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  1. 3rd year in the game... bought Michael Dawson by 400k (listed by Tottenham), immediately became a great pair with Lascelles with them being captain and vice-captain... welcome back!
  2. And to my surprise our midfielders are actually good enough for the premiership, i bought a few players to give me speed on the flanks, playing a counter 4-3-3 and is fighting for euro cup qualification through EPL finish! GK: Gordon (signed from free transfer) DR: Halford (best performing player) DC: Lascelles + Ayala (limited defenders) DL: Del Horno (defending full back too) DMC: Frimpong (on loan for a season) MC: Cohen + Guedioura (rotating also McGugan + Lansbury) AMLR: Tom Ince + Zaha (fairly cheap as their teams performed so poorly in the first season while i got promoted) FC: Cox (Deep-Lying support) i'm still amazed as i'm sitting on 6th with 20 games gone. Cos gave me >20 goals in all competitions which is quite surprising given the stats!
  3. For two straight seasons Halford has been my best player, average scoring 7.6-7.8 in full back (defend) roles, grabbing >10 assists per season from long throws.
  4. Thanks mate but at the beginning I doubted Reid's speed so if i play on the flanks I'll need to get two new players... so I play with a narrow 41212 so didn't managed to get any as you suggested, and first transfer window is over. While I get 4 straight wins in the Championship but knocked out by Fulham in Captial One Cup. :/ Parent club Arsenal loaned out most of their loan-able players so at last I just managed to get Frimpong, will get some rotation with Moussi. I got Ben-Haim to sign too and he's a rock in defense with Collins! Hard decision but decided to loan out Lascelles a few months for first team football, hope he'll come back stronger! On the other hand what's Lansbury's best position? I kinda doubt Robert Kelly's advises as his stats are so low... any good assistant managers I shall get?
  5. Finally started my Forest game, I've signed Del Horno and Vanden Borre for free; terminated loan contracts with Coppinger and Hutchison; and sold Tudgay & Greening. Couldn't get to sign Reo-Coker and Craig Gordon or else it'll be perfect. To my surprise when I talked to the board about getting a parent club they got me Arsenal! Hope I can loan Chamakh to boost my power up front!
  6. Is Jenas in the squad now? If not I'm going to wait for the update until I start my Forest game... A lot of discussion on what everyone signed for free or in a budget, but are there any good players we can get from the premier league on loan??
  7. Thanks Stuart, what did you do? The game is back when I checked again this morning, don't know why but don't care as long as I can play though
  8. I feel sorry for SI, why does FM13 needed to be coming along with Steam? Is there any other way? It worked so well before linking up with Steam in the previous editions... I got similar problems Enjoyed the game for the first two days (Fri/Sat) and the game suddenly disappeared from my Steam Library when I logged in on Sunday. It either said 'oops the game is not available in your region' and even when I tried to re-install everything it said my activation code has been used already. Got the question up on Steam Support and no answer at all. Seems a lot of us have the same problem and I bet SI really need to consider using Steam for FM14... btw if this can help, I'm from Hong Kong too.
  9. i finally won my first season with better goal difference and topped the npower championship above West Ham. To my surprise Thiago isnt renewing his contract with Barca and I got him with a 5M deal, paying in 24 months. he signed with 18k/week wages and will definitely by my key player in my first season in EPL! cant wait and i'm so excited already! by the way got some regens with fmscout eeek
  10. halfway through my first season and i brought it Andy Dawson & Harewood (former Forest players!) and Boskovic (Free!). Hope I can get back Jenas and Michael Dawson some day! i signed Sol Campbell at the beginning of the season for free and he is simply a disaster, slow, bad fitness and only getting 4-6 pts every game i play him. Not recommended!
  11. i got beaten in the first league game (against Middlesbrough) and turned out unbeaten for the next 6 or 7 games last night Transfer window is closed and i got quite a big squad now, i adjusted the board's budget to 0k transfer fee/maximum wages so i only brought in players by free transfers/loans Loans John Fleck Danny Rose Frimpong Cunningham (as what happened in real life!) Ravel Morrison Free Transfers Sol Campbell Timar (1 star rated but a very good limited stopper) Wome Sold Paul Smith McCleary Tudgay McGoldrick Miller just scored 4 goals during 1st half and got injured for 3 months, lucky Blackstock is coming back through injury and hope they can fill Miller's boots!
  12. I'm getting the game this weekend and getting so excited already! Can someone suggest how best will each Forest Player plays? I'm wondering if Hasselbaink's assistant manager advices are good enough as his stats are so low.. This is how I'm planning to play for a 4-3-3 attacking formation GK: Camp - sweeper keeper DR: Gunter - fullback support DC: Chambers - ball player defender cover DC: Morgan - center back stopper DL: Cohen - fullback support DMC: Moussi - Anchorman defend MC: Greening - Deep lying mid support MC: McGugan - Advanced mid support AMR: Anderson - Winger attack AML: Reid - Winger attack FC: Miller - Advanced forward attack
  13. i got Jenkinson (Arsenal), Danny Rose (Tott) and Frimpong (Arsenal) on loan on my demo game and they actually did quite well! I'm playing 4-3-3 like this.... GK: Camp RB: Gunter (Jenkison) DC: Chambers DC: Morgan DL: Cohen Anchor: Moussi (Frimpong) Deep Lying: Greening Adv Mid: McGugan (Majewski) RW: Anderson LW: Reid (Danny Rose) FC: Miller (Derbyshire) Was trying to build a better coaching team but the board rejected my wage/coach position requests, didn't spend too much time on the demo and very excited to start my 'official' game on Forest when I'm buying the game this weekend!!
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