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  1. The new one is much better imo ... been FMing since forever and i think this is the best skin i have seen
  2. just noticed that you can only set up one month at a time on the training calender on V.8 anyway to fix this
  3. Hi Knapp made some changes to one of your tactics and a new one based on the same getting great results usally switch between tactics during a match both work equally aswell as each other so thought i would share BETAFM20.2.3BURGER4132Knap(P112)P106ECCCTHP96.fmf FM20.2.3BURGER41311.fmf
  4. Don't know if I gave you this link before but good info on pre WW2 players some might be good in non Premier league English teams or instead of some foreign players who came to England later in their career https://spartacus-educational.com/Football_Star_Players.htm
  5. Roger Hunt should surely be at Liverpool you could make Micheal Owen 14 if Liverpool have to many strikers.. For Bolton as a replacement maybe Ray Westwood... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Westwood
  6. OK are the transfer values modern ie 60mil for a kid or have you tamed them a bit maybe 1990's values
  7. Arsenal squad looks good would prefer Sammy Nelson to Hector Bellerin tho will find another right back from somewhere after I sell Cashley Cole.. Joe Hulme should be a gooner really Joe Hulme Edit Watch this page Read in another language Joseph Harold Anthony Hulme (26 August 1904 – 27 September 1991) was an English footballer and cricketer. Joe Hulme Personal information Full name Joseph Harold Anthony Hulme
  8. Yes but i know Fenech likes to keep to some age limits Alex James was 28 when he came to Arsenal so will most likely be in the Preston North End squad same reason i havent said about adding David Seaman, Ian Wright, Robert Pires or Bergkamp
  9. Arsenal could we have: Ted Drake , Charlie George, Paul Merson, Bob Wilson, Cesc Fàbregas, Martin Keown, Sammy Nelson or Lee Dixon (instead of Hector Bellerin), Liam Brady (instead of Jack Wilshere), Aaron Ramsey (instead of Michael Thomas), Thierry Henry (instead of or aswell as Frank Stapleton) what do you think i know we cant have some legends because of age but Brady please THE BEST EVER XI --------------------------SEAMAN------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------- ----RICE-------ADAMS(c)-----------
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