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  1. yeah it's a game breaker, by far the most glaring issue the franchise has ever seen, renders the game unplayable
  2. Ridiculous result...

    No, absolutely no exploit tactics, and I don't even know what grid press is! I use more or less the same tactic each game, 4-1-2-1-2, balanced/standard, sometimes counter. Higher defensive line and more expressive passing. I have a very solid team that lost in CL finals the season before but sure wasn't expecting this!
  3. This just happened in my journeyman save... needless to say I'm a little surprised. They saved a penalty too... :saywhatnow:
  4. Rejecting Manager of the Month

    would loooove to see a screenshot! please post it
  5. Shooting from distance

    I always set every one of my players long shot sliders to "rarely", with the exception of players with high technique and long shot attributes who I'll set on "sometimes" or "often". But unless I have a player with these attributes exceptionally high I find it a total waste and an annoyance.
  6. 17K transfer budget. I already tried that, it only increases it by a useless amount, $400 or something. The issue is that the game thinks that the wages you have in the off season are around the level they will be during the season, but what if you pretty much signed a whole new team that (that won't join until summer transfer window) and released everyone else?? huge annoyance.
  7. This is really frustrating, the board is completely screwing me on wages, I started a save unemployed and took over Kirklarelispor a 2nd division Turkish club, the wage budget for the first season was 23K per week with only like 17K used and loads of junk players on the team... by the end of the season I sold/released all of them and my wages were at only 5K or so at the start of the off season since I only had a few players I was keeping for next season. However I also had about 10K p/w in FUTURE TRANSFERS (July 1st) which would bring the total up to 15K p/w. Now get this, in June the board sets the wage budget for the next season to just 5K per week because that's how much I was using at the time! I was a little worried but I figured it's ok because they will bring it up on July 1st when all my new players come in. So July 1st comes around, my players come in and the wage budget is still at 5K and I'm using 15K! Now the board is mad at me for no control over wages EVEN THOUGH THE BUDGET WAS 23K IN THE 1st SEASON AND I'M ONLY USING 15K! And the clubs finances are fine! I tried asking for a higher wage budget but they refused because "they don't trust my wage budgeting" or whatever. BULL!!! Has this happened to anyone else, what do I do? I'm worried I'll get fired over this.
  8. I feel guilty now... Poor

    happens all the time man...
  9. CPU: i5 2500k CPU Frequency: 4300mhz Ram: 8gb 1600mhz OS: Win 7 Ultimate SP1 Time: 4 minutes 20 seconds
  10. Which is better?

    I think it's obvious which of those will get you more wins...
  11. To me, the greatest part of FM is the feeling of accomplishment when you achieve something in the game (winning a cup, promotion etc), since you know that the achievement is a result of your decisions and judgement as a manager and that you had to do everything right to get to that point.... this version feels like it lacks that aspect of the game which is a huge dissapointment for me... I'm sure a lot of other people agree that the whole point of playing FM is to be challenged and I feel that fm2012 is simply much too easy... I was wondering are there any plans to balance the game out and make it a more realistic difficulty in the upcoming patches? Because if not, I don't see myself playing the game.
  12. He's perfectly clear, and I'm wondering the same thing. Does the AI in fm12 still fail to replace aging players, do they still buy too many players for certain position, do they still buy too many foreign players when there's a limit in place? things like that. I'm curious myself, has anyone already done 5+ seasons and can tell us?