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  1. Just uploaded the PKM on the Game-PKM folder. The file's called SeriosSim_NoSimulation1stHlf_Wolfsburg v Werder Bremen.pkm.
  2. Hi. I just experienced this bug during a friendly match. For some reason the match stoped simulating after the 6th minute. No stat was updated and no report was created past that time until half-time. Half time stats ended with one team having 96% possession, and only 1 shot. After beginning the second half, the game went back to normal.
  3. the same thing keeps happening to me with 2 players. Over the course of the season both have asked to be removed from the transfer list, but after a couple of days the re apear as transfer listed by request and i can't seem to fix it.
  4. Hey, Rashidi I've started to take your aproach to training, but right now I'm having issues with some players complaining about the low match training that the team is doing right now. How do you handle those situations?
  5. One of the main problems I see with inverted wing backs is that I belive that the game isn't recreating very well the way in they should operate. Yes, they should play wider while defending, but wen the team gets the ball, they still tend to stay realy wide, and they don't provide any way to support the midfield to create overloads through the middle of the pitch as they should. When you watch teams like Bielsa's Chile, or Guardiola's Bayern, the Fullbacks spend most of the time acting like CMs, starting the play wide, but cutting inside early, but i just can't see them doing so in game. So yeah, in theory your usage of IWB should be working, , but I don't know if the game is recreating them in the way that you intended to.