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  1. I'd like to download this file but I would like to know how to use it with the sight you are using. All I get is speedy file but I can't work out how to use it.
  2. Koala


    I have pictures of grounds for last year, but I wonder if anybody has done some for fm17
  3. Great Mate, I spoke to you before and I still keep playing it. I still hope Brighton go up, living in Australia for about 40 years or more and miss seeing the lads play. At the moment I am playing as Burgess Hill, who knows maybe they will go up as well
  4. Every time I go to play a game, no matter what game I get the following: C:\Users\User\Documents\Sports interactive\Football Manager 2016\ Crash Dumps\FM 2016 v16.2.0.750467 (2016.02.07 18.21.54).dmp. Can anyone help me with this problem as I don't know anything about computers.
  5. I'm looking for some sort British league as well is calcal. Does anybody have such a thing or no of anyone who might make one.
  6. What happens when you want to add another player to the game later. In my game I wanted to add another player after the sixth round as there seemed to have one or teams without a manager only to be told that all teams had managers. What was interesting though was no team was made available for the rest of the season or the following season. Is it just me or is there
  7. I tried but was told could not download as nobody had to this wanted to.
  8. Lived in Newick Road. And when I lived there Moulscoomb always had an 'e' at the end of its name. Lived about 1/2 to a mile from the stadium although that was built a long time after I left the area.
  9. Good one Dan. By the way which club do you support. Before I left England 44 years ago, I always used to support Moulscoombe who used to play in the Brighton and Hove division one comp.
  10. That looks pretty good and so much happening. Should keep me playing till FM 2016 comes out and maybe even longer.
  11. I was thinking the of a league name and thought something a long the line of Saxon League after the battle between the Saxons and Normans in 1066. But I'm not to sure at the moment. As for teams Sussex, Kent and Surrey teams can be found at BHA 24 Leagues site as well as just about every site that that has at least 9 English League completion. Its a pity I can't give you more but I haven't been back to England for well over 40 years so the only football I watch these days I either Australian or what ever football is made available on T.V. in Australia.
  12. Has anyone done a super league for Sussex, Surrey and Kent teams, that's something I really would like.
  13. Hey wkdsoul wear did you get you left hand column from, looks the bees knees.
  14. Just want to know if anybody did a South East England league, would really like to try it.
  15. Where can I fine new add boards and where would I download them to
  16. For what it's worth the complete game can be bought in any shop over here (Australia) on 7th November
  17. I know I might sound silly because I am, but how do you get into the database of something downloaded from Steam.
  18. I now have all games working accept world league 4.2. It has the following come up. Warning: Could not process rule group settings in C:\Users\User\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\Editor Data\World v 4.2.dbc FIFA World League Division Six has the wrong division level set, should be Seven. So I am slowly getting there
  19. I have tried to due what you said but it was just over my head. I need to find someone who has had this happen and what they did to get over it. I had a stroke and its about the only game I have been able to play that I can still play so as you can see I need help.
  20. I've tried this and it keeps telling me that the file has something wrong like 2nd division should be 3rd division or something like not enough teams named for a particular division.
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