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  1. The amount of corners in every match is too damn high. Last match I had 27 corners. Right now I'm in a match, I've had 10 corners by the 27th minute Also, way too much woodwork and too many one on ones missed. Other than that the game is fine imho.
  2. Another great suggestion. I guess I've stuck to a narrow system because it helped me move up the divisions and I had some remarkable results against higher opposition. But now I am a contender so I need to widen up play. Thank you.
  3. A very good point. I should also point out that even though I am an old CM/FM player I do not in any way claim to be a tactics mastermind, so don't judge me too harshly! My tactics may not be perfect but I manage to win most of my games... Here is my last match against Newcastle, which I somehow lost with 37 shots, 14 on target : You'll notice several shots from wide, especially from the left.
  4. Finally managed to post the pictures. So here goes again. Also, happy new year to everyone! Yes, of course. I'll post everything below. As for the rest, I'm currently managing Wolves in the PL, am currently first with ten games to go, in the Capital One Cup Final, and still in the Europa League and FA Cup. I'm doing well this season. Still this thing bugs me and I can't help but think there is a way to avoid it. I've used many formations in the past with good results, but this little thing is always there. Stupid shots from tight angles, instead of easy passes to unmarked players. Any ideas are most welcome as this is very annoying to me. Thanks in advance. At the moment I'm playing the below formation: And some player instructions:
  5. As per the title. My players constantly find themselves near the goal, from tight angles, many times per game. However, 99 times out of 100 they will shoot instead of crossing or passing the ball to someone else who is in a better position for a good shot. And of course most of the time the GK will save the shot. Some still score though. I'm talking about any player who will find himself in that position, strikers, wingers and midfielders alike. Anyone have any tactical suggestion on how to approach this? I'd really like my players to cross or pass in that sort of situation and I can't think of an instruction that would accomplish that. Also, I don't think it has to do with the teamwork stats as I've tried many combinations of players, instructions and tactics with the same results.
  6. Usually they won't react well initially, but if you respond with "I know you are reluctant to sack your agent but I really think you should" it's 50-50. I've had at least 10 players sack their agents and then sign new contracts with me, thus avoiding agent extortion in fees. I guess that's why most agents despise me But if it works you got to be quick to offer new contracts because they will eventually get new agents. Also, a little tip: If you want to sign a player who is out of contract and his agent's demands are insane, offer him a trial. Once he is at your club as a trialist you can have the above conversation with him and maybe get him to sack his agent making it easier and cheaper to sign him. I signed Mascherano this way. His agent was asking for 140k wages and 2.5 mil in fees. I offered him a trial and he accepted. After I got him to sack his agent, I signed him for 47k wages and 250k fees.
  7. Indeed it's odd. Most of my players have spectacular long shot stats (it's one of the things I look for, especially in AMCs). Yet I have not scored a single long shot. All shots end up in row z...
  8. For me this patch would be perfect, if only a) long shots were a bit more on target and b) if shots from very tight angles were reduced.
  9. My issues are that I've been getting an insane amount of injuries since the update without changing anything in training or tactics, and that I haven't scored any - not even one - long shot, even though my players have spectacular long shot stats. Still, all their attempts end in row z...i would appreciate at least a little better accuracy. Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. I would have no problem with this. It would still be infuriating to be sure, but it wouldn't have felt like the game was blatantly cheating me. The keeper would still be on his way to my reserves for the rest of eternity though
  11. Fair enough I did check again my keeper's mental attributes and they are above average. He's a good gk all around, though overall his performances aren't as good as his stats. Anyway it was infuriating an hour ago, combined with a recent poor run of form. Now it just seems funny. But I did post in the bugs forum just in case. Thanks.
  12. Aah, I see. Hadn't heard about it. But yeah, seems like it could be the case If that was in the game, then I wouldn't be so upset about it!
  13. No mate, Wolves. These are meant to be Premier League level players.
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