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  1. Sadly lost the game so going to play against Betis Away is the last match. APOEL is easy to win, but Betis are quick and fast.
  2. Thank you so much with the reply it was the D-line that was the problem i changed the Team instructions to normal and put my midfield on support with wingers on attacking. Also i changed the Fullbacks to Wingbacks in support as you suggested, that it will help the wingers to aid in more crosses. I went back to the save game as i'am playing against Zenit St Petersburg Away and let you know how i got on.
  3. When i'm playing against teams like of Celtic and the teams in the Europa Cup Group stage are the tough ones to go for, I'm missing a good GK TBH. 4-4-2 works well in this squad since i got less back up but still manage to keep up with the league. My 2 CB one is 24 and other is 20 Josh Thompson Andrei Rauta These are the CB still trying to redefine these 2 to stop incoming crosses and through balls.
  4. Hi everyone i'm managing Falkirk and i'am sitting 3rd in the SPL 2014/2015 season and also i'm in the Europa Cup Group Stage. I need tactical help here as for you to take a look and have a opinion to help me out start winning again. Fixture 1 Fixture 2 Tactic 4-4-2 Sean Higgins goalscorer League standing 2014/2015 Europa Cup Group Stage standing Squad Squad 2 Thanks for your time and yes i'm pleased how my team is doing right now but still missing something to keep the team up in the league.
  5. Granada C:F 2019/2020 season Well it has been another fantastic season and our club is growing well, we have a new stadium over 37446 all seater. To boost gate money for the club to stay afloat, plus the signings have made a difference, in our team also with our wonderkids getting into first team games to boost their abilities. One player Is a Brazilian Explosive striker scored 26 goals for this season . We have sold our best players over £23M and £20M for making good profit, now here are the players i've signed and how well i done in the La Liga. League Signings and wonderkids. I can only post 3 screenshots at a time.
  6. Hi cleon need tactical advice for my Falkirk side on 2014/2015 in SPL. I tried the 4-1-2-3 which is 2 CB 2 wing backs and 1 anchor man, 2 midfielders and 2 advanced wingers, one attacking central trequartista. I'm trying to achieve the tactic in full, i'll post some match statistics the now. Okay so heres the game against Inverness Caledionian Thistle which i'm playing the formation and somehow they manage to beat me by counter attacking the defence. Note which i play a high defensive line with offside trap ticked. So heres the tactic in detail for you. Falkirk Tactic Inverness Passing play sorry it's a lot of blobs. Falkirk Passing Play Matchday Statistics Sorry for the big images and this is my first tactical post so please give me advice on how to make this tactic work on my team. Because now were having poor performance by getting draws on the last 20 minutes in the game. I give every detail you need to see what are the flaws are. Thankyou and would like to hear you're responses.
  7. Falkirk FC End of season 2011/2012 Well my current save was corrupted and had to start the game yet again so managed to won the league thanks to Farid scoring 24 goals, finished 1st with 74 points and can't wait to start again next season. Made no signings at all just used some loans players and using youngsters to develop them to professional players. So now we're going to need more experienced signings for tutoring youngsters and helping the squad to stay in the SPL, now we're in the off season with players away on holiday and checking out which players i don't need. Then here's the screenshot of the season which was a rollercoaster thought i couldn't win it cause Partick were above me. All of a sudden i stole their first place and hold on to it to the end. Farid Squad League table Tactic that made me won the league Sorry to post again i know other members are not interested playing this team but to be honest Falkirk has a lot of potential and it takes patience and tactical knowledge to do it, Thanks for reading.
  8. Falkirk FC January transfer Well it's time for new players heading into the club and selling ones that are playing poor. Farid is fading so the only option is to sell him for £375K, need a new striker to replace him. Need one that is in form and play as a lone striker. Then need another GK on the go, had to rely on my youths and they have performed brilliantly in the SPL. Now we're sitting 7th in the SPL not far from the euro qualifying spot this is what we need. We were in the europa league but got beaten by Sporting Gijon 3-0 in the third round which is a achievement. Now were still trying to survive the SPL while Hibernian are sitting 1st for the first time let's see how long they can last on that position. squad League That's all for now.
  9. Falkirk FC season 2013/2014 Had to start again as Falkirk so here i'am back in the SPL managed to reach the scottish cup finals, got knocked out by rangers 3-0. Got qualified for the Europa Cup. Players are improving very well including Sibbald who is going to be the best player of the club. Trying to stay alive with Falkirk and get youths plenty of game time, We won promotion last season and it was a close one when St Mirren were trying to takeover 1st place. Now we're sitting 2nd at the start of the season beating celtic 2-0. Squad First division champions Sibbald That's for the update be right back when it's January.
  10. I understand your point, to me i'am learning to build up a thread. And yes i was going too quick posting it without having a good look of what i posted on here as i said i'll post another image here cause it only allows me to go up to 5 images minimum. Sorry to get you confused there. Ok here's the players that i trained to be their best and play games all day while sold for profit Jay Fulton Samed Yessil Kyle Turnbull As you can see i trained them for good games then sold for profit, and you need good coaches to train them, plus mentoring is a plus for them. My youth schedule is this Physical and Mental for youngsters that needs extra training for their physical and mental attributes. all set to after one notch medium. Aerobic strength to medium Mental, Technique for youngsters that needs extra training for their mental and technique attributes shooting, attacking, ball control and tacitcs all set to after one notch medium. Areobic Strength to light Wonderkids if you have a one of best in the generation goes in here. Shooting, attacking, in medium. Ball Control, tacitcs on high workload. Areobic Strength to light and medium. With that schedule you'll can focus one youth with poor physical and mental stats to put him on physical and mental schedule to increase his ability. Those players have been on my youth side and have increase their stats while i played them first team games.
  11. Hello all i just want to tell you that in my save i have made success in developing youths to a SPL, Npower Championship level, I would like to see you're opinion of my strategy and training schedules for my first team youths. Here they are in my save as Falkirk FC. Craig Sibbald Lewis Black could be the next Denis Law Falkirk Facilities Another thing is if you want to rely on you're quality youngsters put them on easy games and cup games, this will increase their abilities to reach their full potential. Even though i'am managing Falkirk, my team is relying on my youngsters to get games every Saturday to increase the clubs potential and increasing the value for top youngsters to sell them on. That's how i planned out for my youths to reach their potential and put them into first team then sell them on for profit, thanks for reading and i hope it will help others to understand the strategy to make youngsters into first team players. I can't post anymore images but i will do later on.
  12. Falkirk FC Season review 2014/2015 Well we managed to stay in the SPL for another season and making money to build the team up to help Falkirk progress. The youths are the best in the game you play them in the first team their value rises up and when the time is right the offer is too good to refuse. So we have made a lot of changes in the squad and the backroom staff to keep Falkirk afloat. The season was a roller coaster ride but we manged to stay up without a fight with the help of Lauri Dalla Valle, Ryan Millar and Phillip Roberts stay above midtable. First half of the season Second half of the season End of season 2013/2014 So now we have made a good amount of money by using add on's and profit from next sale With these clauses and if there's a buyout fee we'll make extra cash for improving the club. That's all for now.
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