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  1. No, it's not fixed! Can't sign semi-pro contracts for Knockbreda in Northern Ireland.
  2. Fixed? I'd like to know can I play with semi-pro teams with semi-pro players and not only with amateur players so please answer...
  3. Development center says January but nothing happened!
  4. Is there some kind of dates or date ranges of youth takes like former verisons had? I've played a season in Scotland but I've not get any newgens.
  5. I'm playing with Elgin City in Scotland but first season has end without youth intake. Other clubs seems to have new players so this have to be a bug.
  6. Can a club go into bankrupt and stop being part of any league permanently/temporarily or will there always another solution like takeover, point deductions, relegations, etc.? I've planned many years complete league system for Faroe Islands with about 80 teams (over 60 of them are not real but have ~18 players) but I don't know should I prepare to do something if some clubs will stop playing in leagues.
  7. Both clubs are set as semi-professionals in game and they are not universities, or anyway Conwy is not. Both clubs have not set contract type for star players but however can't select any other than contract with only bonuses/clauses. Knockbreda seems to be set non-contract as other contract types but Conwy Borough have not anything special even in the editor. I've played Football Manager serie 20 years but that's first time I really don't understand something really important.
  8. Hi! I've managed Conwy in Wales and Knockbreda in Ireland but I've no idea how to negotiate semi-professional contracts. System selects always amateur contract. In older versions there was always simple possibility to select contract type, if a team had more than one possible choice.
  9. Thanks! I tried to find that possibility from Steam but didn't manage myself. Now setup is going.
  10. Hi! I bought a new computer and when I tried to setup FM20, I noted the computer has not CD drive / CD-ROM / whatever it is in english. Can I download FM20 somewhere and use my activation key that way? Or is the only possibility to buy some kind of external reading device? Maybe I'm a bit stupid but I hadn't any idea that CD-ROM is not essential part of every computers. :)
  11. Hi! I didn't find this so maybe somebody could tell it here. Coaches has many training categories but how these categories work with player attributes? Will attacking - tactical improve players' vision? How about passing? Does it belong in possession - technical or attacking - technical? I really would like to see complete list about how player attributes have been distributed into coach categories.
  12. Could somebody explain differences between affiliation types? Does somebody even know this? - B/C clubs - 2/3 clubs - II club - sub team - feeder team
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