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  1. just please, don't implement new bugs in old features. oh and a match engine AI that complies with common sense
  2. More information where it's needed. Example: a player picks up a knock. What I want to know? 1. How he feels with it 2. What kind of possible injury is that None of that appears to me automatically. For 1 I have to open the motivation window (assuming that I haven't), for 2 I have to go to player profile, then to attributes if they don't open by default, and then i see "has a potential knee injury". I get forced out of the match screen to see information relevant only during the match! Consistency of information There's all sorts of stupid mix-ups, from stats being counted in different ways on every screen (like player profile - the apps/goals panel in overview shows different numbers than his history) to records being split into two types, historical time and game time, which leads to stupid news saying that I lost on aggregate for the first time in club's history. Less useless stuff We never needed conversation tones. We never needed the code that recognizes when I add, for example, "penis" as a comment during press conferences, and says in the news that I "launched into a stream of expletives". Seriously, who comes up with that stuff in SI? Who approves such waste of time when for years we can't get... ...Sensible match AI Well, yeah. I could write a book on that. Soon it won't look like football. From senseless head-ons by strikers (never seen anyone do that), full-backs NEVER stretching play (average position of a line-hugging wing back at the same width as that of an inside forward) to purely ******** defenders. Better national team management, but I guess that's in plans anyway all in all, just test it properly for once.