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  1. Has anyone developed players like Saka, Balogun, Amaechi and John-Jules from the Under 18s into the first team without editing the DB?
  2. To replicate real life, I need to add 2 more teams to the Croatian Junior League and amend who takes parts. Add: Hadjuk U19, Rudes U19 and Dugopolje U19. Take out: Split U19 Do I need to use the advanced editor for this? I can't figure it out using standard editor.
  3. I've made some amends to the database and added the move to 'Pampas Stadium' for 2020/2021 season. I think it makes sense to add it, even though the name might not be correct, as it'll be their training ground too and 'state of the art' facilities would do a world of good. I just need to amend the Junior League to 14 teams but unsure how to do so.
  4. The DB is missing Osijek's planned stadium move. Stadium will be in Pampas, Osijek. State of the art stadium and training ground. 'Easily reached UEFA category 4' facility http://stadiumdb.com/news/2018/08/croatia_nk_osijek_to_break_ground http://stadiumdb.com/news/2018/04/new_design_nk_osijek_stops_dreaming_start_living
  5. I was wondering the same, too. Not sure whether to start a French Football Thread or club specific.
  6. I've noticed that players unhappiness at extra training or whether they feel training is worthwhile is a lot more prevalent in this years game. Have you noticed this too or has Rodrygo been a one off?
  7. Is there any way of changing the attribute comparison panel to include all attributes rather than having to scroll? It seems silly when there's so much space below.
  8. I think it would be really helpful to be able to add a third or even fourth player to the comparison screen.
  9. Preferences > Interface > Screen Flow > Untick 'Visit News Screen Automatically"
  10. Is there anyway to get rid of the 3D stadium pop ups at the beginning, half time and full time of matches? I'm playing with 2D classic (which I like) but it keeps switching to 3D and my Mac doesn't like it.
  11. That's great, thanks chap. Nketiah looks great!
  12. Quick question, what have you guys done with the below? Any future screenshots of them developed under your control? Joao Virginia Eddie Nketiah Donyell Malen Jordi Osei-Tutu Stephy Mavididi
  13. What have you guys done with Asano?
  14. I'd like to activate the Dutch third tier, Topklasse. The leagues, the teams and the players are all in the editor and it's just a case of adding them to the existing structure. I've never had any experience with the editor, is there any tutorials for the above? Or can someone tell me what to do?
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