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  1. He is absolutely monstrous, does anyone know if there has been a better 18 year old player in recent memory? Because.. wow. A couple of side notes; FC Basel are a really good team in this version and it may be worth playing as them and building your team around him, Eleney and Xhaka. (Plus they have Walter Samuel!) And, here he is at the beginning of the season on FM15.. Quite a huge upgrade..
  2. I'll get a compilation of images of my tactics when I get home from night shift. (Yeah seriously, there's a compilation worth of tactics to show how much effort I put into this )
  3. So at this stage, I'm kind of wondering if playing as Liverpool is a little too easy: This is how I set up Sterling, he is probably the best player I have played with this version.
  4. It's not the last 5 games - that's even higher in some cases. Especially Sterling's.
  5. Yeah, I think you can't really go wrong with Sterling. I'd love to get the goal ratio that you currently are getting with him, but I am playing a lot more defensively.
  6. I currently have Coutinho as the AMC, but I was considering of playing Sterling there and allowing Depay to play in his best position if I sold Coutinho. That's okay though, Sterling is currently destroying everything in his path in the AML spot with 24 goals, 17 assists in 27(2) games and an 8.37 average rating so I think Sterling will be taking that spot for years to come.
  7. Coutinho wants to go to Juventus and I'm tempted to sell him for ridiculous money and bring in Depay as a straight up replacement. Although Depay is miles worse than Coutinho is attributes wise, I have seen how well he does for other people and I might take that punt myself. edit: Nevermind? For some reason, he no longer wants to leave. We only had this conversation a couple of weeks ago.
  8. Speaking of which though, I had an offer from Monaco for Joe Allen for £15 million which I have managed to negotiate up to £17.25 million. I'm very much happy to see him go because what a pain in the arse he has been - hasn't shut up about wanting first team football despite starting around half of the league games behind Henderson and Gerrard. My replacement for him is Marco Verratti, one of my all time favourite players in the more modern versions of football manager. He's come to the club on a £40k/week contract.
  9. I originally offered him out for what I think was £16 million at first and Arsenal gave me a negotiable offer for him. I took off his asking price and managed to get it up to £23.5 million.
  10. Winning the Europa League is a nice consolation from crashing out of the Champions League. I always see it that way because it's still a semi-major trophy. It also looks like you have winning the league sorted out.
  11. All of these players are considered world class according to my assistant manager. Absolutely crazy how good this team is developing.
  12. Arsenal have just bought Rickie Lambert off of me for £1 million. edit: He just rejected their contract.
  13. That's a very good reason to not be playing. Normally it's the usual working, studying sort of thing, but no, you're building a frickin' house!
  14. I always tend to have the opposite when it comes to the Champions League, Glenn. I always concede less and score more during champions league games. Our group has finished like this:
  15. I'm preparing for another squad overhaul in the summer. Balotelli, Lovren, Lallana, Moreno and Allen aren't getting enough games but keep on asking for first team football. It would be unfair to let them carry on at the club, as they're all very talented. In the mean time, I'm so very sorry Sunderland. Also, funny thing; I've cost two jobs at the hands of my team. Won against Aston Villa away 5-1 and Sherwood got sacked and then Poyet got sacked in the match right after.
  16. Coutinho is the second player to fulfil is potential already in this save. I'm not even half way into the season and he's rated five star. It indicates clearly who I should be building my team around.
  17. Very well done, Glenn. Depay looks monstrous! As for my tactic, I will just post the formation of it because I do a lot of changing around with roles and instructions depending if home or away. For example, I mainly have this as my home tactic, but if Lallana is playing, I will change to Advanced Playmaker as he's much better in that role. For games away against better sides, I have this tactic, but again, Lallana as an AP on the left wing position and Romero as a roaming playmaker in the DM position. edit: Balotelli is going to start my next game after this (got two assists also)
  18. Yes sir. This is a completely new save, not sure how long it will last because I've been contemplating things already, lol. But so far so good!
  19. Keep it up, you can only improve. Martin Demichelis of all people ended a 12 game clean sheet streak in my game. Quite annoying, but we still won with absolute ease. Sakho and Balanta as a centre back partnership is pretty special. I currently have four players who are considered world class in the team; Coutinho, Sterling, Henderson and Sakho. Things are definitely looking up.
  20. That's really unfortunate, Glenn. Depay should add something huge to your side in the upcoming season, he's amazing even at such a young age. I'm currently struggling to keep everyone happy in my squad and have to rotate a lot of players. It's frustrating, but at least I can keep the squad at an at least decent level of fitness throughout.
  21. I may as well post a couple of screenshots to keep the thread going. At the moment, I have only played seven league games, but we are doing exceptionally well. Won 7 games and the goals are spread across a lot of players. In the cups, we have been getting exceptionally draws. We have a Champions League group of Porto, Roma and Basel and in the Capital One Cup we have already beaten a League One side in Bristol City 4-0 with a young side, and will face a Championship side in Wolves in the next round. Transfers wise, I'm really happy with what I've done. I have only bought players good enough for the first team and/or direct replacements for those I sold.
  22. It is a little quiet in here but with the free time I currently have, I might liven this place up a little. Although I have done my usual overhaul of the squad when I start a save, things are going just as well as before. The one problem is, there are a lot of players who, in the early stages of the game, are asking for first team football that I can't possibly give to at all times. I understand Adam Lallana because he's highly rated in the game and probably deserves said first team football because in the games he has played so far, he's been very decent However, Dejan Lovren and Joe Allen came to me AFTER they underperformed in a 4-0 win against Crystal Palace about their lack of first team football and I'm really losing my patience with them. I gave in and will be playing them throughout the next month to keep them happy and their value up, but come on, I'm only in October.
  23. Beat Crystal Palace 4-1. Destroyed them but I'm still annoyed that the team conceded.
  24. Although I would never condone reloading a save after a game, that is definitely a situation where I would have done the same. What on earth?
  25. New bargain of the 15.3 patch at £1.4 million (I think you can take his contract at the beginning but I didn't find him then)
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