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  1. I would like you to make vids if possible with commentary on what you thinking is going wrong in games, why you may think so and how you plan to combat it
  2. It a fantastic idea, would love to watch some vids of your matches, would be good to hear your thoughts on how a match was going why it may be going wrong how you may change things ext ext.
  3. Not sure but I don’t think his decision stat is that high so wouldn’t give him loads of creative freedom
  4. I was thinking the exact same thing. No way in real life would they have let bassong and corluka go out on loan with the injuries we had
  5. Bump this as I would also like to change it
  6. that goal gave me a 1-0 win in my first game as manager [video=youtube;UtO5tGWbHec]
  7. Don’t let a lack of post put you off. Looking at how many views the 2 threads have had (over 3500 in ten days) there are probably hundreds of people like myself who regularly read peoples work but don’t feel they have sufficient knowledge to contribute to the thread I was looking forward to your take on the analyse tab as I don’t use it a great deal, so anything I can learn from that and how I can then use it to make an impact on the match would help a great deal
  8. Voice control when watching matches. Say I want my rb to get forward more, I could just say 2 (his squad number) run from deep often rather then go into the tactics menu to do it. If my am is taking too many long shoots, rather then telling my whole team to work the ball into the box or again change his instructions from the tactics menu you could say 10 long shoots rarely. This could be expanded to any number of instructions and opposition instructions
  9. Yeah thoroughly enjoyed it ,will be getting more books on tactics for sure
  10. W-M your timing is impeccable, finished reading inverting the pyramid last night
  11. Having to move 17 year olds into the reserves so they can be trained on a full time schedule
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