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  1. Great Murray! Just one question, can i upload this to FMSweden.se? And of course you will be credited
  2. Hey! I have seen that some skins have a background selector modded in their skins, where can i find that? Who made it, Radestock? Wich folders and files should you have to get it to work in the skin if i should for example take all things fron steklo x3 skin (if i have permission to do so, do i?)
  3. AIK have a new stadium so the right picture isn't their home from now on. This is the new stadium for AIK with start this season 2013, Friends Arena. And Djurgården (left picture) is moving from that arena to a new one in june this summer together with second division team Hammmarby.
  4. So you think the text is to small on the screenshot you showed us? I can no see any problem there anyways. Show us more screenshot in the game..
  5. Change that in options then? When you can change colours
  6. No the fonts i have already changed That one i knew as many other things (which i have learned by nagging on Murray in several pm) but some certain parts i can't remember, my brain is not the biggest for some reason :S
  7. Many thanks! And Boxes is the word i was looking for i think when i didn't know what to call them
  8. Ahh okay, i tought it was in the settings file and tried to look like a gnu haha. Thanks anyway What about the other? specially all dark thing over the background (don't know what to call them).
  9. Is always some people that are unhappy with the game or whatever in life, have there ever been something that everybody has been happy about? Don't think so! And what about the tone, seriously? Grow up and get over it, for real!!
  10. Hey! Where can i find and change these 4 things on the picture... 1 - Back and forward buttons - I wanna change the colour but can't find the folders where they are... 2 - All marked dark( whatever the should be called) - i wanna make them a little mor invisible so the background is mor visible if you know what i mean. 3 - And the date background up to the right, which folder is that graphic? 4 - and all title texts, ehere can i change that, i did manage to find it in FM12 but not on FM13, i thing it's in the settings file but hmm canät find it, help please
  11. How did you change the blue bar cachirro?
  12. Maybe no one answer because they don't have any fix for this? And with that tone you are definitley not getting any help, just sayin!
  13. There was something wrong with the last torrent so i have uploaded a new one and i will have my computer on for at least a week or so..so download and the seed! FMS Frost Logos 13 Megapack - Torrent
  14. Yes that i know, but i want to start modify my own skin with the fm2013 dark as the ground. And i don't want 2 folders like on the pic, just want 1 folder but i can't manage to fix that. Combined bot dark folders into 1 folder...i mean every skin is just 1 folder and that is what i want, but i dont want to begin to modify from another skin, only the base dark..haha sorry for my bad english..
  15. I managed it myself, so here it is. FMS Frost Logos 13 Megapack - Torrent Will also update first post with the link. Maybe it will be slow at start to download, but when more and more download it then it will speed up i think. Will upload the megapack for at least a few days so everyone knows.
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