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  1. The PPM "Arrives late in the box", what does that do? In my mind I picture it as something similar to a Frank Lampard sort of movement, always arriving at the edge of the box to finish off crosses/passes from the flanks. Is that a correct interpretation?
  2. Just completed my second season with the 4220. Turned out to be a funny season. The distribution of my goalkeeper led to a few stupid goals conceded at the start, but "fewer risky passes" fixed that. Had a few bumps here and there, but we were the better team in most of the games. A bit on the backfoot away against Freiburg, but the promotion was never in danger. Lots of good combinations and nice goals from the five players responsible for the attacking phase. Lost one keyplayer to Liverpool after the season, but the rest is still at the club, ready to face FC Bayern and the rest next season. Second in goals scored and first in goals conceded. Will give one more update after the first season in 1. Bundesliga, to see how the formation/tactic holds against superior opposition.
  3. Think I may give it a go again, but I'll drop the Enganche and go with a AMs as I do now. Didn't get enough movement behind the Enganche, instead he was leading the line himself quite a few times. Now the partnership between then AMs and the CMa is a joy to watch at times, but lack of vision/decisionmaking mean that the ball don't always arrive when it should.
  4. Decided to give this one a go. Playing as Chemie Leipzig I did some trying and a lot of failing during the season. My first attempt was quite similar to the Roma-formation. I have quite a few playmaker types in my squad and no very good wingers, so I went with a 4141 shape, very similar to Herne. The idea was to create a side that was aggressive when defending, with a high defensive line, and decent in possession with lots of movement between the lines of the opposition. In possession it worked alright. With no good, creative dribblers in the squad I went for the enganche up top. In the beginning I wanted all four in midfield to contribute with through balls, so the wide midfielders got the "more risky passes" instruction. That made the team a bit too eager to play the through ball, resulting in loss of possession and a counterattack, so that was removed. The big issue however, was the defensive line. It worked reasonably well in pre-season, where we beat Bundesliga opposition in Bochum. It also looked good against Magdeburg in the season opener, but then it started to crumble. I struggled a bit to see if it was a tactical cause to our issues or if it was just down to the players I have. A lot of the goals conceded was down to personal errors, rather than major tactical flaws, atleast until the game against Düsseldorf. There it was plain obvious that the line was too high, exposing us to balls in behind and crosses from the sides. We got hammered, with Düsseldorf scoring all their major chances. I lowered the defensive line a notch. In hindsight, I probably should have lowered it some more. What followed was one of the most frustrating rows of matches I have endured on FM. We weren't outplayed in any of the games, but made silly mistakes in almost all of them. Own goals, penalties, personal errors, corners and long shots. One of them in each game, combined with bad finishing on our side. In the last home game agains St Pauli I got desperate and changed to a 3-6-1, but against Magdeburg again it was back to strikerless, but now I tried something new. At first it was 2x Shadowstriker and enganche up front, but then I discovered that those roles don't do pressing high up the field, so I changed to AMs. Though it worked against Magdeburg, it became apparent to me during the winterbreak that the formation was too narrow in attack, so back to the drawingboard again. After trying and failing a lot with the idea of a high pressing team, I decided to channel my inner George Costanza and try the opposite. A Diego Simeone-inspired 442 was born. I decided to keep it simple and remove all TIs and rather add them if I saw something was off. The AMs has PIs making him quite similar to an Enganche, but without the "press much less" instruction. The plan was to have the AMa as the main goalscorer, but after the first few matches I noticed that the CMa got more chances, so that is where I use my best finisher. In attack things work very well, we are threatening from both out wide and in the center, but we waste way too many chances. Defensively we are ok, but there are still issues to work out. We let the opposition have to many long shots from just outside the box, so I adjusted the line up a notch. We also have problems defending down the flanks, so the opposition get the ball into the box too easy for my taste, but I'm not sure how to fix that just yet. The results improved dramatically, and could have been even better. We had the lead in all the draws and outplayed Regensburg, but couldn't finish our chances good enough, then they got a penalty. For the next season I have to work out how to defend the flanks better. Might also try a Segundo Volante next to the DM to see how that works out. Hopefully we can push for promotion.
  5. My u19 play games now. Not sure how or what happened, maybe they got some sort of promotion to the u19 league system.
  6. Congratulations on the new stadium, really about time.
  7. This is brilliant. Had a go in France with Orleans a few years ago, had a proper struggle the first few seasons in the Ligue 1. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  8. Just spent the last 4 hrs reading the entire thread, loving every minute. Reading that a club like Fiorentina dominates the world actually makes me happy, even if it is only in the virtual world. Keep up the good work, looking forward to an attempt with Panathinaikos.
