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  1. Reached January first season in my Liverpool save. We are the best team in the league by a long shot and we are nothing but amazing really. These are our results. Currently haven't conceded in 8 games with Rajkovic and Mignolet playing a fair of the games. We could be better offensively with a lot of 1-0 games but I would rather win 1-0 than draw 0-0. Benteke has 15 goals in 9 games at the moment and is really fighting for this starting striker spot. edit: See the odd one out in there? So do I. He's a great player and all, but he hasn't been world beating for us by any means. Origi got the Golden Boy award also, making me rethink playing him as back up to Coutinho.
  2. I know it's only FC Zurich but I consider this one of the best performances of the season so far. Firmino is luckily only out for 2 weeks, but I don't think he'll be missed with Origi being more than capable of filling in. May be able to sign Rullli and Lavezzi for free at the end of the season; going to see if there's anyone else I can find. edit: This is the Europa League group, by the way. Absolute piece of cake!
  3. I would like to recommend a player to you guys; Kristoffer Ajer. £675k I bought him for at the beginning of the season and he's developing really well. Here he is in December of the first season, potential to be a key player for the team. I envision him, Sheyi Ojo and Rossiter (who I have mentioned before, is also developing into a monstrosity) as my midfield 3 in 5 years time. edit: I have sold Milner to Spurs for £14 million; £140k off the wage bill as well. I will use a central midfield three of Henderson (DM), Can (RCM) and Allen (LCM) with Rossiter, Ajer and Cubas covering.
  4. I'm pretty sure I am using Coutinho wrong as a left inside forward/support.. 5 goals and 5 assists in 17 games a 7.32 record. :/ Well, this is going to take a while to explain so bear with me haha. First off, I have three tactics made for three different situations. 1 (Instructions) are for games where I'm a favourite but playing against a decent team at home, or favourite and playing against a far worse team away. I have my two wingers swap positions during the game and I have all the wide players cross for the centre. 2 (Instructions) are for games where I'm favourites to lose and are against the best of the best. However, most importantly; this is the tactic that I also use on the 70th minute if I feel the match is won. This is what gets me clean sheets in the matches like the -0 away win against Chelsea and the 3-1 away win against Man United (starting on 1). I have my defensive forward, who, most of the time is Benteke man marking the most defensive midfielder in their opposing team (or the central DM if it's in the formation). All of my players have the "pass it shorter" instruction also. Finally, 3 (Instructions) is what I like to call the "nutcase" tactic. This is basically for situations where I either want goals and don't care about the result, or against a far inferior team. This has only really been used in the Europa League and Capital One Cup so far, and the results from using it, home and away are following (scorelines only); 4-0 (A), 7-1 (H), 3-0 (H), 6-2 (A), 4-0 (H), 3-0 (H). So despite it being a very attacking tactic, it still has been keeping clean sheets because I have the DM holding position and covering the BPD's ass when they get too further forward and aren't fast enough to get back (hence Henderson's retraining as a DM - he's pretty quick). I have the two wing backs man marking the opposite wingers, or if the opponents aren't playing wingers, they are set to mark tighter and get stuck in. The attacking three in this formation tend to almost always be the three fastest; Sturridge, Origi and Ibe and they absolutely run riot. I want to experiment with Raumdeuters and a false 9/DLF where the two wide players are the main focal point in the scoring aspects whilst the striker is the one picking up the ball and spraying it to them. This is because I want to replicate the success I had in FM14 where I had two defensive attacking wingers and two false 9s and they basically made my team unstoppable (I need to find that tactic, I'd love to attempt to replicate it). But anyway... phew, there we go lol. That's my tactical set up. Complicated and calculated, pretty much how I always have been. Edit: I'm sorry, but I have to do this; This is the stats for the team in our 3-0 win against Everton (just happened) using a rotated squad. Started off with the offensive tactic, contained after the 65th minute mark. And the match stats confirm our complete dominance over them.
