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  1. FM13: AFC Ajax - No club for old men

    For those who are interested, the þ letter in Kolbeinn Sigþórsson is pronounced like the "th" in the word "thanks" and "think" and the ó is pronounced like the "o" in the word "over". Just thought I would mention it since it frustates me having players in my squad with names I don't know how to pronounce. Source: I'm Icelandic
  2. FMC and transfer targets?

    Excuse the bump, but this still baffles me.
  3. I love the fact that FMC takes out the media/player interaction but how do I persuade a player to join me now? If he's not interested, I can no longer talk him up in the media. Does me having him as a transfer target put me on his radar, or how does this work now?
  4. FMC or Full Game?

    I really dislike the media/player talks feature of the game so FMC is a nice addition. However, I do find it to be a little too limiting, as in not having a youth team (only reserves) and the fact that with no player interaction, I can't persuade players to join me by talking them up in the media.
  5. Go to the player's profile, and click reports (like when you look at scout reports) and under "Positions" it will say what position and duty is best for that player according to his attributes.
  6. If I ever do stop playing it will be because of real life obligations, not because of age. FM and computer games in general (mostly call of duty) is my hobby and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I'm 26, not married, no kids.
  7. 2012

    I looked back at December 21. 2012 on my FM save, there was no mention of this so called end of the world.
  8. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I guess he makes a point.. Yeah, this is what's wrong with the Psychiatry system in FM
  9. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Exactly.. how can you defend against that? is he going to sub one in eventually? or is one of the strikers hiding in the bushes?? Well, one of their players did get a red card at about half time, mabye he was expecting that?
  10. 11.3: ridiculous wage demands

    True, the agent fees are something to laugh at. However, this is a game and according to the game some players are better than others. Some might even be considered "the best". That means that any given person can search the internet for the best possible starting 11 or the best 22 there is available. If SI makes those "best 11" want a ridiculous amount of money to play for you, then I find it perfectly OK.
  11. 11.3: ridiculous wage demands

    Hear hear! No but seriously, I think that may well be the issue.
  12. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I looked at this screen for a long time.. The ultimate mind game if you ask me. I'm Man Utd by the way. so.. where's Waldo?
  13. language tutoring?

    I think it's more like a trick question; a way for the player in question to react well/badly to your answer. I signed De Gea yesterday and he "reacted badly" to the way I answered that question. The press also asked me if I was going to ask Antonio Valencia to help adapt him since he speaks spanish, and he will react well/badly to my answer depending on his own personality. That whole press conference/private chat system is a joke to me. I don't want to play shrink, I want to play football..
  14. 11.3: ridiculous wage demands

    Could it be related to how interested the player is? I started a Man Utd. save yesterday and signed Eden Hazard for 49k a week. Managed to drop his initial demands quite a bit. However, I also brought in Bastian Schweinsteiger who initially wanted 220k a week but I could only lower it to 210k no matter how hard I tried (loaded many times to try again). Now, Hazard was "very/extremely interested" (can't remember witch one) in coming to Manchester but Schweinsteiger was only "slightly interested" (i think that was the term). That could play a part in what wages they will go for. Just a hunch, don't shoot me Off topic: when I write Schweinsteiger, the spell checker suggest that I'm trying to spell Schwarzenegger, lol.
  15. You should be able to log onto Steam on your desktop computer and download the game files again. But you can not be logged on to Steam from your laptop and your desktop at the same time. About the save file.. What you are talking about is what they call a "Steam Cloud". that is a free service where Steam stores your saved games online so you can log on from wherever and play that save. FM however does not have that option (don't know why, really), so you would have to transfer that save game between your two computers via USB key or e-mail.