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  1. Hi all, sorry if this has been asked before, but in your saves, how are Man Utd doing in FM 14? Is David Moyes bringing in the silverware or is he turning them into a mid-table team...or worse??? just interested to know, thanks
  2. Finally, I am managing a team with a chance of winning the Premier League. FM09 - I started with Albion Rovers, SD3 in 2009, and worked my way up including a stint in Russia and now finally, I have been made manager of Arsenal in the summer of 2033. Arsenal are by far the most successful team both in England and in Europe. In real life, I am a man utd fan, but when i was offered this job, i just jumped at it However, the squad is aging and we need to make big purchases. Also - well, after 11 games, I think i am doing a David Moyes on Arsenal...the season is proving difficult...we have lost a few games and are struggling in 5th....the board are getting impatient....i could be in for the sack before the season ends Greetings from the Viera Stadium, Arsenal
  3. Good idea, dafuge, but in FM09, there doesn't seem to be any option to advertise for job vacancies for staff for national teams in the same way that you can advertise for clubs...
  4. Wow - we've managed the same nations I also found that when the Senegal old guard retired, that there was very little coming through, but i don't think i used the player search facility that well. For the moment, the player pool, and player search seems to be working better with the States. I have found a few members of staff, but still, the staff search filter is pretty difficult - all these unknown names. I offered my QPR coach the same role in the states, but he refused, and i am also going to count on some of the retiring players in the States for coaching roles, etc...i just have to make them get to know me first
  5. Hi all, In FM 09, it is the year 2031, and after a reasonably unsuccessful spell with Senegal, I was approached by Copa America champions, USA, ranked 14th in the world. Naturally I couldn't refuse. The problem is that there is no backroom staff, so i am looking for some. I can't find any. I have approached countless managers, but i am always declined. Do you approach guys who already work at clubs, or do you search for people who are unemployed? My ass man at QPR is also the ass man for Uruguay. What about reputation? I would assume that 'world class' or at least 'continental' ass men / coaches would be interested in working for USA...but it seems not... So, basically, how do you find staff for national teams? Thanks in advance
  6. Yes, I agree with Wlv. My QPR team, although already established in the prem, are struggling this season, and why? Well, I did a QPR, and bought loads of players over the summer...good players, actually, and we are struggling in 15th, and I am facing the boot.
  7. Well, as you know, this tactic has become the tactic that is 'in' in real life. Most teams in my FM09, though, play 4-4-2, as do i. I have almost always played 4-4-2, right up to the year 2030, in which i am playing now. I am just wondering how many of you play the 4-2-3-1, and if you do, do you play with 2 MCs, or one DM and one MC? I am asking, because I am facing the sack - it is too late to turn things around, and i am thinking of what to do at whichever club makes the mistake of appointing me as their manager Thanks, guys
  8. Here at QPR - the year 2028 / 9 with FM09 (before the era of the current ownership in real life) The chairman is going to step aside, and there is going to be a take over, no idea who it is going to be. Hopefully he won't want to bring in his own manager... What are your experiences of this? Have you got the sack? Has there been a radical change in your finances etc? cheers
  9. What is the longest time you have spent at the same club? mine is 4.5 years - spent at Hereford, Jan 2013 - June 2017. We were a league 2 side. Battled relegation in 2 seasons, and then spent the rest mid table. I just couldn't see a way to move them forward, ran out of ideas, and decided to move on. Has anyone managed the same club for as long as Sir Alex?
  10. I get that too on FM09. A player asks to be transfer-listed. So, I do that. And then his morale is poor, feeling that he is being forced out of the club. Oh, well, actually sounds a bit like Wayne Rooney in real life, so maybe my situation isn't one to complain about at all...
  11. Thanks for the answers. Much appreciated I think I might wait until the end of the season, as I have enough MCs for now anyway, but may have to move some of them on soon. I also think that Natural fitness and stamina should have a closer link. If you are not naturally fit, can you really have enough stamina to last a full match in real life? I would doubt it.
  12. It's the 2028 / 9 season in my save, and Arsenal are going for 5 in a row, and from the way the season has started, they will do it. They also have a few Champions league wins in there too.
  13. I am thinking of signing a 19 year old MC / DM, for my premier league team, QPR. The scouting reports seem to be all positive, and he has a lot of potential. However, his natural fitness is "3"! his stamina is higher, something like 13 or 14. Does natural fitness improve? He will never be able to last a full match, will he? and as for playing 2 games a week? Thanks for any comments
  14. My Senegal side are not bad, but have a lot of aging players. Those in the national pool do not seem promising at all, and in the two years i have been with them, i haven't noticed any new players in the national pool. However, that being said...i know i should be looking more...but the national side isn't priority number one for me. I prefer club management.
  15. Hi all, I am the QPR manager (FM 2009) and it is summer 2028. I have just finished 6th in the premier league, very pleased with that as it wasn't expected, and i am looking forward to the Europa League. Next season, the aim is to confirm my position in hte league. (I fear that this season was a fluke) The question is: Well, traditionally, I like my full backs, DL and DR, to move forward often, dribbling often if they look capable. This can be handy as they often support the ML and MRs. however, I realise that this could expose a lot of space at the back...which can be exploited often in the premier league. But if they don't move forward, then there may be less penetration / numbers in my attack.... so, what do you do with your full backs? do you encourage them to move forward or do you like them to stay back. much advice appreciated from everyone at Loftus Road, especially my defenders (who don't realise that their manager gets his tactical tips from a discussion forum;) Thanks
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