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  1. Hey there! I wanted to design a fantasy U.S. league structure with 51 teams - each team comes from each state; each team can only play players born in that state. I'm guessing the aspect of teams like Bilbao only playing Basque players remains hard-coded into the game and therefore the only way to make this work would have to convert the states (currently listed as local regions in the database) into countries, creating the teams, and setting each individual club's location as a city in the state? This would give a high likelihood that the regens would come from the same "nation" and therefore be eligible for their respective teams. Then it seems to come down to designing league rules that enforces no foreign players in each team's squad, and limiting transfer windows for dual-nationality issues. This would affect the international part of FM unless someone finds a way to mess around with editor functions to add nations. Has anyone else made a similar league before (I've seen leagues with a few regions turned into a nation, but not 51 regions) or found a way to add nations to the editor, or have any advice or input for steps to take to prevent this concept from failing that I might be missing? Thanks for your time!
  2. Little tweaks are left... some media reports come up with information that isn't game-breaking, but for example, I saw news saying "Spain's Jesus Navas could pick up the World Cup Best Player award", because you edited the World Cup to become the Gold League (because it seems like the World Cup has to be in the database for the game to run properly?) Also issues of ranking scores getting out of control due to the top teams playing so consistently against each other. In 2017 I have four teams over 2000 ranking points. There is a gap between the ten teams that stayed in the Gold Division, the two that got relegated and are playing in Silver, then the Silver teams that got promoted to Gold, then the rest. No team under the top 16 has more than 500 ranking points. Maybe making the ranking of the Nations Cup highest of all, and reducing the reputation of the leagues, that may level this a little? Otherwise, could you make the league run over 2 years? You could add more teams in each league or set up another cup competition to force the teams with high rankings to play other teams?
  3. Having a lot of fun with this, thank you so much for making this file! An interesting bug (which is more an issue with SI's coding) is that the national appearances / goals resets back round after 255. I left the game on holiday and came back to find an Italian striker who's at 4 international goals. When I looked at his career stats he's actually at 260. I guess SI didn't expect players to make it to that many international matches
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