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  1. I remember that a few versions ago when you would tell a player to swap position with another player you would have to go to the other player and tell him to swap position with the first player too. Somewhere in the last 2-3 version of the game you guys changed that and now when you tell a player to swap position with another player, the ladder will get the option filled automatically. You could see that as a logical improvement, except its not! Why ? Because it limits your tactical creativity. I like total football and I try to replicate that in the game as much as possible, one thing I
  2. As a software developer I can ensure you that this is one of the worst issues to fix. There are a lot of moving parts, you adjust something on one aspect, you influence another god knows how many other aspects of the game. And after every little adjustment you'll have to test again so many scenarios to see what the outcome is. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if we would only get a potential fix for this somewhere in March, when I believe the next big update usually comes out. Of course, SI has the man power and resources to speed up the process, but it is Christmas almost, and after
  3. Yes, that is why I haven't selected any advanced db options for my save. I loaded the first league from 19 nations + all three leagues from Romania, where I play on starting my journey. I think with this setup I can have a long term save even if the fix will never happen.
  4. That is one perspective on it, but I don't really agree with it. And that is simply because I don't plan on reaching 2030 by the time the fix comes out. Historically speaking I haven't played more than 10-12 seasons per FM edition for the past 2 or 3 FM editions, I just don't have the time for it. So for me it really does matter if the fix is save game compatible or not. But that is for me personally. And for the second part, about the missing young players, I agree with you but not fully, because if you reach 2030 or 2040 you don't lose 10 to 20 years of young players you lose a large p
  5. If that would be the case then I totally agree with you. I just hope it won't be that drastic and all the clubs playing in the main stages of Champions Leagues and Europa League will always have a healthy squad of 22 players. (accomplished mostly by transfers, not youth intake). And as you said, SI already said that the fix/fixes for this bug are save game compatible, so hopefully we will have a fix by the time the bug would start to seriously impact the save.
  6. Yes, I know it takes a lot of time, which is why I really appreciate the work you are putting into this. My personal opinion on this would be that the game is definitely playable, at least the way I play it. Just started a long-term save: No badges, Sunday League Experience with a large database and 20 nations loaded. By the time this bug would start affecting the save I would have already be in a major league fighting for a place in Champions League. And, as I said on another thread, it's not like the major clubs will not be transferring players from all around the world and you will fa
  7. After reading this thread, would you agree with my conclusion: let's say I start a save with as many leagues as I can as playable and no custom database (just a large database), this bug should not affect those playable leagues too much, right ? And secondly, I would like to thank you and the other people on this thread for your involvement in the community and willingness to help SI improve/fix the game. Wish you, and your family, a Merry Christmas !
  8. I reported something similiar with tactical style too. Got no response...
  9. Why not ? I mean even if there are low youth intake players the first team of any top division club would still be transfering players from all around the world, right ? So its not like you are going to face a team full of grey players in champions league in 2030 or 2040. On the other hand if you wanna play concentrating more (or only) on youth intake then yes. So it really depends of how you wanna play it i would say. Wouldn'd you agree ?
  10. I understand. So my setup is susceptible to this bug, I think it won't be such a dramatic decrease in player count over the years.
  11. Can someone please explain me what 'custom database' mean in this context ? I usually play like this: Is this considered 'custom database' ? Under the approximate player count it says so, but i'm not sure anymore...
  12. Forgot to mention, as a feedback, we could really use a link to the opposition report on the tactical meeting screen.. it's funny how nobody thought that is necessary during the design/development process. Or is it just me ?
  13. Go to: Team Report > Next Opponent > Analyst Report > Individual Match Analysis > Passing Network The visualization is broken. But, as I said the data is in there. You can check the analytical data in the match itself.
  14. Congratulations on the update SI! It's really perfect timing for me. Tomorrow is my last day of work before the holidays . (I actually have a release myself tomorrow, hope it goes well so I can enjoy the game in the evening). I tested the bug with low reputation manager getting jobs from 2.5/3 star clubs. That seems to be fixed. That annoying bug on the tactics screen where areas of the analysis changes when you drag and drop subs is still there. I might even be worse than it used to be. The passing networks on analysts reports are indeed still bugged but I don't find that re
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