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  1. I've been using a 4-4-2 attacking and i've had some good results in two of my saves --------GK-------- FBK--CTR--CTR--FBK ------------------ -----CM--CM----- WNG----------WNG -----CMF-CMF----- Defensive mentality, mixed passing, normal tackling and pressing on.
  2. Hey guys. I just accidentally saved over a game with another and i want to know if there is anyway i can get it back! I was having a good career and i am hitting myself for doing this! *facepalm*
  3. Yeah.. haha Sure he's 35, but he's still packing a (albeit) small scoring punch! 13 goals in 25 games.. Plus i can't complain, i got him for free!
  4. After 11 seasons in charge of Motherwell FC, i have just recorded my best win to date After a string of fairly average results: I managed to get a 12-1 win, sure it was against Airdrie Utd, but it was a solid perfomance from my team: So proud of my lads
  5. When that's happenend to me, i've found sometimes that the player is already on loan, thus removing the option.
  6. If your not selling a particular player, remember it may come down to the fact that the player isn't good, therefore not attracting clubs. Plus if your setting them to listed, when it ISN'T in the transfer window, i found they may not get as much attention than when you set them to transfer listed DURING the transfer window
  7. So when is the update? I take it's later this week due to the transfer deadline ending tonight?
  8. I most definately am sticking by my idea of being able to give contracts to players from the reserve team (the greyed out ones, not they ones you demote) as some of their stats are outstanding!
  9. Endless thanks for that, however for me i changed passing to short, it seemed to work better. I'm Motherwell FC in my game and these are my past 5 games with this tactic: Euro cup playoff leg 1 - BSC Young Boys 2-2 Motherwell SPL - Motherwell 5-0 Inverness CT Euro cup playoff leg 2 - Motherwell 5-0 BSC Young Boys (THAT WAS A SHOCKER FOR ME!) SPL - Cetlic 0-1 Motherwell SPL - Motherwell 6-1 Aberdeen
  10. Aww, well i hope it gets into the game at some point. Thanks for your help!
  11. Haha yes, my point exactly there. A handful of my reserves are astonishing compared to a few in my full team!
  12. Thanks for that Marc, i trusted this tactic as you developed the game! After a series of failed tactics (from me and from others on here) i tried this and won 4-0 on my first game. Thanks! EDIT: New save with Arsenal, tried to make my own Succesfull? 6-0 on my first game V Wigan and 4-1 v Rubin on my second! Here it is: Formation: 5-3-2 Attacking Team Instructions: Mentality: Attacking Passing: Short Tackling: Normal Pressing: Yes Offside Trap: No Counter Attack: No Men Behind Ball: No Player Roles: Gk - GK 3 Centre Backs - Central Def. 2 Wingers - Defensive Winger 2 Central Midfielders - Ball Winning Mid. Attacking Mid - Adv. Playmaker 2 Strikers - Target Man Please try it out and see how effective it is for you
  13. Ohh, i get it now! Thanks David. So will this be made, in a future update, so we can promote players at our will?