  9. In Norway (and probably Sweden) the league start in april and end in october/november, so that might fit. If a summer season is a no go then Hungary and Austria might be worth a go, with their long winter break.
  10. @Kazushi80 If I have them under contract for (atleast)the next two seasons I hang on to them. They usually complain during the transfer windows, but when the interest cools off they might even sign a new deal. If the rest of the squad supports their teammate I usually solve it by pointing out that the team will be weakened if I let players go. Haven't encountered your level of complaints though..
  11. I hate this game. Thought I had made it with my protest in early january and managed to hold on to my leading centreback despite offers from a number of clubs, ranging from Rangers to Hapoel Ber-Sheva. Got through the transfer window in january and felt pretty confident about keeping him. Then, in late february, in steps the chairman. In the same news cycle I get the info about the bid and that he is sold for just £350 000, with no chance to protest. I reloaded back to the january window to try to negotiate the bids from Hearts and Rangers and got Hearts to pay £2 000 000 and 40% of next sale. I actually considered to redo the next month, but then I'd have lost a pretty good youth intake in february. Hate that I don't have the possibility to give the chairman and the board a piece of my mind.
  12. Transfer windows are a real pain in this challenge. Have stopped holidaying during preseason to be able to protest when the board tries to sell my best players.
  13. I know the feeling. You have pretty much summed up my two attempts in the Premier Division right there.
  14. Skartun is a popular man. Not sure how long I can hang on to him, got him under contract until 2029.
  15. 10 seasons in Førde IL: Facilities - Finances - Best Eleven - Tactics - Competition History Summary We are currently improving youth facilities when we can, training facilities are a bit too expensive at the moment. Financially we are okay, but this will improve with a new season in the Premier Division. The tactics are some sort of 3-5-2 for now, with emphasis on keeping the ball. When it clicks it is fantastic, but with many teams playing 4-5-1, we struggle to break them down. Three CD against a single striker isn't very good either, but right now we don't have fullbacks to play around with, so we stick to 3-5-2 another season. To wrap it of we have a short presentation of the squad. Squad 2028: Ole Gjengedal - If Krosshaug had signed a contract he would be on the bench, but now he is our undisputed nr 1. Markus Attila - A rock a few years back in the second division, a cone in the Premier Division. Hoping for a replacement soon. Thomas Zetterdal - Same as above. Mads Abrahamsen - Had high hopes for him, but he has not developed at all during two full seasons in the first team. Endre Kittelsen - Suffering a bit because of the formation and has to step in as a central defender from time to time, but won't reach the potential he once had. Ole Edvardsen - Had bags of potential, but has not been able to get it out. Will probably be released soon. Emil Eikeskog - The leading star from the first intake, but failed to reach his potential. Was on his way out a few seasons ago, but a boost in determination allowed him to stay. Key-tutor atm. Mads Førland - A personal favorite and fits like a glove in the left central midfield role. Unfortunately he isn't really good enough for the Premier Division, so might be replaced soon. Jan Rune Reksten - Another promising star with a poor approach to training. Had high hopes for him and he has been okay in the First Division, but hasn't developed as I'd hope. Eivind Vågen - The leading player of the team. Went berserk when he got a full time deal last season, have never seen so many dark green arrows on a player. Hanging on to him as long as I can. Ivar Almen - Youth prospect, first season in the squad. Almost as good as Reksten, so he will get the priority. Sindre Skartun - Was casual on arrival, but tutored him to fairly pro. As Vågen his development exploded with a pro deal. Have attracted interest from other clubs, but will hang on to him as well. Terje Norevik - Have hopes for this one as well, currently under tutoring from Eikeskog, hoping for a boost in determination. Tonny Solheim - Not as promising as the others, but might be a candidate for the DPL with his passing/vision. Ole Morten Myhre - Recently promoted as the potential of the older left wingers in the first team are fading. Will get playing time, hope he developes into the winger we need. Ole Rygg - Same as above Lars-Erik Kristiansen - Another midfielder with potential, will get the chance if he does well in training. Elias Myklebust - Relegated to 2nd team, hasn't really developed since he got the chance. Stian Klaveness - Same as above. Gaute Aker-Iversen - Same as Lars-Erik Kristiansen. Much potential, but plays in a crowded position. Djalaluddin Hashemi - Hopefully our striker to be. Intend to get him tutored from Holtvik to get his determination up to 15. Martin Holtvik - Our top scorer, even though his ability isn't that good. Good determination, so will keep him as a tutor. Jørgen Nergård - Rated as the best player at the club. Was low determination, but worked his det up to six, making him fairly loyal.
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