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  1. Hi! I didn't find this so maybe somebody could tell it here. Coaches has many training categories but how these categories work with player attributes? Will attacking - tactical improve players' vision? How about passing? Does it belong in possession - technical or attacking - technical? I really would like to see complete list about how player attributes have been distributed into coach categories.
  2. Could somebody explain differences between affiliation types? Does somebody even know this? - B/C clubs - 2/3 clubs - II club - sub team - feeder team
  3. I founded right archive and manager to change nations' continent row from read only to editable but any teams will not be added to Uefa competitions. The nation appeared to the qualification places page of european competitions but without any numbers of participants. I ran some seasons but than didn't change. Continental cup nation had edited properly so that wasn't the case.
  4. Hi Is it possible to activate one of the former countries like Ireland (-1922)? Is yes, can teams from this country play in Uefa competitions? No idea how to set continent for that country. Also, country is not visible when I try to create national rules.
  5. Standard bosman rule is with 6 months but there are some exceptions like England one with month. Other exceptions? Scotland?
  6. And will highest reputation teams play Uefa competitions in first season?
  7. I'm planning to create Åland Islands league system and some cups with advanced rules. Lots of new clubs and players to create at least 3 divisions with interesting league systems. How can I enter the nation into European club/national competitions and Fifa competitions? I think using Gibraltar or Kosovo it should work but am I right? Is there some suprisings coming? Many years ago I done something like that but I don't remeber... Which way I can change national logo to real Faroe Islands flag?
  8. If I create a new nation, for example Åland, and use a minor nation like San Marino, how I can change - Marihamn as a capital city - Åland flag - right population of the nation - other details mentioned on nation profiles except ones I can easily edit with the editor
  9. Is it possible to get B team promoted to top division if main team is in same country and playing top level? In advanced rulers there are options to allow B team promotions but the system promotes always next placed teams.
  10. I verified cache earlier but it wasn't enough. Now I did each three actions you suggested and now everything seems to be working. Thanks!
  11. I've never done something like that. I use editor files, nothing else.
  12. Competition ---> Matches ---> Schedule (calendar) ---> select week/year Every time I get a crash with crash dumb file. What's that?
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