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  1. Available on a pre-contract. Looks incredible for an eighteen year old. Available for very cheap, looks like a fantastic prospect. Another one available on a pre-contract. Looks like he could be a potentially world class English winger/full back. Lots of really good young English players this year, it appears.
  2. I essentially have an all-round team of world class players, who are mostly English and from the academy or home grown at the club. I'm pretty much just being impatient, I think. But I'm so nitpicky with some of the players. Like Benteke and his terrible versatility, Milner and his high wages, Sturridge and his.. well tendency to just not essentially do much because he's injured all the time. There's also the fact that with Sinclair and Rossiter gone, I have absolutely noone to really concentrate from the youth system. Just too much stuff really, haha. Maybe I should just wait until FM 2017 to be released.
  3. I can't stop starting new games. Something never feels right with Liverpool and I really don't know what it is.. Am I selling the wrong players? Am I buying the right players? My mind is a pure mess. Maybe I'm a little disenchanted because I don't have the players like I do on my Sunderland save.
  4. I've started a new save (again) because I felt like I made a couple mistakes in my transfer dealings. This time however; This time around, I didn't sell Lovren and sold Moreno but everything else was the same. I decided to do something that is very out of character for me, and that is spend huge on a player in the first season. Strootman however, is an outstanding footballer and I have always wanted to sign him.
  5. I really do try and keep transfers as realistic as possible and try for players we're linked to in real life. Ingoings I mean. But if there's an exploit to sell players for a crap load of money, I will take it.
  6. Nope! From a facebook group called Football Manager Whizzkids
  7. Just in case you guys thought it didn't work. Latest transfer database so it includes Mane, Karius, Klavan and most importantly (to me anyway) Matip. All players out on loan returned, which enabled me to do this monster deal with Balotelli. I must say though, I'm really proud of this transfer window.
  8. To be fair, I have retained a lot of money from transfers from the loaned out players (among others) this season. so The only player I'm reluctant on selling is Dabo because he is fantastic, but he wanted to leave so I had no choice. I also just got the Champions League draw, and it honestly could've been way worse; Only really afraid of facing Tottenham because Leverkusen always seem to get be easily beaten when I face them with any team really.
  9. It would make a world of difference, as you can see. In dire need of a boost. I was planning on thinning down the squad by selling a few players anyway, but Ntep was 100% not in those plans. On another positive note, I have a potential massive sale in the making with this monster coming to the club on a free.
  10. I do however, have a massive dilemma now.. They initially bid £28 million with clauses but I negotiated it to this. It would be absolutely MASSIVE for the club, a free like that, but he's my favourite player in the team.
  11. My word, what a bargain. Bordeaux weren't even relegated or anything but are selling this promising star for £400k. £7.5k/week over four years.
  12. Well, we did it. In some style as well. PSG were so rubbish, I expected them to have the record that I ended up having. Paul-Georges Ntep won so many awards that I lost count (what the hell is up with that anyway?) The one thing that is bugging me the most is the prize money. We got £4 million for winning the league and not much sign of a lucrative TV deal. On the plus side, we've already made out first signing, £35k/week for four seasons for this monstrosity. I'm so surprised we managed to get him and he's earning double the wage that my second highest player is earning, but it's very well deserved. Will be doing a lot of restructuring in the summer. So many defensive midfielders, most of them being very average.
  13. We just can't stop winning... This is surreal. PSG are rubbish. A grand total of TWO points are needed to win the league now. Oh yeah, we have Angers at home for that game. Prepare for celebrations, boys!
  14. On the topic of developing youngsters, I've just gotten my youth intake; Hmm, best of his generation, eh? Well there have been players in the past where they've had that label and turn out to be very average. But let's have a look anyway; Oh my GOD! A little tidbit on him as well, he's born in Charleville-Méziéres, a suburb in the Ardennes area. But is a Reims supporter. I can only imagine that Sedan sucking so bad made him turn to the promised land of this fine club. I have tagged another two promising players as well; Seydou Cissé, who is the media compare him to the next Maxime Bossis. Who was a full back. Okay then, media. William Lefevre, who may not look much but looks like a fantastic future false 9. A role that I absolutely love using. edit and correction: it appears that Charleville-Méziéres is not a mere suburb but is actually in fact, the capital of the Ardennes department. Oops!
