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  1. So, being the idiot I am, I saved over my Liverpool save last night doing tactic testing by accident. My other versions of that save are from the beginning of Jan 2016, I was in March 2017 when this happened. :(

    And even though it was extremely unrealistic making so much from transfers, I thoroughly enjoyed the save.

    That being said, I will be starting a new Liverpool save with the original philosophy I had in mind before going overboard with transfers. A lot more on that when I finish the pre-season.

  2. After spending some time (20 odd minutes) I've found a couple which could be very small:

    Verzej play in the Slovenian Second League and the village has a population of 900.

    FK Pohronie play in the DOXXbet Liga (Slovakia's 2nd tier) in Dolna Zdana and the village has a population of 863.

    Huginn play in Iceland's 2. Deild so you'd need to holiday a season for them to be playable, they're based in Seyðisfjörður which has a population of 665.

    Last but not least...or actually it is least we have Nordvärmland FF which in FM16 play in the Swedish Div 2 Ostra Gotaland and are based in Ambjorby which has a population of 227.

    There may be places with a lower population but this is a pretty good starting point.

    Can't really get a better answer than this.

    Nieciecza features the team with the lowest population to qualify for a European competition in history.

    There are a few teams that you can play as with smaller populations but you need to unlock their leagues. For example, there are a couple of teams in Montserrat that play in a town that has nopopulation at all.

    I stand corrected.

    This is actually a really good and interesting question to be brought up.

  3. And the winner is Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza from Poland (1st tier) with population of about 800.

    Can't really get a better answer than this.

    Nieciecza features the team with the lowest population to qualify for a European competition in history.

    There are a few teams that you can play as with smaller populations but you need to unlock their leagues. For example, there are a couple of teams in Montserrat that play in a town that has nopopulation at all.

  4. Sabine have you even got any players left, your team spirit and morale is going to take a big hit and will take a while for your new signings to gel.

    Everything seems to be going well, funnily enough. I had fears that would be a problem, but it's just business as usual right now.

    Although it's good to point out that Ayoze Perez, aside from a first game hat trick is really struggling in the team.

  5. d73180020b066d18696f5a118f72eb8e.png

    My squad for the season (unless Can finally asks to leave again).

    I have just realised that Rulli is a model professional which makes for an amazing tutor towards Rajkovic, who is looking outstanding after two clean sheets in the first 4 games (1-0 against Arsenal in Community shield, 2-0 against Real Madrid in the super cup, 4-0 and 3-0 against Norwich and Swansea respectively). Joe Gomez is probably going out on loan because of the transfer of Rugani, but it's mainly to further his development.

    Pogba is by far the largest transfer fee I have ever paid for a player, but I could not resist. I had a transfer budget of £389 million after all the player sales and I still made a profit of £90 million on transfers after the Rugani (£29 million) transfer following it.

    could you possibly be able upload them so i can download them?
    Wich formation do u use?

    I have a post somewhere with all the details of the tactic guys, come on now.

  6. c6c70b50f809a7817bc9c198690a6f01.png

    Transfer dealings done for the window and we are absolutely rolling in it. Every transfer I've made out, apart from Origi are all surplus to the club. I'm particularly pleased with the Balotelli, Mignolet, Allen and Markovic sales because of the fees generated for their ability is outstanding. I'm putting a couple of players on the shortlist because I'm prepared in selling Emre Can, who wants a ridiculous contract and a £47 million buyout clause.


    This is how the squad looks after all that. Very young and talented, I'm really looking forward to what we can do in the future.

    edit: Can't believe I forgot, but I've also just signed Ayoze Perez for an absolute bargain. :lol:


  7. It certainly is. Just coming into the second pre-season. Every single one of these players had a great amount of games and performed very well but they were all still surplus.

    The only one I regret selling is Benteke because he was amazing for us, but he wanted out.

    edit: df73149bdc301146faa55f8a5d0a55a2.png



    £274 million gained from transfers. But don't worry, I'm not just a selling club. :lol:

    Origi wasn't originally in my plans to be sold, by the way. But there is no way on earth I could turn down that price for him.

