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  1. I'd like to be able to apply Design a Son multiple times, even just twice.  I'll even pay twice (or once, if the first is via the achievement).

    The reason is that in real life I have two sons who play football.  Every time I play and get the achievement + unlockable, I feel like I have to pick just one of them.  It's a minor thing, but there you go.

    I will say that this year's (20) version of the unlockable is much more intuitive than past years' (not sure if I used it in 19), so kudos on that!  :D

  2. I know that feeling....  :(  A few ideas:

    1.  It might just be a slump.  I wouldn't panic yet.  

    2.  Consider trying your Poacher as an AF and see if he contributes more.

    3.  How new are the two centre backs and the CM-D?  Sometimes I find the long shot thing comes from a this group not acting as a team in terms of closing down, which is mainly due to lack of playing time together.

    4.  Your keeper's stats for Reflexes, Anticipation and Agility are terrible.  With those stats, I can definitely see occasions where a long shot is taken, he might be unsighted for a bit of it, but once he sees the ball he just doesn't have the reaction time or ability to get to it.  

  3. 8 minutes ago, mbar8t6 said:

    I always see how LLM tactics need to be basic with as few instructions as possible so maybe I've gone to the extreme a little.

    Not necessarily.  I've had some success playing with Hyde in the Vanarama North, utilizing a standard 442, and my TIs (Balanced mentality) are limited to "Play Wider" and "Counter".  

    I see where you're going with trying to deal with getting overrun.  In those cases, where the opposition is dominating possession and getting quality shots off from outside the box I'll modify TIs by:

    1.  Lower LOE

    2.  Increased Pressing

    3.  Lower DL (sometimes, if there's evidence they're finding space behind the defense)

    4.  Regroup (sometimes, especially if I've done the above but they're still finding space after a turnover because my players are too out of position)

    The idea here being that if they're going to dominate possession we'll let them have it, but once they get too close we'll press hard so as to disrupt them.

    Interestingly, if I've done the above and we're not doing anything with the ball when we get it, I'll switch the mentality to Positive (as opposed to Cautious).  This will encourage more players forward when we do get the ball, increasing the chance we can actually do something with it.  I found when I was switching to Cautious that it just became an endless series of:  allow them to probe -> take ball away -> toss it up front to one of the strikers -> lose the ball -> allow them to probe, etc....

    Also, replace the BWM with a CM-D.  Part of the problem you're describing is because the BWM is routinely vacating the area from where they're taking their high-quality shots.  The CM-D will gum up that area and force them to try other things.

    For what it's worth, here's my roles & duties, focused heavily on creating "pairs" of players all over the pitch:

    DLF-S  AF-A

    IW-A  CM-D  CM-S  W-S

    FB-S  CD-D  CD-D  FB-A


    We mostly attack via the flanks (though the DLF and two CMs can create a nice Triangle of Doom that can end up freeing someone up for a good shot if the opposition defense gets frustrated and out of position).

    On the left the IW will drive into the space the DLF has vacated for either his own shot or one for the AF.  If he loses the ball, I've got the DLF, CM-D and FB-S to clean up.

    On the right the W & FB work to get their opposing counterparts out of position and then get in some sort of cross for either of the strikers (or even the IW, unmarked at the back post!) to put away.

    In defense it all sort of collapses into two solid banks of four with the DLF providing some harrying in midfield.

    It might not work in the EPL, but it's been decent in LL so far.  Hope that helps! 

  4. i have one question will this partnership working: tm(a) and dlf(a) ?? i asking because i dont know how to set up my juve attack with tevez and lorente!!!

    Well, the thing is that it won't really be a partnership. A TM-A is looking for people to put in crosses to his head so he can put a header in on goal, or through balls to his feet so he can turn and shoot. A DLF-A is looking to get the ball in a somewhat deeper position, and then run at the defense and look for a shot for himself.

    So, they're not really working together, and very, very few teams can have the luxury of two strikers who are expecting to be the focal point of their teams. :D

    This is why most people have one on Attack and one on Support when doing a two-man strike team. In your case I'd keep the TM on attack, and switch the DLF to Support or give him a CF-S role & duty, as Britrock suggested.

  5. Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong here? I'll try and explain what I want from the tactic. I want one midfielder to be a destroyer that can also feed the ball up top when the opportunity presents, but usually find a safer ball. The other midfielder a more expansive playmaker. I want the left AML to be a inside forward of sorts but offer some unpredictability to be able to go down the line and swing in crosses. With Insigne being good with either foot I feel he should be able to do this. The AMR and more direct inside forward. The AMC should be a classic play making 10 (Ozil, Gotze, Isco) and the striker to lead the line like Lewandowski does in real like. A prolific goalscorer who can also contribute immensely to the build up. It is rather ambitious to get them all playing like this but this is my ultimate goal.


    I have a real struggle getting the ball to Lewandowski and it is not uncommon for him to finish a full 90 minutes with under 20 passes. There is also not a lot of key passes and with Ozil I'd expect more than 1 every 2 games or so.

