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    Playing fm since 2005, hooked ever since.

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    Football,music, video games,films and general sport

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    Manchester United
  1. *Football Manager 2014 - ANNOUNCEMENT*

    Excellent, looking forward to more announcements as they come.
  2. Why are there never enough good youngsters?

    Like many have said, I have found the opposite is true. Quality of players available always increases.
  3. Any good

    It'll run that no bother really. Similar enough to my own, and I've had no problems with a similar amount of leagues. Slightly more than that actually.
  4. "Champions League Final trophy"

    Its not called the champions league in the game anyway, so you must be using some edit. Maybe thats the cause of it?
  5. Football CHAIRMAN...??

    Sorry to the OP, but not this suggestion again. Comes up so often, and I really don't think its feasible at all. There would be an extreme lack of things to do and would get boring very quick, despit what people thin. I don't think there would ever be enough interest for it to do well either.
  6. Sir Alex Ferguson - 26.5 years. And you?

    I think the most I've ever managed at one club was about 6 years.
  7. Funny Screenshots Thread

    When I saw this, I thought Fring was being unnecessarily close minded. Taken from an FM12 save last year. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. Generally I'll vote for my players if I have a candidate. I won't vote for Rival players, or players I don't like.
  9. Will SI ever make any other Manager games?

    I hope not as it would likley take away from this game, unless they significantly expanded their team. As for others I'd like to see, an F1 management game would interest me a lot.
  10. Would this laptop run fm13 really well?

    Yeah it will run it quite well, as ong as you don't go crazy with the leagues. I have similar set-up myself.
  11. Am I doing something wrong??

    Yeah that should fix the problem.
  12. Greyed out players can't be signed as they don't really exist, just there to fill out the numbers.
  13. Yeah I seriously doubt you will get a refund. Its unfortunate that you thought you could carry on saves from the previous year's game, but honestly what would be the point of that? In any case I don't think SI have ever suggested this was a feature, so they will not give a refund, and rightly so.
  14. 32gb SSD. can i use this to my advantage?

    Yeah if the save games were stored on the SSD, then it would speed up saving and loading. But otherwise there isn't much difference.
  15. Is this guy a striker?

    This is the type of player I would change my formation for and include the attacking midfielder. That is clearly his best position. If you insist on playing him as a STR or MC, I would play him as a striker despite the low composure and strength. This will probably both come with age.