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  1. I've thought about it, but I wonder if theres any chance of Giroud replacing Ramsey with Walcott back out right. Just don't trust AOC right now.
  2. Happy with how our 1st competitive hit out went. City's only chance was taken as we fell asleep and Toure poked home a corner at the near post. Followed by some great news after what I thought to be a disappointing performance from Arteta who just couldn't hold his own in midfield, Kroenke has decided we'll be bringing in Sami Khedira.
  3. Only the 1st pre season game but promising signs
  4. Going to be starting an Arsenal save tonight with the transfer update. Not sure on what tactics I'll go for just yet and whether or not Welbz will be #1.
  5. 36 million for a title challenge, 42 for winner. Just had the first leg of my UCL qualifier (season 1). Up step AOC
  6. Kruse seems underrated, but that's probably my Melbourne Victory and Australian bias
  7. Im sure there is going to be a few waiting for Ozil, I know I certainly am
  8. Pledl has been solid if unspectacular. Got him for 5.5 million at the end of the first season, so a great investment.
  9. Leitner's stats. Man United came in with a 25 million bid just then which i swiftly rejected. Leitner was played mainly as a DLP last season, but will compete with Pledl for the AP role this year. On your note re; wages, just had discussions with Reus where he wanted 150k pw, and I don't want to break 100. Still 2 seasons left on his contract though. @John1, Gunter has been great, and is why I sold Douglas for 26.5 million, as Gunter had pushed him out of the first team. Played about 25-30 games last season.
  10. So nervous, this is the kind of game that we screw up all too often.
  11. So won the league for the 2nd time at the end of season 3. Did poorly in the UCL, getting knocked out by Madrid in the early stages. Here is how the squad is looking coming into my 4th season. Transfers: As always, here is some of my promising non regen players: Leon Goretzka, Yassine Benzia (New arrival), Samuel Umititi (New arrival), Moritz Leitner, Thomas Pledl, Koray Gunter
  12. Let go of Sahin at the end of the first season because Gundogan out performed him, and I have Goretzka coming through.
  13. If Cesc is available, Wenger would do anything to sign him, regardless of the fee required. When you think about it, we really are only a Cesc away from genuinely competing again. Cesc made players like Adebayor and Bendtner 15-20 goal a season strikers, and I rate Giroud above those two. Not to mention Theo getting in behind. These rumours are bad for my health Chesney Jenkinson-Mertesacker-Koscielny-Gibbs Arteta-Wilshere Walcott-Cesc-Cazorla Giroud
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