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  1. So you think they should name a stadium after the Man United's and the Premierships, possibly the worlds, worst footballer!
  2. Nathan Jarman, Tristan Plummer, Saviola, Kolokoudias, Jay Simpson......
  3. Goldstone caught fire once. I love old stadiums like Craven Cottage, new stadiums are crap! Old is better!
  4. Arena? Park, road, lane, Ground. Now thats what stadiums should end with.
  5. You need your head tested mate. Especially because you think you united Europe(USE) is good!
  6. What if you don't want to move? If they ask you, can you say you'd prefer not to move stadium as you feel the club and supporters are currentally happy at the ground. Or something like that aswell.
  7. Plymouth could play at "Eggbuckland Park", or "The stonehouse stadium".
  8. The club I'm managing at the minute, Diagoras, in Greece, their stadium, and club, is named after an Ancient Olympian boxer from Rhodes. Most are "The Municipal Stadium of X", though.
  9. Wasn't Stadium: MK(which is a bloody stupid name for a stadium) going to be called "Cranleigh Park", or something like that?
  10. Or, in the database where they have the cities, they could have a "Districts", bit, where you type in the districts.
  11. I'm confused though. What is the point of having weird names after the club names like "Bears" or something like that? And i know it would be good, but, what is the point as you can't get promoted, so even if your club won the league for ten years in a row, they wouldn't progress anywhere, maybe win the Open cup, but that's all.
  12. The Sussex County leagues. Some of the best teams in the world are in there, Arundel, Shoreham, Mile Oak, the list goes on, even down to Bexhill United in the Third Division!
  13. Id like the Greek Third north and south and for the greek leagues to have their proper names, e.g. the B National to be the Beta Ethniki. Id also like the leagues below the BSS and BSN. You can actually load the players from these leagues by loading all players from England on the game set up. Also the Sussex Leagues.
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