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  1. As per title all the 22 players and the reserves are now black, all of a sudden. I changed the settings of the match, from all low l set Render Quality and Mesh Detail to Medium and it is not a problem as the graphic still has 3 stars. I also switched back to Low but nothing's changed. How can l sort this out?
  2. Sunday and 0 badges. Started when .3 was released with All Leagues and all divisions, managing Eastlegh, got promoted to League 2 and won the FA Trophy. Good start in League 2. Now l am decent at Tactics, not good in training other categories. I have been playing since Championship Manager, the one released by Domark... Just love this game. The only one l still have time for (approaching 42!)
  3. What do you mean? I am not sure to fully understand. If you mean whether we have or not the chance to select the DB 3.0 or 1.0 the answer is that we can, at begin of the new save. If you meant something different please clarify.
  4. Thanks mate. The odd thing is that l am starting this new save and "setting up game database" has been loading for well over 1 hour. The hints & tips change and the game is running, still it is a long time, innit? I restarted, it is now the second time and it seems to take ages now. Anyone having the same loading time?
  5. Hi guys, would all the fixes and UI changes, etc of 3.0 work if l decide to play with the database 17.1? Also would the game play well, with no errors/bugs? As my game starts in July l don't like to have the transfers occurred in January in their real life clubs since the previous July. Cheers
  6. I think that sorting out the issue with the scouting system the day after 17.2.0 would have done wonder to the game experience... This said the game's simply brilliant!
  7. It still does not work. It says that no hardware supports this driver again
  8. At least the game works fine now... Will do later. Thanks for all your hel, l sincerely appreciate.
  9. I am home now and could check your link. it is the first website where I had tried when it happened. it says that all the drivers are updated and working. of course it does not even check the Nvidia drivers as for the system the Nvidia graphic card is not there, so not a solution.
  10. Thanks, l will do. Should l then install the latest drivers for Nvidia too?
  11. here it is neil. looking forward to hearing from you. for your knowledge i am not having any problem with the game, at least not in the last 3 days. so the problem was due to the geforce drivers, anyway i still want to re-enable the nvidia card too, then update the drivers properly. or do you think that it makes no much difference if i use intel graphic only? DxDiag.txt
  12. When l try to install the driver for my Nvidia card now says that on my laptop no hardware is available for that driver
  13. Nope. Tried this too. I even tried via Options and Boot if l could enable it again. It is like the graphic card is not there, while obviously is. It was definitely caused by this Uninstaller.
  14. I know, but it does not appear in my device manager. Odd, innit?
  15. I started FM now, it looked worse so have not played any game. Went to the devices to check if my graphic card was alright and... SURPRISE my Nvidia Geforce 540M is not there anymore. I cannot re-enable it as the card is simply not there, the only card l have into my devices is Intel 3000. Tried everything but Geforce seems to be nowhere, of course the hardware is into my laptop but the uninstaller disabled it and the drivers are of course in my folders but useless. This is getting out of control! Do you know how l can enable the graphic card in these cases, without touching my BIOS? It is a Dell XPS L502X Windows 10.
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