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  1. If I create a new nation, for example Åland, and use a minor nation like San Marino, how I can change - Marihamn as a capital city - Åland flag - right population of the nation - other details mentioned on nation profiles except ones I can easily edit with the editor
  2. Anyone??
  3. Is it possible to get B team promoted to top division if main team is in same country and playing top level? In advanced rulers there are options to allow B team promotions but the system promotes always next placed teams.
  4. I verified cache earlier but it wasn't enough. Now I did each three actions you suggested and now everything seems to be working. Thanks!
  5. I've never done something like that. I use editor files, nothing else.
  6. Competition ---> Matches ---> Schedule (calendar) ---> select week/year Every time I get a crash with crash dumb file. What's that?
  7. I started to think can I some way improve chances that my B team gets promoted from Spanish inactive Third division to active Second B if I get promoted to Liga Adelanta with senior team. Can I do something like transferring better players to B team or hiring excellent manager?
  8. I have not any real knowledge about coding but I managed to do it! Game launched like the file would have just some database changes.
  9. It's not ready but should work ok. I can send it to you, but rather I would like to know what will you do with it. Please try to explain despite English is not our mother language.
  10. E.g. Iceland: from Premier to 4D.
  11. How? Should I just start by selecting to add lower divisions to existing system and clear the list of advanced rules? Or should do something outside of the editor?I've some kind of idea about editor files in SteamApps folder but despite some optimistic attempts I've not managed to do anything successfully (ex. option to create 3rd reserve/youth team for clubs).
  12. I created more simple system (no changes to counts of teams in divisions) with basic rules. Then I gone to advanced mode and just tried to verify them. At this time, I noted a ducky issue: Top division of Iceland can't be verified despite I didn't make any changes with advanced rules. Rules are ok in basic mode, but exactly same rules are not ok in advanced mode! I hope SI will use (and already used) lots of time to improve advanced editor... Have there something hardcoded in Iceland? Something which don't disappear when creating new rules?
  13. So if I start selecting to add lower divisions to current structure and then remove all original rules in advanced mode, I could in practically create totally new ones and testing is not needed?
  14. I create totally new rules. How can I use them without testing? Do you know or are you just guessing?