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  1. I’m currently doing a save where my Chairman is in control on hire and firing all my staff, my Director of Football in is control of all by in and out transfers and my Head of Youth Development finds me future stars. The only thing I do is pick the team and do team talks. Some people may think it’s boring but the game fly’s by and its really interesting when you see the DOF has accepted a bid for your best player. It’s intriguing as to who will be bought in to replace them etc.
  2. Also who takes set pieces? just those strongest in your squad or certain positions?
  3. Are all the latest tactics on the first page or are the updated versions in this post somewhere?
  4. Yes im finding this problem, If i play Mane as AML IF, he doesnt perform. If i play Firmino as a AM he doesnt perform and low ratings, my highest scorer always seems to be Fabinho from midfield.
  5. Can you show us the player stats from the end of the season please. Goals, assists, avg rating etc. Thanks.
  6. Hi Knap, got my hands on the game this weekend. Which tactic most suitable for Liverpool first season?
  7. Done, the save is called Billionaires (v02). This save is 3 days prior to the crash dump. On the day of the crash dump i have a U18 match which it lets me play fine then it takes me straight to the 1st team match where it crash dumps at the tunnel interview. Thanks
  8. Ok attached is my crash dump and i have sent over my save which is called Billionaires. Would it be safe to say i wont be able to continue this save and start a fresh one? Cheers Dan. FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.17 16.37.15).dmp
  9. Im managing Liverpool, the U23 and the U18's, have been since start of the season and just had this crash dump in December
  10. Hi i keep getting a crash dump after the tunnel interview?
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