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  1. That is the very spreaded problem with FM11 about having too many one-on-one and then too many misses. But not only I've heard this is no longer an issue with the new patch (Haven't tried that much, but until now I can say that that problem may be over), also, and most important, your problem is related to a specific version (and issue) of the game. It didn't seem you choose to go on holidays based on that specific problem. Imagine that that problem is out in this (or another future) patch; would you go on holidays as well? If you only go on holiday because of that issue, then I would understand it completely (I find that issue unbareble, that's why I was back to FM10, waiting for the solving patch).
  2. Maybe it's because your ass manager does changes through the game that you don't do when watching the game. The purpose of watching a game (instead of knowing just the result) is not only to WATCH, but to be able to adjust things throughout the match. As for the topic, I never use holidays. Other than being unemployed or to skip a bug issue, I really don't see the point on getting vacations... I've thought about going on holidays right after the league is over, like in real life, but that's when important market movements happen, so I really don't want to miss good deals just to emulate that part of real life.
  3. For me these are two of the most important things future versions of the game should be looking for: This is completely true. I'm not saying (like many people i've read) that newgens shouldn't exist or that there never should exist newgens better than Messi... Newgens are a very important part of the game and are pretty much needed to keep the DB balanced. (and I really don't agree with those who say that you shouldn't get crappy players from your youth system... it is the reality... for every good player that is "born" a lot of average are coming up....). What I'm saying is that if players are coming up already very well developed and with 18 or 19, it will ruin the whole purpose of follow closely that other one who is clearly no good for your team right now, but should be in four or five years. I've read elsewhere that a newgen from aleague that is not active will appear with 18 or 19, while newgens from active leagues will appear with 14 and 15. So, why should you take care of your promising youngster that MAY be a good player in five years, if you know that every year there are plenty of ready-to-play coming up? This is kind of my "dream" for future versions. I know that the attributes of the players are somewhat the real core of the history of CM/FM. We all are playing the game based on the attributes. But there should be an option (like the option of having the attributes masked or not) that would mask the attributes permanently. Let me list the presumable objections and my response to them: 1) how could we know who to choose in our own team? 2) How could you know who to buy? Answers: by your knowledge of real life by your assistants reports and advices (most important of all) by watch them play This should get you a much more realistic experience. You would be forced to watch several games from a player in order to know him well. In real lfe teams tend to buy players from its own league. Why? because they know them better (and because they tend to adapt better than someone that caomes from abroad). In FM it is pretty much the same thing to buy abroad or domestic. Once you get the players attribute, the risk is very much the same. With all attributes masked, there will be a bigger risk when buying abroad. It is very unrealistic to know exactly how good a player is in such and such aspect of the game. This is even unreal for players of your own team. To mask up permanently the attributes should create a new way of playing. You woudn't be so much focused on buying and selling (as we tend to be right now), but on the coaching side of the game. Plus, it would level things up between human and AI teams. As things are, AI teams often buy players with crappy attributes; they tend to be focused on reputation, I think; human players, on the other hand, have full access of players attributes, and can make their decisions based upon it. In a "blinded mode", it would be hard to get that 11 world star team in 5/6 seasons... And remember.... this would be optional, so all of you who wouldn't like it could easily untick that option (as, right now, you can untick attributes masking).
  4. And if you read me well' date=' I don't agree with that "demanding". I think he raises an interesting point, but I disagree completely with the point that FM should be made so all of us would be forced to play in full mode. A game shouldn't stick by with things as they are just because people are used to it... but I undesrtand that forcing people to play in full mode is too farfetched, and it would take some important part of the game out of it. So, as you see, and despite only playing in full, I am pretty aware and understanding about the need of who plays in key or extended. With this being said, our debate only comes to this: As far as I understand, you are saying that, either the game would reward who were playing in full and then make it harder for those who weren't, or the other way around. Well, I don't agree with it. Let's take reality for example: you can win a match by making no tactical shiftings at all. You can win a game even when you're punished and unable to comunicate... Still, you havemore control on the game when you are able to make tactical shiftings throughout the whole match. So: the way it would be possible to both get compensated in watching full match and still not compromise those who don't would be to implement some things 'simply...awesome' refered to. I mean, when you make a tactical shift, or a touchline instruction, this should be more efective than what it really is. And this could even turn out to be worst for you, as some decisions you make can cost you the game. What I am saying is that your changings should be more noticed, should be more efective. Would this compromise the playability for key or extended users? Not at all... as you can win a match just by setting up an initial formation and make some substitutions... To sum it up, just remember what I've said in my own argument: I find that playing in full mode is more about the feeling you get on it, more than increasing your odds of winning. So, in order to making full mode more pleasent, I think that your changings and shiftings should be more efective. That's it.
