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  1. Iniesta's shirt read something like "Dani Jarque siempre con nuestros"
  2. Howard Webb hang your head in shame!
  3. Remember this? http://i49.tinypic.com/ayt7pc.jpg
  4. What did Rooney say? As for the game, woeful performance, simple as. Drop Rooney & drop Lampard!
  5. Nice penalty tbf
  6. Blatent dive!
  7. Is it just me or have the BBC 'filtered' out the Vuvuzela's and crowd noise or is it just unusually quiet?
  8. I don't think he meant it. Looks to me as if he's just tried to drive it across the face of goal, and fortunately for him it's gone in
  9. Mick McCarthy is by far the worst as for Adebayor, I can never understand him, but that still beats McCarthy's drivel
  10. I came in to post this oh, and fwiw, what's the point in complaining? It was a mistake, everyone makes one once in a while, nothing will come of it and no one can change what happened, so seriously get a grip!
  11. I love them, they are a major part of the south african football culture. Banning them would be stupid, it would be like banning the kop from singing at Anfield or any other footballs fans singing.
  12. and that is exactly why we are not good enough to win the world cup. Shocking England, shocking!
  13. I've been impressed by all the refs so far, apart from the one in the South Korea vs Greece match who literally gave it just because the person fell over!
  14. Fixed for you I'd shove a Vuvuzela down McCarthy's throat anyday!
  15. Considering I hate McCarthy but like Vuvuzelas, the answer is most definately Vuvuzelas