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  1. I've thought about it, but I wonder if theres any chance of Giroud replacing Ramsey with Walcott back out right. Just don't trust AOC right now.
  2. Happy with how our 1st competitive hit out went. City's only chance was taken as we fell asleep and Toure poked home a corner at the near post. Followed by some great news after what I thought to be a disappointing performance from Arteta who just couldn't hold his own in midfield, Kroenke has decided we'll be bringing in Sami Khedira.
  3. Only the 1st pre season game but promising signs
  4. Going to be starting an Arsenal save tonight with the transfer update. Not sure on what tactics I'll go for just yet and whether or not Welbz will be #1.
  5. 36 million for a title challenge, 42 for winner. Just had the first leg of my UCL qualifier (season 1). Up step AOC
  6. Kruse seems underrated, but that's probably my Melbourne Victory and Australian bias
  7. Interesting too see what others worst groups are/have been. Here's mine, 1st season
  8. Jorge Casado Real Madrid Castilla Defender (Left)/ WB (L) Value: 430k Sale Value: 230k Jorge Casado starts off the game on the transfer list at Madrid, and can be had for 230k, and a contract of 3,900 pw. As you can see by his stats, for his price he is a top class back up for many teams (I signed him for Atletico) and could even be a potential starter at a lower side. Edit: Is injured in my screenshot, but does not start off the game with the injury. Picture is a bit small ( dont now how to increase size, have tried a couple if image hosting sites, but for a closer look: Jorg
  9. Sorry to be hassle, but where can I find the assist map that you have?
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