  15. It's the main reason why I much prefer a developing youngsters approach to any save. When it's a team like Reims or Sunderland (who I've been playing as for a while and made them into World Powerhouses), it's a good idea to spend quite a bit in the first couple of seasons and establish a network of young talent. This is done by developing the infrastructure of the club like facilities and youth recruitment, and more times than not, the scouting network. Buying the best players in the world for an already rich team is pretty boring and the club loses its identity, which is why I've gone from loving PSG in the 2000s to pretty much loathing them. As for regens, I only ever buy highly rated youngsters. Verdier, who I have a screenshot on my introductory post, has the potential to be a key member of the first team and already is good enough for Ligue 2 at 17. Prime example of the type of regens I like buying. They're young, raw and need a lot of work, not instant world beaters in the year 2030 or such.
  16. The tactic I'm using is a very typical 4-5-1 where I chop and change depending on match situations (hence the other two tactics). Nothing too special really. nico_france, he's honestly one of the best players I've signed early on in FM alongside Hakim Ziyech of Twente (whom I wish I could've also signed). He now has 25 in 26 and doesn't look like he's stopping any time soon. I would also like to give a special mention to the unsung hero of the save; Bryan Dabo. I had my doubts about him at first, but he's playing more and more and looking like a great signing. I love all-rounders, they're the best, and he's a prime example of a budget version. He also decided to play for Burkina Faso, so good for him really.
  17. To balance the books a bit, I have sold my best striker to Sevilla for £7.5 million. I have, however, brought in the brilliantly named Kevin Lasagna for £1.6 million and £10k/week less wages. I also sold Franck Signorino to Gent for £70k and Hugo Rodriguez for £250k. Replacing Signorino is an absolute bargain of a player from Chile, who came to the club for £135k and is happy playing back up to Atila Turan. All of this means that my wage budget is under £300k/week again and I have gained back £22 million in transfers now and I'm pretty confident of a champions league place this season. Why am I so confident? TEN points clear at the top of the table in January. Our only loss was a very hard fought 1-0 loss to PSG with them pretty much hitting us with everything they have but it took Matuidi from a bundled corner to get the win in the 68th minute. The highlight of the save so far however, was this destruction of Lorient. Things are looking bloody up, shame that our bank balance isn't though.
  18. I will end up picking up an OM save after I've been to the stadium for the England game. The place and city look absolutely stunning.
  19. Ntep seems to fit that description, Ronaldo Beckham. You could also try and get Andrija Zivkovic for £1.1 million and sell him on in a couple of seasons for 10s of millions because he's a potentially world class player. I haven't done the latter because I don't find him a realistic enough transfer, something I kinda regret now.
  20. Yeah, their budgets are probably an exploit from an oversight, but I would highly recommend not using it all up because their finances are pretty dire. I'm in financial trouble already and only have a weekly wage spend of £310k/week. However, it's an absolute riot so far.
