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  1. none taken im a big football fan but when it comes to FM i never know who to sign
  2. well as a huge man utd fan no it doesnt get boring !! especially as i tend to lose/draw a lot of easy games anyway
  3. chicarito has been awful for me just one goal all season ... i gave him a decent amount of starts and plenty of chances as a sub. and i sold macheda to everton ... lol.
  4. But they're getting old - 21, 22 etc and getting fed up of going on loan!
  5. Unrealistic signings

    Roberto Carlos to Stoke
  6. Title says it all really. I did the double - Premiership and FA Cup first season, everything was going well. I've just signed Defoe to bolster my strikeforce he had a great season at Spurs last season, might get Modric or Van der Vaart too unless you can recommend any other decent wingers for under 20m. Anyway, my main problem is, the amazing youngsters Sir Alex put together at the club. I have Fabio, Rafael, Smalling, De Laet, Gibson .... and I wanted to know what other Man U managers did with these players? Thanks in advance.
  7. Premier League Facepack

    IT WORKS! Use skin cache needs to be off, I misunderstood your message .... aah its nice to see my Man Utd teams faces
  8. Premier League Facepack

    It doesnt work
  9. Premier League Facepack

    i clicked that and also ticked skin cache ...
  10. i can just about see but yeah it is hard
  11. Premier League Facepack

    i did it, but the images do not work on the game (( HELP
  12. Premier League Facepack

    create it manually? ok i'll try it
  13. Premier League Facepack

    where do i extract to? i cannot find a folder called graphics ...
  14. I don't have a fast internet atm and just want the Premier League facepack .... is there anywhere that does just this??? Thank you