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  1. For my team I set very fluid philosophy since I need every players to show their ability and skill. It wouldl create team-balance when you set more discipline creative freedom on Team Instruction. Also, I adjust high creative freedom manually for my 3 attacking players ( AMC and 2 Strikers ) since I need players to breakdown the opposition defence. I play with narrow width, low time wasting, through the middle focus passing and more direct passing. Adjust my 2 Ball Winning Midfielders wide play to hug touchline and 2 strikers wide play to normal. Ball possession always mine and I like to watching each highlight but sometimes I still struggle with same reputation club
  2. Yeah same with me. But I set my 2 wingbacks with attack role and my strikers are deep-lying forward (support) and advanced forward (attack). I think deep-lying playmaker would dictate the games since he didn't stay deep as much as defensive midfielder did.
  3. Well well, very well SFraser, as usual. Quick question 1. When you sending out youth players to another clubs, should we look their training facilities though they said they'll make our youth players into first team squad? The only one thing I know that youth players would be getting great experience in competitive matches and maybe bad training facilities won't be bothering their development since they got experience as first team squad. Correct me ! 2. Is there any problems if we teaching them PPM in early age ? p.s. sorry for my poor English because English is not main language in my country
  4. I've already download this tool but until now I don't know how to use it properly, to be honest. Can you give me simple tutor, bud
  5. Central Defender - defend for both ? Or stopper-cover ? Limited Defender or Central Defender if stopper - cover ?
  6. yeah I try to using control strategy but the defense was very poor. So what's better strategy, control or counter. In control my team had a lot of possession but sometimes we struggle with goal
  7. Use this tactic formula with my Inter Milan and works very well for first 4 games. FYI, all match preparation still accomplished and half season. Really good job llama3. just one question, why your account name is llama3
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