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  1. Do all Advanced Rules changes have to be saved in a single file?
  2. What is EPPP? The Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) is a long-term strategy designed to take Premier League Youth Development to the next level. The EPPP is the result of consultation between the Premier League and its clubs, representatives of the Football League, the Football Association and other key football stake holders. It has six fundamental principles • Increase the number and quality of Home Grown Players gaining professional contracts in the clubs and playing first-team football at the highest level • Create more time for players to play and be coached • Improve coaching provision • Implement a system of effective measurement and quality assurance • Positively influence strategic investment into the Academy System, demonstrating value for money • Seek to implement significant gains in every aspect of player development What is different to the current system? • A new four-tier academy system • Set tariffs to replace the tribunal system for the sale of home-grown players • End of the 90-minute rule • Increased payments to all clubs for youth development • Will be introduced from the 2012-2013 season Category Criteria Category 1 • The top level category will require clubs to have an approximate budget of £2.325m • Have a full time staff of at least 18 • Provide at least 5 hours contact time with players each week • The current 90 minute travel rule will not apply Category 2 • Clubs that cannot meet the required budget requirement and staff levels demanded by Category 1, but still have an indoor training facility • Will be allowed to take players from age 4 and sign players from the age of 9 • Will require an estimated budget of £969k • The current 90 minute travel rule will not apply Category 3 • Clubs in this category will not be permitted to coach youngsters until they are 11 • Will require an estimated budget of £315k Category 4 • Clubs in this category will be used to pick up youngsters that are late developers or have been released from other Academies or Centres of Excellence. Players will be 16 years of age or above
  3. The press conferences are extremely repetitive and tedious in their current guise. I say remove them, work on them for a few years, and re-introduce them once they've been substantively improved. In the future, would it be possible for the game to potentially recognize and react to keywords entered by the human manager when answering questions with their own answers?
  4. Yeah I’ve installed both the editor and resource archiver and both programmes work fine. I’ve also created the shortcuts; however there are no icons/pictures on the shortcut it’s just blank/white. The FM13 shortcut has a black with gold font icon but the editor and archiver don’t have one.
  5. The desktop icons for the Editor and Resource Archiver appear to be missing, is this intentional or a minor bug?
  6. Do the qualifications of the coach affect his training rating? e.g. does a coach need a UEFA B/A/Pro licence to be rated 5*?
  7. The ill-advised and cynical introduction of micro-transactions has made the classic mode a tacky, grubby affair. All of these ‘unlockables’ should just be options to select from an option menu for free as part of the game. The FOW default mode is clearly being foisted onto the player as a ploy to cajole the numerous players who usually chose not to use this feature to access to unlockables store. I assume the business model is that once someone has paid for one ‘unlockable’ they’ll be far more likely to buy others. I foresee a lot of people, in particular parents, refusing to buy FM13 solely because of this unsavoury and intrusive money grubbing scheme. It’s a slippery slope, how long before there’s one of these videos along the lines… ‘We previously said we would not introduce 'unlockables' to the main game, however…’?! Pay £2.99 to unlock the advanced tactics options, pay £4.99 to devise your own training schedules etc… coming soon to FM15... :/
  8. I’m not altogether convinced SI will be too thrilled to see BraSoft/ruci making money from FMRTE, when it costs SI money with support staff spending man hours looking at bugged/crashed/problem games caused by the use of FMRTE. The difference between ‘Genie Scout’ and ‘FMRTE’ is that nothing was taken away from the free version of ‘Genie Scout’ whereas the free version of ‘FMRTE’ has lost most of its functionality. Paying €1 for a third party add-on is neither here nor there to most people; it’s the commercialization of the FM community and the slippery slope that’s of concern… What’s next charging for skins, tactics, training schedules, wonder kid lists, or even advice? A line in the sand needs to be drawn.
  9. I've tried to make the question clearer, if this helps.
  10. Can anyone help please; is it possible to increase the scouting range you are given at the start of the game, so you can scout more counties / regions to begin with?
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