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  1. [FM11] The Return 2.0

    2010/2011 Sacked. Not much I can do when I only lost 3 games in 11. I will be job hunting, hopefully some better luck next time. Select X
  2. [FM11] The Return 2.0

    After only a few days of job hunting I was accepted by York City. York City were founded in 1922, and are a professional club playing in the Blue Square Bet Premier League. I have been give a small transfer budget of £85,000 and £16,000 per week in wages to work with. York City chairman wants us to challenge for promotion. Aims Challenge for promotion
  3. [FM11] The Return 2.0

    With a lengthy spell away from FM I decided to give it another shot after a couple of months of being inactive. The leagues I've loaded are England, Spain, Italy, France and Brazil. Hopefully I can achieve success with many clubs in these leagues. I don't plan on focusing too much on one particular team. I begin unemployed and I will get back to you when I have found a club. Thanks SelectX
  4. [FM11] From Russia With Football

    Thanks Snake I really hope so ! ToMexico I plan on focusing on just this team so I've loaded only Russia. As you said its a big challenge and I'm sure it will take time.
  5. [FM11] Conquering the world

    Good start, considered using links or screenshots? They help us follow alot better!
  6. [FM11] The Glory Years

    Good start ToMexico, I hope to see more of the same over the next few seasons
  7. [FM11] From Russia With Football

    Dinamo Bryansk 2010-2011 Season Update 2 - April Six games in 30 days was going to be tiring on the legs so the squad would need rotating as much as possible but still remain stong for every game. With a prediction of 5 losses and 1 draw, I wasn't going to get my hopes up. I planned to get a win and three draws in these set of games. We are sitting in 15th place, one above the relegation zone, and I really didn't want my first season to end with a relegation so I hoping for top performances from our players. April Results vs Shinnik (2nd Media Prediction) vs Avangard Kursk (18th Media Prediction) vs SKA Khabarovsk (15th Media Prediction) vs Irtysh Omsk (20th Media Prediciton) vs Kuban (1st Media Prediction) vs Nizhniy Novgorod (13th Media Prediction) 3 Wins, 1 Loss and 2 Draws left us in a healthy league position and higher than I expected. 7th and 5 points clear from the relegation zone. Im sorry but I forgot to take a screenshot, but I will surely give you a screenshot at the end of May. I am very happy with our performances as a team although I am concerned at the lack of depth in my team. Next transfer windows will surely see a few faces out, to improve the wages. At the same time key positions which need an extra experienced player are at goalkeeper, left back, center midfield and forwards. May update will be up tonight UK time aswell as a players profile update. Select
  8. [FM11] Messi? Nah...

    Great performance in the league and in Europe. You should be getting your hands on the European Cup this year! Jose Luis Vega looks class.
  9. good start to your career keep up the good work, i will be following
  10. [FM11] From Russia With Football

    Dinamo Bryansk Squad for 2010/2011 Just one Goalkeeper which is a huge risk, weak strikers, other than that squad is capable of achieving more than there expected to.
  11. [FM11] From Russia With Football

    Dinamo Bryansk 2010-2011 Season Update 1 - March March saw us with games against Khimki, Krasnodar, Ural and Volgar. With four expected losses it would be hard to pick up some points, but being predicted at 17th would mean that we would need to pick up as many points as possible from these games. March came with an injury crisis, with injuries to Romaschenko our captain and left midfielder, Escobar our starting centre back, Tursunov the young right midfielder. With a previous injury to Yefimov, another centre back, our defence would be fragile this month. March results vs Khimki (6th- Media Prediction) vs Krasnodar (8th- Media Prediction) vs Ural (5th- Media Prediction) vs Volgar (10th- Media Prediction) With those results our fixture list left us like this. Which leaves us in this position in the league. A little dissapointed on the loss against Volgar, I think we deserved a point there. Also rather annoyed at the fact that I can't field any more than three foreign players at a time, might need to ship off some of our foreign players who are unable to start as they are on higher wages than the rest of the squad. Need to find an afiiliate club soon and get some loans in. Scouts are rubbish suggesting players that aren't better than my reserves... Hopefully the month of April can give us a few wins and boost us up the league. Some questions to the followers: Want me to give links of my players? Any formations/tactics you'd recommend? What position do you think I'll finish in? Select
  12. Great season that is there, respectable league position that you can build on. What can I say about the cup? Great! Hopefully you can knock a few teams past you and get some money. I think top 8 next season would do you nicely. Best of luck!
  13. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    I've got a problem with my lower league Russian side Dinamo Bryansk, by half time my players are at 55% condition.. I've reduced the workload in training from a medium workload schedule all the way down to a low one, it does help a little bit. Thing is when I use low workload in training I get lots and lots of injuries, 11 in 6 games. Help?
  14. [FM11] FC Barcelona - Reyes de España

    Good read. Not much challenge when your playing as Barca is there
  15. good stuff deadfncat keep up the work!