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  1. I think i understand what you mean... I generally use tactical role set to low and positional training. I Tend to use 40% (occasionally 50% if im in a lower league) match prep and general/balanced team training. I set individual training to medium on players who aren't learning a new position or ppm. If they are learning either i drop individual to low. I rarely if ever get players complaining (if i do have an individual complain about training intensity I either sell them as they have hidden stats I don't like or if they are young enough & worth the effort i will arrange tutoring) This set up I find gives the best balance of development and fitness for my first team. I do things differently with my reserves and youth teams. (Individual attributes for both as I try to keep my reserves to younger players or first teamers looking for fitness, although I keep the intensity settings as above, particularly if I have players studying positions or ppms) Hope this helps
  2. This pretty much answers my question. If i understand correctly, as Figueiredo is clearly a monster, my midfielders know this as well. As a result, their high creativity (both stats-wise and within my system) and decisions identifies his head as a good target for passes. This leads them to ping balls at his head, (Like Mark Noble does to Andy Carroll) or where his head should be. As I have conflicting instructions, with him dropping deep looking to pick up passes to his feet, he isn't quite in position a lot of the time, so the headers glance off the top of his head to the opp defenders. As a result I have changed the way I set up, (reducing cf, playing wider with a focus down the flanks) this has encouraged my CM's to ping the ball wide and my wingers to be the more creative players of the team. Thanks Cleon, from a lurker to a legend...
  3. Hi Everyone, I think I have been noticing for a while now, but I wanted to come here to confirm/discuss this with the tacticians to get their scope, see if i am on to something or just seeing what I want to see. Does having tall strikers make your team play higher passes, to head and chest and not simple ground passes to feet? I am playing as Swansea, now in June 2020. I have only won the Europa League and am current Champ. League holders. The league has been a struggle. Well, finishing in the top 6, with two 2nd places, in 7 seasons isnt too bad. I have two superstar newgens to pick from, one is 6'8" but stats-wise is suited to a DLF as well as TM, and another, who is 6'3" and looks a bit tasty. Here they are: & My main culprits for this are these guys: & Now, on numerous times throughout the last two seasons, I have been faced with a situation where one of my players has created space, which either of my forwards has turned and run into. A little ground pass, into space, from my AP would see a clear, one-on-one with the keeper. This is the football I want my team to play. Instead, I find my MC or AM playing a slightly above head height through-ball which as my 6'8" SC is pretty good, he manages to just get on the end of, usually knocking the ball forward to the opposition. I have tried all sorts of setting changes, shouts, role alterations etc... and nothing is effecting the problem. I am now convinced playing with a creative midfield will make your players play these chest/head height passes to my SC, as they believe they are playing to his strength. This is how I have been playing, and won me the CL, so it isnt a problem really, just something I have noticed. Has anyone else noticed this? Is height even used in game calculations? Any help or discussion would be very much appreciated.
  4. I am playing as Swansea, and I have a theory that PPMs, play a much bigger role than I ever credited them for. I can get players roaming, picking up the ball, laying it off making forward runs. All very pretty. I cant get them to score is the problem. Im playing 41221 with wingers. Set up is FB (A) CB CB FB (S) AM (D) DLP (S) B2B (S) AP (S) IF (S) DLF (S) Is how I line up, using shout groups to change things slightly. Most of my players are on mixed passing to, I use the retain possession shout a lot. I need to figure out how to get more goals from my DLF
  5. Cheers for the advice. Very much appreciated. TBH, I have just come off the back of a 15 season save as West Ham on FM12 which was all too easy, I was expecting FM13 to be not too dissimilar. Uhh... Its a lot more in depth, with more of a focus on Football, if that makes sense? In previous FM's id get so caught up in sliders and stats, pass numbers, and little green arrows that i forgot, Football is a simple game really. Im enjoying so much more trying to play organic football that makes sense in the situation I am currently in, with the players I currently have. No team promoted would play a 433 Attacking, balls to the wall formation knowing that they will score 30+ goals from near post corners. I think the way this plays now, it is as tough as the team you decide to play as. Results feel realistic, or atleast have a realistic reason when a shock happens. (I beat Liverpool 3-1 at anfield, after a European game when they had an injury crisis.) Im really enjoying it so far Oh yeah, I read through that Ajax thread, and it was a MAJOR influence in swaying me to buy the game this weekend. (And GAME's £17.50 DLC offer) Its a great read and your a credit to the community here. I have always been fascinated by the Ajax philosophy, from youngsters, to the way they handle transfers and blood players into the first team. When things go well, the results are spectacular. I loved the Ajax team of Bergkamp, Overmars, Blind, Davids etc.. Phenomenal.
  6. I remember an article on here a long time ago that discussed Guardiola playing a similar role in the early 90's. The idea was the same thing, a false 8 maybe? The AM pressured and hustled the defensive line, forcing errors and long clearances. I think Guardiola would have been more mobile in attack, but the principal is similar. It has got me thinking, in FM terms you could put a destroyer here, and really rain on any DLP who thinks they can knock 100 passes past you. Maybe Jalili could be used, he is effective as a BWM for me.
  7. I have just bought FM13, done rather poorly with swansea 1st season. Finished 15th, due to other teams being worse mainly. Im playing good football, but not scoring. Anyways, I didnt pay much attention pre season last year, and Im assuming it is a reason as to why I did so badly. This year I want to put much more of an emphasis on pre season and this post is really help full. I used to just arrange as many glamour friendly games as I could to earn as much cash as possible. Not any more. On top of this, I have an opening 6 fixtures of Spurs (A). Chelsea, (H), Arsenal (A), Cardiff (A), Liverpool (H) and Fulham (H). I need to give myself every chance of earning points or Im going to struggle this year again. I have a defensive, keep ball based tactic im working on, im talking really negative, only aim is to recycle possession, offering no real threat to try and pinch a win. In the season I would switch to it only in games where a draw is a good result, (Spurs, chelsea, Arsenal & Liverpool, for example) Or games my fans wont accept a loss in, E.G Cardiff away. The point I am trying to make is, would you plan your pre-season around using this negative, keep ball football for the opening five games, in an aim to get some morale boosting early results? I need a bit more time to get to grips with the layouts of the new training module. At the moment, 90% of my players are unhappy with high training, although I have reduced workloads down and removed player specific individual training, overall workloads are low, but after 2 months they are still complaining...
  8. I dont have a screenie anymore, but a few years ago I had an april fools message saying my West Ham team had been taken over by a billionaire and i have a £200m kitty to spend. I think it was 1st April in Real life
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