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  1. Hey all, So, I am in a bit of a quandary here. I've tried to start a Colombia save, thrice now, and end up getting absolutely demolished each time in qualifiers, friendlies, Copa América (I was fired twice after the latter), and I am just really unsure of the proper kind of tactics or lineups to be using for the Colombian national side. At first I was using a 4-2-4 WB, then tried a 4-3-1-2, both with attacking, fluid, mixed passing, tackling, etc... Third time I tried using a 5 defender formation, still conceded 6 (!!!) goals against Brazil and 4 against Peru in qualifiers. Of course I know I should develop multiple tactics, but part of the issue is when I first get them, everyone is 'awkward' with the tactics, as if they have no idea what to do, which shouldn't really quite be so in real life. Ergo, here is my question (and a bit of a plea) to you fine folks... Do ANY of you have suggestions for a quality tactical setup and lineup/squad selection for the Colombian national side? Up to 3 tactics to train them in, obviously, with settings for what to do on passing, crossing, mentality, etc. I am just really at my wits end here in knowing what to do, how to manage them, etc... I am looking for a challenge, for sure, and maybe I am in a bit over my head, but I need some help! I really wish there was some sort of tactical guide that one could refer to, so as to not make it so a team can whip you so easily. Of course it isn't supposed to simple, but it seems incredibly difficult to get a tactic that actually works (and perhaps even more so for a national side). Thank you to any and all people who can give me a helping hand. Regards.
  2. Hey Claassen, just a quick question mate... Going to play in the Japanese league but it looks like everyone in the leagues is a regen? Is this normal? If not, any way to fix it? Cheers, mate.
  3. That seems to be the issue indeed. Good find, Uncle_Sam. Hopefully it's seen and updated!
  4. Looks like the new database update has made some of the leagues (Bolivia, a few smaller European ones, some of the African and Asian ones) not work. When could we expect an update? Also, any chance of Chinese Taipei Intercities League making it in? Would be fun to play as!
  5. This is great work, Claassen, thanks for all that you do, man! But, I'm having an issue, I have the real names fix for FM2015 but when I go to play in Japan, the players are still all randoms/computer generated. This is using your J-League. All the leagues are there, just no real players. Any suggestions?
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