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  1. Has there ever been a test done to see how less affective a tactic is using Instant Result? Do people only ever use Instant Result? What sort of Ass Man would i need to look for? Any tips etc would be recommended. Ive played FM since it was Champ Man, ive always played the full game watching Key Highlights, but i dont have the same amount of time anymore, kids etc. I just want to be able to do the things i enjoy like building squads, transfers etc but still be able to get through the games quicker. Seasons normally take me around a week on average.
  2. So was this tested using 'Very Attacking' all season and only conceeded 17 in the league? Seem to be very open to the counter attack, using liverpool too.
  3. @knap Is there a 4321 that stands out? Im going to start my last Lockdown save with my team Liverpool implementing the Man Marking and the double intensity training.
  4. Does the Man Marking tweaks work for all tactics we choose to use?
  5. Would Mississippi work with a team predicted to finish 12th in Prem? Seems very open in the middle of the park?
  6. @knap Which 4141 is most suited to an under-dog in the premiership?
  7. Ok thanks, im using Kashmir 4141, ive noticed the long throws into the box the keeper comes and claims 90% of the time, have the throw ins been set up this way or can i change?
  8. @knap Does it matter which position takes set pieces with your tactics or are we able to just select our best takers etc?
  9. Im facing City, They have De Bruyne playing as Adavanced Playmaker with 16 assists, then have Bentacur slighlty deeper as a Deep Lying Playmaker on 2 assists, Shall i mark them both or just De Bruyne?
  10. Im sure there was a guide about in game shouts and tweaks, when to change defensive line and time wasting etc? Can someone point me in the right direction?
  11. When using the OI's is clickiing tight marking on the opposition instructions page the same as going into your player instructions and telling your AM to specifically mark that oppenent or do both?
  12. Thanks mate, well hopefully this can be the tactic to push my Sunderland save forward, Got back to back promotions in the first 2 seasons, finished 6th in both premier league seasons so far, currently on my worst run of form of the save, im in the january transfer market, what would you say are the most important positions or the positions you would strengthen first? Also do you have a screenshot of your team screen from your Norwich save, with the goals, assists and avg rating?
  13. So when you played Liverpool at Anfield you started with attacking mentality? Also throughout the match just leave it even if you go 2 goals down? Thanks for the reply too mate
  14. @solounamigo With Norwich, apart from the man marking, did you ever change attacking to anything else and if so under what circumstances?
  15. Ive noticed all tactics come with 'Attacking' mentality, if im playing with a team predicted 12th in the prem but im using IR to speed my seasons up, shall i leave as attacking or change as i wont be able to change it during match? Would Balanced likely give me better results?
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