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  1. Do it! I'm in the same boat and have found FMC to be great, especially in the limited time I have available.
  2. Really loving FMC, and can't wait for FM14's version. My vote is against team talks. I understand why people want them, but it seems like a slippery slope that'll just slow things down. My two feature requests (probably waaay too late at this point): 1. On the player overview screen, it would be cool to have an option (like full fat) to highlight attributes for particular roles/duties. As it is now I have to use the comparison tool to remind myself what I'm looking for (or just trust my assman's opinion). Also, I like the numbers in boxes setup, to be honest, for attributes. 2. Last time I played full fat (FM12), the assman would ask me, prior to any reserves match, who from the first team could participate. Something like that would be nice, as it gives me a little more control than the Squad option to "make available for reserves until...."
  3. I'm actually in the same position, having built up Afan Lido to be pretty much the best team in the Welsh Premier (well, TNS still are, but it's basically us and them). The board still won't let me scout outside of Wales, however, which I think will keep us from doing much more (like progressing in Europe), which is sad.... Anyway, Cleon makes a good point above. What I've found is that when teams are playing defensively against me, playing the slow but attacking buildup I used to get here no longer works (or no longer works reliably). By the time they pass it through midfield the other team has 10 guys behind the ball and there's literally no space to get a shot through the thicket of players on goal. Most goals tend to be flukes or mistakes by the opposing defence (like the always-popular intercept-the-pass-from-the-keeper-to-the-CD). I found switching mentality to counter to help, especially when playing away (even when favored). At home, keeping the tempo up through either mentality (attacking) and/or shouts (get ball forward, pump ball into box, hassle opposition) helps. Using "push higher up" also helps at home, though once I get a goal or two up I drop "push higher up" and "hassle opposition" so I don't give up stupid goals. The idea is to find ways to stretch their length and give my guys room to operate, essentially. Your mileage may vary, but I've found that tempo is basically what's working for me. Good luck!
  4. I just want a more aggressive version of the "Work Ball Into Box" shout. Something like "Stop taking long shots. I mean it. The next time your so-called 'shot' ends up in the car park I will cut you."
  5. I get (and love) all the new roles, except this one: Is this basically a combo between a Poacher/AF on one hand and DF on the other?
  6. I might also try the shouts "Pass into Space" and "Early Crosses" to take advantage of them beating the offside trap and outpacing the defense.
  7. I'd like to come back to this, since I'm looking to set up a tactic that has wingers in the top left and top right corners and a Treq in the AMC position. I know when I put an AMR or AML in those top left or top right positions their circle on the tactics page is green, but are you saying that inspite of this you're getting "being played out of position" feedback from your AssMan? If so, it sounds like a bug, and also a problem. Alternatively, do players still exist with FL or FR position indications? I thought that had gone by the wayside years ago....
  8. Excellent article, mantralux. And thank goodness I read it because certain attributes moving to different training categories is a relatively big change!
  9. Perhaps a possible solution to the issue of getting DMs to drop into the last line of defense would be, in a future version of the TC, to allow players to have different roles depending on whether the team is, or is not, in possession.
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