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  1. I went a 34 game season conceding only 15 or 16 goals once.
  2. Any chance of kit manager or clubhouse painter?
  3. Nathan Jarman we love you! I have sung that in numerous games to a non-league goal scoring god!(Obviously I don't love him though)
  4. But in View-only leagues, reserve or u-18/21's aren't included. I noticed that the other day.
  5. Bath City. I wonder if Tristan Plummer will be as good in FM09. Its also a real bummer that Jarman plays for Grimsby. Totally ruins LLM.
  6. I done this on cm07. I was Northern Ireland and Bristol Rovers. Everytime I had an international match, the club match was postponed.
  7. Greece, take a side like OFI(who are in the superleague already) and try and break Olympiakos' hold. Even though AEK seem to win it all the time on my game.
  8. Thats what they done on lma. They had logos on clear background and just put them on the shirts. As simple as that.
  9. What!? Adams is the best manager in the world! See how we masterminded our win over city the other night!?
  10. Well, Micky adams is always right.
  11. No, definately not. You could build a magnificent team abnd want to continue, but you can't because as soon as you have completed your assignment the game is over.
  12. Good, I hate Europe, especially the EU. Trying to take away soverignity to unite Europe as one country.
  13. I think it would be better to change kits every couple of seasons, because, as I said before, its unrealistic having the same kit every year for eternity.
  14. I just use the same tactic every minute of every match. It works for me.
  15. They had adidas and mitre. I still think its a good idea as its unrealistic for clubs to have the same sponsers for ever, plus it gives premiership sides sponsers aswell.