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  1. Id understand if you could play online with it and rank up and unluck things before others etc,, but whats the harm in being able to playi it a day early? May just be me with that view.
  2. Bit ridiculous really that you cant play it till thursday, sure I read somewhere that someone has managed to install it and is playing the full game as we speak
  3. Do we have to wait until thursday at 0:01 to play it? Or can we play it before thursday? My copy should be here tommorow
  4. Hi guys, need a basic laptop for football manager 2014, cant afford to buy one outright so catalogue is my only option, I have found this one, would you guys reccomend it http://www.kandco.com/mobile/toshiba-satellite-c50d-10m-amd-e-processor-4gb-ram-500gb-hard-drive-wi-fi-156-inch-laptop---black/1315841145.prd?browseToken=%2fb%2f4873%2fs%2fprice%2c1&trail=4739-4873 if the link doesnt work please let me know and I will try to fix it, the basic things I can find are toshiba satellite c50d 10m 4gb ram 500gb hard drive AMD E Series Processor AMD Radeon™ HD Graphics As i said it is only really for football manager 2014 and its downloads. thanks and hope you can help, as im looking to order it asap
  5. Hi guys my laptop has just died on me, after a new one before fm 14 is out, will this notebook play fm ok? If anyone has any opinion on the notebook feel free to say http://www.kandco.com/mobile/hp-pavilion-15-n018sa-intelreg-pentiumreg-processor-4gb-ram-750gb-hard-drive-156-inch-laptop---silversparkling-black/1310427533.prd?browseToken=%2fb%2f4873%2fs%2fprice%2c1&trail=4739-4873 Hope that link works ok as im on my phone Thanks and hope you can help.
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