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    "Exploit the flanks" in match plans

    Yes, I believe instructions given from the tactics screen are not used. And explicit instructions from the match plans SHOULD be used, but I don't see that happening (at least for exploiting flanks).
  2. Hi guys, I'm using Instant result with with Match plans. As we know when match plans are used the instructions under Tactics are ignored. That's why I often set 2-3 instructions to ALL scenarios for the match plan I intend to use. For almost all instructions it's not possible to be sure that they work, but for Exploit the Right / Left flank I should be able to see this in the Action Zones of the match report. But it doesn't work. When I use Exploit the Right Flank the percentage of my attacks through the right is often 20-25% and is often lower than on the left. When I exploit both flanks the attacks through the middle are more than 50%. Honestly I haven't seen this working in a single match, I thought that I should see it working at least a couple of times by luck (considering the random factor). Of course that makes me question also the other instruction, but I couldn't tell without watching the full matches (I don't have that much time). Maybe I misunderstand something, let me know what you think. Thanks in advance! P.S. I use Mac.
  3. How does this work in FMC? Can you propose feeder or parent clubs to the board or cancel affiliations? Currently I have 2 parent clubs with my team and I'm looking for a way to get rid of them.
  4. Brashnyanov


    Chicharito's heading is 17...?
  5. Hi guys, Played FM Handheld for the first time today - a great game! I like the fact that player attributes are less - a real manager can never take into account 50-60 things about a player. A key attribute is missing though - jumping, which I think is the most important thing for winning a header. I also can't see the player's height. Is jumping merged with another attribute? It doesn't seem to be strength or heading...