  5. I feel like the squad is due a major overhaul in the summer. I have a list of the players I'm intending to sell and it's pretty long; Coutinho (seems to be stagnating in terms of developing and not really doing well at all. Also not very versatile as he can't play on the right side of midfield at all, which is important because I have my tactic set so the two wingers swap positions during the game; replace with Markovic who is doing extremely well out on loan) Ings (Not good enough, keeps whining about first team football; replace with Jerome Sinclair who is developing tremendously) Balotelli (Been poor for AC Milan) Skrtel (Getting on quite a bit and still high wages, can still cash in quite a bit for him; replace with Rugani or Andre Wisdom) Milner (Can bugger off with his £140k a week; replace with Rossiter who is developing into a star already) Mignolet (Not good enough for a Champions League side; replace with Muslera) Could potentially make a profit of around £125 million if I can negotiate correctly. Although I might stick with Mignolet for a couple of more seasons because Rajkovic is still in early stages of development but Muslera could be a cheapish but much superior purchase. I feel like I've hit the jackpot by having his work permit accepted on appeal because literally everyone else I know has failed with it. That being said, he's superb. Full Serbian international as well now, so he is only going to develop even more.
  6. Haven't been playing much as Liverpool lately because I have been doing a YDWAWK game with Viitorul Constanța, but during the time I have been playing, I have been doing.. relatively well. Benteke and funnily enough Joe Allen have been my best players so far, whilst Rajkovic has only conceded 1 goal in 7 and is developing wonderfully.
  7. Rossiter had a great international break so I'm going to give him a go in the Watford home game.
  8. I was considering buying Muslera and selling Mignolet before the transfer window shut, but thought that I ripped this team up enough as it is.
  9. So far so good on my save. Two tough games out the way and we're getting better the further into the season we go. Rotating a lot of the team and in the Braga win, I did an almost complete hockey rotation for the first 11 before the game.
  10. I just noticed that, eastley. They must've REALLY wanted him and his 8.16 average in 4 games.
  11. Yep! Transfer deadline day! I think they managed to afford both because they sold Gabriel Paulista.
  12. I think Firmino has a problem of being too slow to be a wide forward/winger. I'm going to see how he plays through this season and then I might either sell him off or retrain him as a CM in a less physically intensive role.
  13. I didn't want to risk getting more in case it fell through. I transfer listed him for £45 million, got £39 million straight up back. edit: Breel Embolo is a straight replacement for him at £12.25 million.
  14. Been forced to win the league by Henderson to keep him from leaving for Arsenal (for a rubbish offer too!)
  15. Yep, conditional British work permit and everything. Same happened with Lincoln also.
  16. I amazingly managed to get Rajkovic after appealing the work permit. Could be great luck more than anything. Starting to build a great foundation for my future of the club.
  17. I think I should be getting arrested for extortion.
  18. Hmmm, Grimaldo is highly rated by scouts for me (non-fixed PA, I imagine). I think he'll be ideal for a back up for Moreno.
  19. To be honest, I'm too lazy to research it all and would just remove every injury from everywhere.
  20. Maybe a bad example. I should probably leave the game alone anyway.
  21. I was thinking of removing all the injuries from all the leagues that I have loaded, Everton for instance have eight first team players out injured at the start and a lot of them weren't injured at the beginning of the season. Maybe I could remove players' injuries that were injured after pre-season? I don't know, I know a lot of people are against tinkering with the game but it could only be fair.
  22. I can only wish to get into the 40 millions for selling Lallana. I'd only assume this isn't the first pre-season? I have promoted Brad Smith into the first team and will be a back up left back, enabling me to sell Enrique and taking £55k off the wage bill. He will be my only outgoing transfer in the first pre-season, as Kolo Toure is a great tutor and the team has a thin enough squad as it is, considering three key players are injured. I have recalled Lloyd Jones from loan and will tutor him and develop him in the reserves. With his current ability at 19, I highly doubt that Blackpool were going to give him any games. The best thing about the squad I believe is the amount of players who are adept with both feet. Lallana, Firmino, Milner, Ibe, Clyne and Markovic all have fairly strong or better weaker feet, which is what I love to see in my players. I'll be playing with an inside forward on the right, so this can come in a great deal handy. I have a great deal of transfer targets, those mainly being young players who will develop in the reserves for a season and then attempt to ease them into the first team. One player who, however is going straight into the first team is the outstanding Breel Embolo
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