    I have AMR - sit narrower and roam, AMC - roam, ST - move into channels

    Any advice?

    Lots of stuff here.

    If you want Lewandowski to contribute to the build-up, you'll probably want to put him on a support duty, maybe CF-S or DLF-S. As it is, on CF-A he's mainly going to be leading the line, looking for the guys behind him to make stuff happen.

    Now, let's talk about the guys behind him. First of all, know that a Winger on Support will tend to get the ball and cross early, which is fine, and actually a good fit for a CF-A, in that the CF-A will already be in an advanced position. Those count as crosses, not passes, however. The main weakness there is that each of those crosses rely on Lewandowski's 1:1 ability (probably against two defenders) to turn into something great, and it's not a given that your AP or IF will be in position to get rebounds (and with a CF-A role & duty, Lewandowski is looking to score, not to play them in, anyway).

    The challenge with setting both the AP-S & IF-A on roam duties, in conjunction with Lewandowski, and expecting them to create for him is that due to the roaming you're asking Lewandowski to develop a really incredible understanding with those two players, since they'll be all over the place. In addition, note than an IF, especially with an Attack duty, isn't necessarily the most "creative-for-others" role out there.

    Lastly, the way you have things set up now, the only key passes Ozil's going to produce (I think) are to Lewandowski, cutting down on Ozil's opportunities for that stat. The Winger on Support will rarely be advanced enough without the ball to get a key pass, and the IF tends not to aggressively run into space without the ball, looking instead to run into space with the ball. Plus, with a "sit narrower" instruction, Ozil is probably just playing square balls to him anyway.

    I'd probably do the following. Switch the Winger to Attack and the IF to Support, and get rid of all the instructions amongst your four attackers (including Lewandowski's).

    This does the following:

    1. Frees up Lewandowski as a Complete Forward to do what he thinks is best at all time, which is what we should expect of a great player.

    2. With the Winger charging towards the byline to get a cross in, extra time is allowed for other players to get into advanced, and dangerous positions. In addition, the Winger with an Attack duty will generally stay advanced and (in my opinion) often ends up working well as a secondary forward.

    3. An IF with an Attack duty will run at the defense looking to score. An IF with a Support duty will run at the defense looking to play a killer ball. From where he'll be coming, he'll generally have 2 (CF & AP), maybe 3 (+ Winger) options to do so.

    I hope it helps. Good luck!

  6. Yes Match Fitness, sorry I didn't know the original name in english. So, condition is a general value and match fitness is the player's condition to next match ?

    Condition is essentially how tired the player is right now. It's what you see dropping (from say the 90s to the 70s or 60s) during a match itself.

    Match Fitness is how "in shape" the player is, generally. This will affect things like how quickly they can recover from matches.

    Let me offer an example. Let's say we have two brothers. One is a couch potato and his idea of exercise is walking down to the pub once or twice a week. We'll call him "Fatty". The other brother is an accomplished triathlete who works out a minimum of 3 hours a day. We'll call him "Smarmy".

    Now, let's say we take Fatty & Smarmy down to the park on a Sunday to play some football with the local amateur team. Unless Smarmy already worked out this morning, both Fatty & Smarmy will start the match at 100% Condition (maybe 98% for Fatty as the walk to the park wore him out a little bit). However, at the same time Fatty's "Match Fitness" is probably about, oh, 12%, because he never works out. While Smarmy's Match Fitness is closer to 100%.

    What this means is that after even 30 minutes Fatty's Condition will probably have dropped to 50% (or lower), because he has no Match Fitness (or, more simply, he's an out of shape slob). Smarmy, who is in great shape, will probably still be in the 90s for Condition.

    I'm exaggerating for effect, but hopefully you get the point.

  7. Now think about your strikers. Because they're fast it makes sense to play deeper to give them space to run into. So unless your opponents are playing defensively you want to be playing through balls. So if your full-backs can pass you can tell them to play more through balls and that will reduce their crossing.

    I might also try the shouts "Pass into Space" and "Early Crosses" to take advantage of them beating the offside trap and outpacing the defense.

  8. I'm trying to play a 4-3-3 with Wingers instead of forwards, but I keep getting the message that one of my players (David Bentley) is being played out of position, but he is an AMR and rated as a natural on the tactics screen. The strikers don't seem to work there either, unless they can play AMR or AML.

    So, what type of player am I supposed to be playing there, with there being the top most left and right slots?

    I'd like to come back to this, since I'm looking to set up a tactic that has wingers in the top left and top right corners and a Treq in the AMC position. I know when I put an AMR or AML in those top left or top right positions their circle on the tactics page is green, but are you saying that inspite of this you're getting "being played out of position" feedback from your AssMan? If so, it sounds like a bug, and also a problem.

    Alternatively, do players still exist with FL or FR position indications? I thought that had gone by the wayside years ago....

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