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  1. Oh lol, no I didn't realise that, I should probably pay more attention.....
  2. If anyone can help me with this I'd be grateful, basically each season my players are all unhappy that I started pre-season training to early, this is inspite of the fact I gave them 7 weeks pre-season so not sure what else I could have done, not only this but I am told about this by my coaches every single week and for a lot of the season too, this surely cant be right.
  3. I've just had 53 shots in a premier league game, some kind of record?
  4. Have to say I am really enjoying the game so far after not being a fan of 2014 but I will offer some constructive criticism 1) The tactics screen - this has been done to death, I echo what Shake Appeal has said above. 2) The sizing of the columns, again done to death, annoying as hell - I don't need to elaborate it's obvious what the problem is with these. 3) the coaching - it seems to take 3 coaches to be able to get it down to average on each section... obviously this requires a huge number of coaches to be able to get them all down to average, I am only allowed 16 coaches (after requesting more) yet I still have 4 sections showing as heavy, therefore all my players are unhappy because of lack of training on these sections...there is nothing I can do about this until I am able to request more coaches again. 4)One last thing that has bugged me for ages - why if a player has scored 2 goals do they take the penalties, if im 3-0 down after the champs league 1st leg and my centre back gets 2 goals for me in the second leg, 1 min to go and I get a peno, who do I want to take it, my actual peno taker or my centre back, I don't understand this one, at least an option to disable this. I actually really like the side bar, overall good effort just a few things need tweaking imo.
  5. It seems to be impossible to sell any player at the beginning, literally offering people out for 0 as a test, no one interested in my whole team
  6. On this fm setting anyone as a poacher doesn't get nearly half as many goals as old fms, I have just won the league with man Utd, got 96 points.... my top scorer was zouma my centre back with 16, second top scorer was my right winger with 12..... my poacher got 11, I also play rvp as a complete forward, think he got something stupid like 8. Don't know how that was possible but it happened, think it's ridiculous the amount of goals my centre backs score and I haven't touched the set piece settings. World class strikers cant hit a barn door. You don't quite get the same enjoyment out of winning the league when your strikers don't bang them in.
  7. same here, the inbox not showing up how many messages I have until I continue or click on the inbox
  8. If you mean the blue box that pops up during the game, I'm also getting this, even with the option turned off
  9. Just one thing that is really bugging me, the lack of shots my striker seems to be taking, for example my last game I had 26 shots, my striker who I play up front on his own as a poacher, had zero of these shots. i think that would be impossible. I have him set up to " shoot more often" as well , my 3 attacking mids behind him have the majority of the shots even though i have them all set to " shoot less often" . seems very unrealistic and quite annoying. don't know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. It's lewandowski in case anyone wondered not some donkey
  10. So he is, that makes perfect sense, cheers mate
  11. This may be me being thick, but i'm managing real betis and can only have 3 foreign players in my squad, when i click on one of my foreign players it says days to gain nationality in spain is 3650 days, about 6 years or something, yet i have a player on my shortlist who joined barce, i now have a news item saying he has become a spanish citizen after living in the country for 2 years. Am i missing something? Thanks.
  12. I have to say the prices clubs want for their players is unreal, 355 mill i was quoted for a player, he wasnt even that good, 178 mill ive just bought a player for, seems bout the standard rate for a half decent player, 2026 im in now by the way
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=125993288 This is the best ive managed in fm13
  14. The issue with this game now is i just had 40 shots to 5 and drew 3-3, on target 25-3. i have been fm'd several times before, but never this bad
  15. Not sure if this is some option i have set, but when i make a sub, through the tactics option rather than quick sub, the game runs at the normal pace i have it set, it used to run slow in order to give you time to make your changes, for example i just went to make a sub in the 57th min, moving one of my attacking mids up front, by the time i had dragged the player to the player i was subbing and then moved him upfront it was the 82nd min, its just silly, and i dont want to have to move the game speed down to slow everytime im making a sub, any one got any ideas what i may have done or is this the way it is? Thanks
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