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  1. Stole this for my now youth only Velez Mostar save and things have been pretty ridiculous ever since. Won the league and got to the EL group stage the following season, knocking out Malmö, Maccabi Haifa and Celtic along the way. Got hammered by Basel, but still, success all the way.
  2. Favourite to get relegated and playing in the Champions League. Don't think I've seen that before.
  3. How is that 442 of yours looking? Your success since you changed to 442 has been out of this world.
  4. Set pieces that you can't do anything to defend against. Throw ins where the attacking team have two guys at the edge of the box, unmarket and nobody there to close them down. Throw in - pass - pass and longshot - goal. Wide and indirect free kicks follow the same pattern. You can put a player "at the edge of the box", but it doesn't help much. The lack of options at set pieces has annoyed me for years, but they still overlook it for every "new" game.
  5. A few mid/top half finishes in the 2. Bundesliga and your finances should be fine for a while. Just have to get promoted first =)
  6. Roger that. On that note Dynamo Berlin was an interesting club back in the day, the favourite club of Erich Mielke, also known as the head of the Stasi in DDR. The legitimacy of their titles could be discussed =) Good luck with your challenge, will follow it. Did something similar myself last year, as Chemie Leipzig, but never got all the way to the top of 1. Bundesliga.
  7. Hertha Berlin isn't really considered as an east german club as it was a part of the Bundesliga and played in the west when Berlin and Germany was divided. Union Berlin is the best east german team from Berlin.
  8. Don't really know what to write, congratulations isn't enough really. Amazed that you didn't give up 20 seasons ago. Can't wait for next season!
  9. Looks doable with your remaining matches compared to the rest.
  10. Usually how it goes in the 3. Liga on FM. The U23 teams have too high reputation, pay too much and manage to hang on to too good players on FM. In the real world only a few II-teams get into the 3. liga and they usually get relegated again quite fast.
  11. You've given yourself a proper challenge here, getting from Landesliga to Bundesliga is hard enough without any "rules", so to do it as a youth challenge is gonna take some effort. Getting to 3. Liga and stay there for a couple of seasons is the hardest part. Good luck!
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