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  1. Make sure you uncheck Use Skin Cache, ensure the Unique IDs are unchecked and restart the game.
  2. Two options: 1) Wait. 2) Offer very lucrative contracts. This will sometimes work with some players.
  3. Yeah, you've just been lucky. The injuries in the game represent the injury figures in real life.
  4. Ensure you have the latest Java and graphics drivers.
  5. The game works fine with Vista. If you are having problems, ensure you have the latest Java and graphics drivers. Also, as has been mentioned, the game will sometimes state an error in installation but the game will be fine. You can access it via 'Games' in vista (it doesn't install to programs like XP in the past), so if you can't find it, it should be there.
  6. Your PC spec is fine for FM08. It won't be able to run loads of leagues at the same time without slowing down, but the game will be playable.
  7. Most probably not, to be honest.
  8. Try starting a new game and seeing if it will progress past that date. It is possible that the 8.0.2 fixed the crash, but the game was at a point where the fix point will have been passed.
  9. Was your save game started before the patch application?
  10. I don't think they were Fran.
  11. Most of the time, Scott repulses me. Everynow and then though, like now, he makes me gush like Alex Harris.