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  1. Meh, if you want to impress me, make it to the top of the Prem and Europe with Chelmsford city or another hapless BSP club. I took Cheltenham from the BSP to mid-table Prem in 5 seasons (back-to-back-to-back-to-back promotions). Haven't started my 2nd prem season yet.
  2. hello all new member

    There was an update a little over a month ago, but it might have been included in your download of the game. The January transfers update is still going through iTunes' approval process.
  3. Please, please, please! Add MLS, FMF, and the Brazilian and Argentinian leagues. I'm in 2024 in my current game with Cheltenham, and there are only 4 Americans and 6 Mexicans playing in Europe. Also, there are far too many players with the same name.
  4. I run a 4-1-3-2, defensive, men behind the ball, pressing for the 1st half to 60 minutes of games on the road. Then I switch to no pressing and counter attacking (still with men behind e ball) for the rest if the match. You simply can't play counter attacking the whole time from the get go. At least not if you want to win.
  5. Stats vs Ability

    I go with stats over ability.
  6. I have to agree that sometimes the results are way too random. The squad I have assembled in 3.5 seasons since taking over Cheltenham, is already mid-table premiership caliber, and I'm in the championship (although 1st place in februrary). So you might be saying "why are you complaining?" Because I'm only 2pts clear at the moment. I should be wiping the floor with the rest of the league, yet it seems my hardest matches are always against bottom feeders, be they home or away.
  7. I pay absolutely no attention to my scouts.
  8. Promotion woes

    Update: after about 3 games in the Championship, my wage budget shot up to 430k, and my board approved increasing the stadium size and improving the training grounds.
  9. Promotion woes

    I'm starting my 4th season with Cheltenham, and have won the BSP, League 2, and League 1. Last season I lost the FACup Final to Liverpool... So why is it my club won't allow me to expand the stadium, or improve training grounds, and my wage budget dropped from 185k last season, to 49k this season? Of course I adjusted my budget to fit my current players under budget, but now I have no money for transfers. None of this adds up. I'm starting the 22/23 season.
  10. Yeah, I managed to get karim benzema on a free at the ripe old ago of 27 before the Euro Final when I managed liverpool.
  11. The 0% loan bug...

    Are you offering them to clubs on loan and listing them for loan? Try just offering them and not listing them. If that fails, don't offer them and just list them. Also, what sort of salary are you paying them? When I was doingthe same with Liverpool, I don't think any of my youth made over 10k per week, if they're gettin paid more that could be the problem.
  12. Whats the fun in signing big expensive names anyway? I have more fun signing complete unknowns and turning them into stars.
  13. A player that I sold while managing Liverpool with a sell-on clause, was sold to another team, but the money from the sell-on clause came to me at Cheltenham.
  14. My personal training schedules: General: intensive fitness, tactics, attacking, defending, motivation Goalkeeping: intensive goalkeeping, medium motivation, light fitness Defending: medium defending, tactics, motivation, light fitness Attacking: medium attacking, tactics, motivation, light fitness Technical: intensive tactics, light fitness, attacking, defending, medium motivation Fitness: intensive fitness, medium motivation Put players who are young and/or mostly not in your top 18 on general. Others by position, I put midfielders on technical. Injured players on fitness. Crank up the training a bit at the end of the season and in preseason. I've had very few injuries in training this way.
  15. Irks me that my reputation has gone from world class to national in less than 2 seasons after moving from Liverpool to Cheltenham. I'm still winning everything I can, and am 7-2 in league 1 after winning the BSP my first year.