  21. Although bestbrother's save seems like a fun ride, I have gone a more realistic approach with Reims. Reims have an absolutely amazing history of developing some of the greatest French players of all time and I thought it should be my duty to emulate that. I'll use the first two or three seasons developing a squad that can possibly challenge for European spots and then head on from there. Here are the transfers that I have made, I might be making more depending on how the deadline day goes: The outgoings are pretty straight forward for the most part. The aging and not good enough players are going out and replaced by better players. I ended up getting really good offers later for N'Gog and especially De Préville, which I couldn't simply turn down with fears of disrupting the squad. The ingoings are the following: Christophe Verdier is a young regen I was made aware of by my scouts early on and he looks the business and a potentially great goalkeeper for the future. I've made him my immediate back up to Carrasso for the season. Sofiane Saadi is a very raw, but potentially gifted right winger from Red Star, scouted by the same guy who got me Verdier. I have put him in the reserves instead of loaning him out because he needs a lot of tutoring and a lot of work. Benjamin André was brought in from Rennes to provide competition for the vast amount of central midfielders that we have. He looks the absolute part for a team like us and can only improve. Has played all five of the games I've played so far and I'm a massive fan of him. Lucas is the big signing of the transfer window and I'm amazed that I managed to get him. I think a lot of players of this version know how good he can become and the fact that a club like Reims can sign him is pretty exciting. He kicked the hell out of our transfer budget but I cannot wait to see how he develops. Paul-Georges Ntep is another coup for the club from Rennes. He is already a French international and can potentially be even better than he already is. He has also been a massive revelation so far, scoring an astounding 8 goals from 5 games from the left inside forward slot. Bryan Dabo was brought in with his team mate Paul Lasne for added depth into the squad. I'm not a massive fan of Dabo because most of the roles he plays in are competent despite being a natural in that position and he's best off (apparently) as an MR/Winger, which I wouldn't dream of playing him in. Training him as a right complete wing back, however, could be a thing I may do in the future. After all these transfers, my weekly spending is only £290,228 per week and I still have £26 million to spend, but there aren't really many players I want to spend that on until we establish ourselves this season. I also want to keep the club financially sound. If we don't qualify for European football this season, I will end up having to sell a few of the higher earners like Dabo, Ntep and André, but still try and improve on the squad. My overall goal this season is to get at least into the Europa League spots, and it is doable with the squad I have assembled. We are killing it so far, with Toulouse doing even better than us but we have had a couple of pretty tough games, as opposed to Toulouse just rolling over the mid-table and relegation fodder sides. edit: Uros Spajic has become the first non-French player (although still domestically signed) to join the club for £5.5 million. He will provide added depth in the central defender department and probably be the new starter, with a price like that. This means the total spending for this season is at £31.15 million, meaning that if we don't qualify for the Europa League, we are very much screwed financially.
  22. I am approaching my fifth season with Sunderland and I have three regens who have solidified themselves into the first team. The first one is my number one striker, displacing Alvaro Morata; Dan Ormsby. I bought him for £900k when he was 16 and after a couple of loan deals that were slightly successful, he repaid my faith in him by scoring an astounding 64 goals in 47 games (33 in 25 in the league) My next one is actually a right back, a position that I seemed to always struggle with finding players in that position but I managed to get one from my academy! The most awesome thing of all is that he is now actually a club legend! At 19! That being said though, he is monstrous. Another one from the academy is a central midfielder, who may not have played much of a part like Thompson has yet, but will in the coming season after doing a bit of structural reworking with my squad. He looks like a superb advanced playmaker but if I can get his long shots and dribbling up, he could probably make the Roaming Playmaker role in my squad his own. The future is looking bright for me, it seems.
  23. Here he is for me, Christmas 2018. Bought him in second season and play him as a roaming playmaker. He's.. something else, that's for sure. I also just realised how low his contract is.. bloody hell! I can only imagine that in the latest update, he'll ask for far more money than what he's on for me.
  24. I've been doing a couple of things a little different. Against bigger teams, I have been using the contain mentality and playing my wing backs in the Wing Back/Defend role. For some reason, the contain mentality is still very good at attacking, I used that in the away Dortmund game in the first half and the team were unbeatable. I also do my own team talks, which seems to work really well with reducing team complacency during games. My team, admittedly, is pretty amazing now. I'm in my fourth year with Sunderland and it's littered with world class players. I managed to win the league in my second season which is why I managed to get the likes of Morata and Shaw.
  25. Quite amazing so far, in all honesty. My strikers are relentless goalscoring machines.
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