  5. We cannot mix things up. One thing is to know somebody through FM and then scout him, another is to buy him just because of FM. that would be really unprofessional and very very lame and lazy (although there are other ways of getting players in a lazy and unprofessional way, like buying players based on videos produced by their agents...). It's a question of basic intelligence: FM is not a machine or a fortune teller; its databse is made by human scouts; so why should one trust blindly in their oppinions. What happened with Pejcinovic, I firmly believe, is that people from Nice knew him through FM; but then made a couple of scouts on him. and even then, they did not sign him; they've loaned him and only signied him in December... Still, FM can be a useful tool for scouts and coaches. Let's take for instances a search for players without contract, or whose contract ends up soon. Although there are some other databeses that can tell you that, I think FM has some advantadges, like having some atributes given to them. Imagine you are searching for a player for free. You then get a normal web database (like http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/) and, on the other hand, you get FM. Of course the first one is more ltuned in with reality (at least should be). but FM gives you some atributes that, although can very much be wrong, can filter up your search to a handful of players instead of one hundered or more... Despite what I said above... yes, unfortunatly I believe that there are some anecdoctly cases of buyings thorugh FM/CM. Mattias Asper bought by Real Sociedad... ther can be many others examples, but this by no means should mean that any players that was first noticed in FM was bought because of FM... If they were good in FM databse, probably it is because, in some way, they were getting noticed in their hometowns...
  6. They might be strickly connected, but that doesn't mean that a question of taste turns to be a question of time (it's like saying happiness and weather are strickly connected, and to decided to use an umbrella today is a question of happiness...) So, let me get this pretty clear as I think it is a very simple issue: You said that you don't have the time to play in full mode; I said that it is not a question of time, but a question of preference: imagine two guys with two hours a day to play FM. Guy1 would be enjoying his two hours to play the most matches he could, so he plays in an highlighted mode; Guy2 will ALSO spend two hours playing, but instead, he will only play one match - in full mode, of course. So you see it is NOT a question of time, because you and I can play the very same amount of time, but we choose different approaches to the game, which is pretty fine. So, it is a question of choosing the way of spending the time you have to play: it is a question of choice and taste. Not a question on how much time you have to play.
  7. Welcome to the church! You are describing in perfection what I was trying to say some posts above. But even when you'll loose, you will see that, even thought tremendously disappointed (more than when you play in partial mode, because you get more attached into the game this way), you still feel kind of good, because you can see the inner logic of the game... Great score, by the way.
  8. You're just making me right, with that. You say you wouldn't have fun, you wouldn't like. So, it is a matter of taste, it is a question of option. Not a question of time, in itself, because you would play throught a whole year, either way.
  9. 2/3 months, as I play in full match mode, and do deep analysis either of my games and my next opponents.
  10. I don't think it is a mere question of time, really. Like I said, the big difference, in time matters, between playing full mode or highlights is that in full mode you cannot play in those 15/20 minuts available you get during the day. But, if you spend, lets say, 6 hours per week playing the game, it is the very same thing. The only thing is that you are not going to finish a season within that week, of course. But still, you will play 6 hours either if you're playing in full or not. You will have fun during 6 hours, either way. So it is not a question of time; it is more a question of chosing between wanting to build a squad in a long term and trying to see your team reaching the top or wanting to get more involved in every match twiking and shifting things along it. I have my working hours a day as much as anybody else, and I do have a lot of other stuff to do... so it is not a question of having more or less free time to play it... at all.
  11. Another example so I can get my point even clearer: imagine a game where you are playing against a smaller team. It's second half and it's all tied up. You need a goal. Scenario A: you're playing in highlights Scenario B: you're playing in full mode. In A you'll normally think: I need to get my attack more fluid; or I a need more men upfront; I'll put in one more striker; etc. sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. But one thing is for sure... after some time you will feel like this is kind of a chance thing, because you cannot understando why in that game it worked and why it didn't in the next one. In B you will have less automatic answers, because you would be able to see what you could do to create more goal chances. And sometimes, those solutions aren't the obvious ones... sometimes you understand you need to have less people in the opponents penalty area, as it is getting too crowded there... sometimes you can see that you need to do absolutely no change at all, and that it is going to be a question of time... __________________ Another thing. I am pretty sure that all of you, at time to time, feel a little rip off by the game. In situations as 89 minutes dominating and creating chances, but failing them, and in one minute you concede and loose the game. Let me tell you this: if you were playing in full match mode you wouldn't feel ripped off. I'm not saying it wouldn't happen; it would, of course. But the feeling to it would be like the feeling you get when that happens with your team in real life. In RL you don't think: "well... this is so artificial, the game is rpping my team off". Well. if you play in full mode, you won't think it either, due to the same reasons.
  12. Yes... I don't do all pre-season games in full mode. The first ones, as they are almost for fitness sake, I put it in extended. Then, in the very last pre-season matches, were I want to see hoe the team goes with the new guys, then I watch it in full mode.
  13. Well, it is kind of a game by game situation; and I tend to have no routine... Most of the things that I can control are defensive. that is why I gave the example of an 0-0. What I can do playing in full time (and by no means could do it either way) is to notice for examples, that my opponent are constantly putting the ball in their forwards' feet, right near the penalty area... then I put some extra defensive midfielder to cover up the paths that leads to the opponent's strikers, and also add up the agressiveness of my centre backs. So, other than those tricks you've mentioned (which I use sometimes), I think moving positions of your players is pretty good for you; and you only get this "intuitions" by watching a full match.