  8. Well, my first season is over and everything went pretty damn well. Arguably one of the best first seasons I've had on a version of FM where absolutely nothing went wrong at all.

    We won the league comfortable and I think it was the 32nd game where we won it also (with 3 games in hand). I'm really proud with the goals conceded tally but I do with it was in single figures - that would've looked amazing. Defensive aspects of the side were flawless; very few mistakes, very consistent and very committed to the cause, evident by the amount of yellow cards we were given. Attack wise, we were quite alright, a lot of 2-0s but that's okay, it's better than a 3-1 to me. :)

    We also won the domestic cup double with relative ease, with easy draws in the earlier stages of the competitions being a huge positive in allowing me to play my younger players.

    Finally, a straight winning haul in the Europa League made us deserving winners of the entire thing. Fenerbache were great opponents though, with only a 35 yard screamer from Firmino being the winner.

    My personal player of the season was Nathaniel Clyne. He was the driving force of the team, spearheading attacks and picking up every sort of loose ball possible. His stats show him to be a great all round player, highest average rating in the squad and a joy to behold as a player.

    An honorable mention goes out to Predrag Rajkovic who came second in the golden glove award in the Premier League and was near unstoppable in cup competitions. I'm so proud that I managed to sign a player so young but so talented early on in my career. With Rulli coming in, he's only going to get better with tutoring and I will be using him just as much as last season.

    I can't wait for the pre-season, I have a complete squad overhaul planned; selling the deadweight and some huge surprises in terms of transfer dealings.

  9. A little update on Seyoum Ferriera (not half Portuguese by the way, but half Bermudan!) and it looks like I've gotten the real deal here;


    I'm retraining him as a false 9 because I don't play with AMCs and his defensive stats don't look all too good nor will improve that much. He has decent finishing, great passing and first touch.

    Rossiter has vastly improved in the past six months, probably because he has played a whopping 20 games for the club. He's being trained by Hendo now and has a professional personality. Could be a future vice captain if he keeps his growth up.


    edit: I gave Ferriera a starting run out against United and he did fairly well. Shame he didn't get a goal but I was playing him as a shadow striker in the AMC spot. Again though, these possession stats are an absolute thing of beauty.

  10. Sabine.. Whats crazy is that my player deemed one of the best is also an attacking midfielder...

    I also have the player Ben Wagstaff...hes from Potten but Potten is the surname of the attacking midfielder whos deemed to be one of the best.

    hmm do you think the first intakes are somewhat pre determined?

    Not long until i get my second intake!!!

    That is absolutely crazy! Hahaha. I wonder if they are predetermined, or the names are, but just randomised in some crazy order. Maybe it's something to do with the game scouts from that area and their names?

    Turns out that another prospect; Lee Wood could become pretty decent as well.

  11. I have managed to find my save- it was for some reason, in another folder? Okay then. Back into December but it's okay, I flew through those games with not much being different and I got the same draws in the cups.

    I bought Aleksander Dragovic in the winter deadline day because I need a top class fourth centre back.

    I also have developed a new tactic which is doing incredibly well in my other save so I've brought it over to this one.

  12. Just made my last transfer of the pre-season (unless a great offer for a player comes up) and I feel like I've done very well. £69 million in, £32 million out and I'm especially delighted at the sale of Djordjevic as, although he is a great player, if I'm going to get £28 million for someone who I wanted to eventually replace anyway, then I'm 100% going to take it. Konko and Braafheid are surplus.


    As for transfers in, one of the main reasons I bought Musacchio in the end was his dual nationality of Italian, which enabled me to buy Mammana and Barbosa in without any issue. Barbosa and Mammana are potential world beaters whilst Tulissi, who may not have that much potential, is Italian and cheap as anything. The final two players are regens, Mirabelli being unearthed from my scouts and Friend, who I funnily enough only found when Sunderland (in one of my favourite clubs on my profile) bid £5k for him. I only really bought him because I love signing players from lesser teams and turning them into great players. He has really good potential, on par with most of my better youth players so I will definitely be keeping an eye on him.


    edit: We beat Juventus in the Super Cup in a very scrappy but even game, with Parolo scoring a goal from a great corner from substitute Mauri.

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