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  1. I seem to have found a workaround for anybody with the same problem, i just gifted it to myself and seems to of worked!
  2. Good to know its not me. Thing is i have booked today, thur and friday off and thats normally the time it takes if your lucky to ever here from support! Are you using the wallet thing or using a debit card etc? Adding other games seems to work just fm16, they should look at it because it's their sales
  3. My bad i did not notice that!! That sounds likely i guess, hopefully it's that. I have no patience around fm release's unfortunately so i need it....NOW!! @spankie its the Steam wallet not credit or debit hopefully it's nothing and i will have another go in a little while
  4. As title suggest's anybody having any issues getting past the checkout phase? i have tried adding some real random games and they process fine but with FM 16 i just get this message - "There seems to have been an error initializing or updating your transaction. Please wait a minute and try again or contact support for assistance." I have sent them a message but lets be honest their support is really quite poor for a company that big! I totally get why si use the whole steam thing nowaday's but they have always been a pain in the proverbial for me. Anyway any feedback or suggestions would be great. Thanks guys
  5. Great read Cleon, look forward to seeing your next update on this. This is an area of the game i could improve on massively as i tend to see low star ratings and immediately decide to get shot of them and try and buy what i need. I had a striker that in hindsight i could of worked on developing and i didn't bother and ended up signing a 33 year old Loic Remy on a free. He did well enough but as you mentioned above the satisfaction and attachment you must get from developing young players is something i really would like to start doing far more often
  6. It sounds to me like you might need to turn your mentality down a bit if your finding your having so many more shots and getting done on the counter?
  7. First of all i want to say it looks great, the ME seems pretty good so far. The one issue i have so far is that i have started with Hearts in Scottish Championship, won the league and also got through to Scottish Cup Final which was 28 day's after my last league game and i was not allowed to arrange any friendly's leading up to it just to keep up match fitness! Not even against my own u-21's! All dates were marked as unavailable?? Come Cup Final day all my players were around 80% fit and of course we lost 1-0, so frustrating as im convinced with a fully fit side we would of probably won! Could this be a bug??
  8. I would lose the PI's and start again with them based on what you are seeing, id drop the mentality to standard as im guessing you are running straight in to a brick wall on control and you are probably having lots of shots on goal but a really low percentage are on target? Also possibly be better to change your RB to a supporting full back to compliment your attacking winger and IMO change that BWM - D to a CM - D, as it is you have two attacking full backs tearing forward and your BWM running about like a tit in a trance you will be leaving massive spaces for your OPP to counter you to death! And go back to basics with your TI's maybe something like 3-5 max to begin with? For example i am assuming your normally the favourite in most of your games so a base set of TI's could be: Retain Possession, Pass into space, Play out of defence, Run at defence (depending on just how defensive your opp is) and possibly experiment with Be more expressive.
  9. This thread is great i hope you keep it going. Whats really impressive for me is the fact that even after you have had a bit of a rant etc, you step back and look and see what wasn't working for you and actively try to change things for the better. From what i see on here not enough people follow your approach! Really hope you keep this up and maybe one day get Jamaica to the World Cup
  10. I am so far impressed with fm15 . I have started with Hearts and 1st league game was Rangers away and we were 3 up by half time!! Brilliant manager or is the game a tad easy at this stage? Also i can understand why some would not like the new UI and the tactics screen, but for what its worth i really like it, to me everything is in the right place and when it comes to making tactic changes i find that it's making me think a little more about my decisions which is certainly a good thing!! Hope that makes sense
  11. FM14 Uninstalled!!! Dam game nearly broke me, but im back for more!!!!
  12. 55 people on it right now. If it goes beyond previous peak of 65 surely its very very close???????? https://steamdb.info/app/295270/graphs/
  13. Not tonight then people How about lose 5 nil??? if so we could be back on!!
  14. Sadly not, as Miles tweeted a while back: It'll be approx 2 weeks before release. No announcement upfront. No firm date. Not definitely not tonight then
  15. Min Specs now!!! Im literally in a corner staring at my screen and noticed im rocking back and forth quite vigorously!! Cant take the suspense much longer
  16. Won't here anything from me bud, i'll be too busy playing the BETA .........right??????
  17. Looks great to me. Some people seem far too concerned with aesthetics with FM, its not and never will be Fifa! As long as the ME gives accurate feedback of the game as its happening and you can see your idea's coming together on the pitch (be them right or wrong!) then great.
  18. Wednesday night UCL on the tele - Check, bottle of Jack Daniels - Check, and to complete the hattrick.....Fm15 - over to you SI
  19. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I can't take any more refrshing!!!!!
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