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  1. Evening all. Just to let you know that I won't be around for a while. Good luck with all your Spurs saves and keep the thread going strong. COYS
  2. Ok, thanks. Doesn't mean I won't use it, just need to know. Good job.
  3. Don't score first against us, Bale and VdV don't like it: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Bale had 2 assists to go with his 5 goals. VdV had 5 assists with his 2 goals.
  4. Forgive me if this has been covered, but is this a manual input tool? Someone made one for FM10 where you could export the data thru print screen in the options.
  5. Well done Robert, great match report and no shame in going down to Barca
  6. Khumalo is almost on a par with Dawson. So decent back up but never going to make it at the very top.
  7. Hernandez from Palermo can easily be the next Defoe for Spurs in FM11, he's a beast in training
  8. little_devil my approach against our rivals and the other big clubs now is always to attack. I back my boys to outscore them every time.
  9. I did. That much I think. He's quality until season 3. EDIT: again skeletore well done. Thats quality.
  10. 1st season? That really is an impressive performance. Any 9-0 in the EPL is phenomenal. And thanks to you for your kind words about the thread. I'm glad there's a good bunch of people enjoying Spurs.
  11. VdV still has seniority over Bale for me. And rightly so, Bale's still a bit hit and miss. Yeah, I just meant I prefer Aaron IRL(actually its more of a <3 thing) so tend to favour him in game. As for feeders, don't be scared to push the board a litte, particularly if you're doing well. I often give them the 'we'll be left behind' line and they acquiese. Thankyou for your kind words. And you were always going to like a mention of the legendary Dave Mackay with your name. And good luck.
  12. Right, you may not hear from me for the rest of the night. As Fergie would say, its squeaky bum time. And indeed Spud, props for your update and you are correct, this isn't just a game. Hope the suit brings you luck.
  13. Its still in the OP of this thread too! Bentley is decent, probably good enough but he's not Aaron is he?
  14. Yes mate, formerly edgar. Don't ask. 2nd season I strip the squad. Anyone i can't sell is either loaned or left to rot in the ressies (I always choose the reserve league from season 2 onwards) offered out at £0 if I have to. The ones who usually go are O'Hara, Woody, JJ, GDS(big maybe), Bentley, Keane (if I haven't got rid already), one of the other strikers as long as they are not called Defoe, a right back (normally Hutton), Cudi, as well as some of the youths. Most of the youth team players I don't renew their contracts and just release.
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