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  1. Ok so apparently you can't watch them, unless you upload them. I had the epiphany of looking at the game manual, which I haven't done since CM3 and here's what is says: Videos can be as simple as a single uploaded goal or as creative as a match highlights package. When playing a match, you can record a segment of play by clicking on the red 'record' button (and then again to finish recording). At full time or post-match you can collate a series of clips into one package and then upload the content to YouTube. Simply select the one(s) you wish to upload, and click the button to send the
  2. As per the title. I've recorded quite a few goal replays, but I can't for the life of me figure out where they are stored, or how I can watch them. Any ideas? Oh, and it's not the folder Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\uploads, I can only find replays uploaded to youtube in that folder. I can't find saved replays which haven't been uploaded to the internet anywhere Anyway, I would appreciate any suggestions.
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