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  1. A little update on Seyoum Ferriera (not half Portuguese by the way, but half Bermudan!) and it looks like I've gotten the real deal here; I'm retraining him as a false 9 because I don't play with AMCs and his defensive stats don't look all too good nor will improve that much. He has decent finishing, great passing and first touch. Rossiter has vastly improved in the past six months, probably because he has played a whopping 20 games for the club. He's being trained by Hendo now and has a professional personality. Could be a future vice captain if he keeps his growth up. edit: I gave Ferriera a starting run out against United and he did fairly well. Shame he didn't get a goal but I was playing him as a shadow striker in the AMC spot. Again though, these possession stats are an absolute thing of beauty.
  2. That is absolutely crazy! Hahaha. I wonder if they are predetermined, or the names are, but just randomised in some crazy order. Maybe it's something to do with the game scouts from that area and their names? Turns out that another prospect; Lee Wood could become pretty decent as well.
  3. Youth intake time! And although I wasn't expecting much out of it in my first season, I ended up with this in the news feed; Possibly one of the best players of his generation, huh. Alright then, let's see how good he is.. ..Well damn, okay then.
  4. First cup won. Those possession stats are a thing of beauty.
  5. I have managed to find my save- it was for some reason, in another folder? Okay then. Back into December but it's okay, I flew through those games with not much being different and I got the same draws in the cups. I bought Aleksander Dragovic in the winter deadline day because I need a top class fourth centre back. I also have developed a new tactic which is doing incredibly well in my other save so I've brought it over to this one.
  6. Just made my last transfer of the pre-season (unless a great offer for a player comes up) and I feel like I've done very well. £69 million in, £32 million out and I'm especially delighted at the sale of Djordjevic as, although he is a great player, if I'm going to get £28 million for someone who I wanted to eventually replace anyway, then I'm 100% going to take it. Konko and Braafheid are surplus. As for transfers in, one of the main reasons I bought Musacchio in the end was his dual nationality of Italian, which enabled me to buy Mammana and Barbosa in without any issue. Barbosa and Mammana are potential world beaters whilst Tulissi, who may not have that much potential, is Italian and cheap as anything. The final two players are regens, Mirabelli being unearthed from my scouts and Friend, who I funnily enough only found when Sunderland (in one of my favourite clubs on my profile) bid £5k for him. I only really bought him because I love signing players from lesser teams and turning them into great players. He has really good potential, on par with most of my better youth players so I will definitely be keeping an eye on him. edit: We beat Juventus in the Super Cup in a very scrappy but even game, with Parolo scoring a goal from a great corner from substitute Mauri.
  7. Although he's not as good as de Vrij, I think £17.5 million for Musacchio is a very good deal and a very good replacement. My number 1 target in Dragovic went to United, sadly.
  8. In a similar fashion to de Vrij, PSG came in with a structured offer for Djordjevic, I negotiated for £28 million straight and they accepted. I'm truly extorting these rich clubs.
  9. I can't fault De Vrij at all. He's a fantastic player. But a bid like that is just far too good for any defender who isn't world class.
  10. I have been considering doing a save with Lazio this version also. Their squad is fantastic and I could never turn down the chance of managing Klose. Regarding Anderson; I won't be selling him at all, probably let him go on a free transfer when his time is up as a top class player. 50% to a third party, what a rip off. I like him a lot though, he's a proper winger; 15+ in dribbling, technique, crossing, flair, acceleration, pace and passing. Will be fun working with him. Also, would you look at this; They only offered him something like £11 million + some crap in clauses and I decided to just ask for double his value.. and they accepted? Looks like I'll be buying Dragovic as his replacement then.
  11. I think my save has come to an end already. Got one of those crash dump thingamajiggies and I can't open the save up or anything. May as well just restart it and play alongside my other save. Still so lame though.
  12. I really should buy him, considering he's a Liverpool fan as well. Meanwhile, Reece Oxford is starting to look the part and I might give him his debut near the end of the season.
  13. So do you guys think I should buy Alli whilst I can? Being quoted £17.5 - £24.5 million for him in January.
  14. Palombo is an amazing squad player for any team. His tutoring attributes are unmatched and I'm going to buy him immediately, now you've reminded me. I try to set a salary cap of £150,000/week for any of my players and if they want more, they can bugger off. I've made exceptions in the past though. edit: Sampdoria won't budge for him at all. Shame.
  15. It seems like you're still doing really well but just struggling a bit on goals. That's why I have my "all or nothing" tactic, which is a similar vain as the standard but much more aggressive. I only ever use attacking tactics during games though, exploiting a certain weakness (like if they have slow defenders, one footed wingers or small, averaged paced strikers). I don't really use opposition instructions all that much but it could be something you could think about using. This being a tremendous guide to follow, which I might start doing myself. as For familiarity, what you could do it put the one you prefer in all three spots and use the contain during the game (by just loading it). The familiarity shouldn't be too different because in some ways, the tactics are similar (closing down, passing and fluidity). I played an absolute tonne of friendlies against rubbish sides to increase morale and to get all three tactics to almost fluid before the pre-season and from then onwards, they just kept on improving. I wouldn't bin the game for good - you're still top of the league and keeping a lot of clean sheets! As far as I'm aware, you haven't conceded a single goal in the league yet, something I'm very envious of. When Sturridge comes back and fully fit, it can only get better for you. edit: Just to mention that a lot of my goals are from set pieces too. Crossed-in free kicks, corners, counters from opposing corners/free kicks, that sort of thing. Hell, we even had a goal from almost a direct long-throw at one point. And the amount of penalties I've had is ridiculous, but I still believe that the quality of goal doesn't matter and it's the result in the end that does.
  16. Yeah, I offered them both out. Milner was arguably the best midfielder at the club but his wage is ridiculous. Had Barcelona, Spurs, Juventus and PSG offering £13 million, and I managed to negotiate with Barcelona the best. I would probably have kept him on if it wasn't for his wage. If the wage doesn't bother you, I would keep him for at least another season or two because of his quality and great tutoring ability.
  17. The sale of Milner and Bogdan means I have taken in over £100 million in transfers this season. Ridiculous.
  18. If it helps, this is what I started out with on my standard formation instructions; It gives a pretty good basis on what you want to use, and if you don't want to overuse team instructions, the removal of work ball into box, get stuck in and putting the defensive line onto normal won't impact a lot at all.
  19. Oh boy, stage one of "Wunderteam" is (almost) complete. They're in the links (the number and the instructions are separate), buddy. 4-3-2-1 has worked wonders for me this year. It seems that playing more defensive and cautious is the way to go for Liverpool in this version. Don't worry though, it's taken me almost half of November to get a good Liverpool save going, but now I've found another and more interesting save to go beside it, I'm concentrating on that more.
  20. You see, coaching has never been really my strong point when it comes to the game. I just try my best to get the best possibly star ratings in each area and keep the workload down, I've always done that. It's okay though, I have a great amount of coaches across all the areas in my youth teams also now, so I'm settled for a canny while.
  21. I have only recently been getting my new staff in because I completely neglected to during the season. Stupid, I know. But I like the look of this. Going to bring in another attacking and another defending coach to make everything at least four stars all around.
  22. It was pretty early on, funnily enough. I just bid for him, appealed, got the appeal rejected, bid for him AGAIN, appealed AGAIN, got accepted.
  23. I removed all the injuries from all the leagues that I loaded. I feel bad for doing it now, actually.
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