steam tells me my product code is invalid?Is that because I have entered it incorrectly or will it be okay upon release?
  12. Great tool, love how it interacts fully with the game.I have that shortlist problem, but it is a minor thing now that I am aware of it.