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    August - October 2016



    It has been all too easy so far in the National.  Predicted league rivals like Paris FC and Créteil are very much underperforming.  ASM Belfort are flying though, they are second bottom in real life and never really would expect them to be anywhere near the top half of the league.  Real life league leaders Quevilly-Rouen are disappointing too. 

    As for us though... wow..  Tounkara and Teí-Bi are far too good for this league and are running riot.  We are doing very well in attack but especially well in defending as the four consecutive clean sheets in August and early September show and Souchard is a great asset as goalkeeper.

    Speaking of Souchard though, he is becoming quite a bit of a penalty stopper in accordance to our little cup run that we have going on.   Two penalty shoot-out wins against far superior sides away from home.   Maybe we can get three in a row?


    Our fifth round French Cup opponents are a local side from Romarantin which is just up the road and I believe their players are mainly French-Turks. 

    Thanks for reading.  :)

  2. logo_berrichonne.png

    Pre-season 2016/17

    So far, I'm very happy with what I have at this club.  Their high reputation means that I am able to sign very decent staff even at National level.  I'm also allowed four coaches, which I asked just after this screenshot was taken and I will take full advantage of it. 


    Best in the league for scouts seems a bit suspect since I don't even have any apart from my chief scout? Alrighty then.  But we have a great medical team and our coaches are going to enable the players to develop very nicely early on.  

    I also have a new assistant manager who was poached from Oman and he is pretty bloody good. 


    I put the entire first team squad through their paces against local sides and local rivals FC Déois and Bourges 18 to boost the morale and bring in some income for the club.  Boukari, Tounkara, Merghem and Khadda have all impressed me so far with consistent ratings and efforts in training. 


    Early doors on finances, but the club are in a pretty decent shape.  I have extended contracts of everyone  whose were running out in the summer and we have the third highest wage expenditure in the league.  I'm not all concerned though as I am confident in getting promoted out of the division this season.



    As for updates, I will be posting after every two months unless something major happens but it's all a bit boring for now.

    Thank you for reading. :)

  3. logo_berrichonne.png

    La Berrichonne de Chatearoux aka "La Berri"

    I have inherited a very decent squad here at La Berrichonne, there is a great balance and the squad personalty is described as Determined in the club profile, which is a promising start.  There aren't any players who are aging on high wages and in fact, there are only six players aged 27 and over


    I do have one minor concern and that is sheer amount of contracts that are expiring next summer, but with the reputation of the team and promotion being very much possible, I will get onto extending those almost immediately.

    Key Players

    Eric Tíe-Bie | 25 | Ivory Coast | Defensive Midfielder/M (C)


    La Berrichonne must have pulled some major strings to get this former Evian player who I actually do remember seeing him playing in Ligue 1.  He has amazing physicals, high work rate and team work and pretty decent important technicals.  He will essentially be the player who I am going to be building the future of my team around.  He's the highest paid player at the club and that will be even higher when I extend his contract.

    Razak Boukari | 29 | Togo | Attacking Midfielder (Right, Left)


    Coming back to his boyhood club is Razak Boukari who is one of the better players at the club.  He is strong, fast and pretty decent technically and should do very well at this level.  In real life, Boukari has been plagued by injured for a few years, which stunted his development a lot which I imagine why he is down this level after being released by Wolves, which is a massive shame because I remember him doing  well for my favourite French club, RC Lens. 

    Oumare Tounkara | 26 | France | Striker


    Our main striker is actually a former Sunderland player who in all honestly, was a bit rubbish and the poor bloke has slipped down the leagues quite a bit.  But in FM terms he's a decent striker for this level with decent physicals, work rate but slightly average technicals which don't concern me at the moment.

    Laurent Héloïse | 31| France| Defensive Midfielder/D (C)


    Laurent is nomad in the lower leagues of France, but I honestly think he still has quite a lot left in him.  I love midfielders with high work rate and teamwork and all round mentally, he is a very strong player.  He might even be my captain, but I haven't decided yet. 

    Louis Souchaud | 20 | France | Goalkeeper


    By far our most promising player is Louis Souchaud who is the first team goalkeeper and has been at the club since he was 12. He looks like an excellent goalkeeper at this level and has at least 15 seasons in him and a lot of potential, 4.5 stars in fact.  Keeping him is my number one priority in the early years of this save.

    Other high potential players include; Mehdi Merghem and Mickaël Panos who are also both 4.5* potential players. 

    Although I know what formation I'm going to be using (4-3-3 wide), I'm not sure what I'm going to do tactical wise and my breaks tonight at work are probably going to consist of figuring that out.  :lol: This is what I have so far, it's very simple and suits the squad rather well;


    Only thing I might change is the defensive midfield position because I'm not sure what else to put at the moment, but I'm happy so far.

    My next posts probably won't be tomorrow as I work night shifts and need a little sleep but when I'm playing again, I will be sorting out my staff out but I will leave you with my potentially new head of youth development who is absolutely incredible for this level;


  4. logo_berrichonne.png

    La Berrichonne de Chatearoux aka "La Berri"

    I love youth only saves, they are my favourite way of playing this game but I have never really found a club that I wanted to play this way with in the past couple years until I happened across this gem of a team, La Berrichonne

    The club have what I would guess very little history, playing only one season of top flight football in the 1997-98 season.  But upon further reading, they have also had a stint in the UEFA Cup after reaching the French Cup final, something that my home town club Sunderland can't brag about, so there's that I suppose.  :lol:  The club appeal to me quite a bit because of this lack of history alongside a good set of facilities and a very nice stadium, something that I will get onto soon enough. 

    Oddly enough La Berrichonne seem to have a rather high reputation, on par with what I guess are lower Championship and top League One sides in England.  This has enabled me to choose a profile that looks like this;


    They have a very decent set of facilities as well for this level of football, the best in the league;


    The stadium looks a rather decent size as well, but that rent is going to be a little annoying so hopefully once the club get into Ligue 1, I'll be able to buy and then extend it.  This is what it looks like in real life, and it really does look like a stadium that could realistically be extended given the area that it appears to be in;


    My next post will be mainly about the squad that I have inherited, key players and the prospects that are at the club. 

    Thank you for reading.  :)

  5. 15 minutes ago, smplfc123 said:

    Some big money flying around there @Sabine

    So I'm about to start season 2. My first 3 fixtures are:

    Man Utd - H
    Man City - A
    Chelsea - H

    Nice easy start to the season!

    So here are the incomings and outgoings before the season starts.


    Sebasitien Haller - Utrecht - £8m
    Hugo Basto - Arouca - £1m
    Rachid Ghezzal - Lyon - £3m
    Ben Gibson - Middlesbrough - £3m
    Tyrone Mings - Bournemouth - £850k
    Callum Patterson - Hearts - £3m
    Ryan Ledson - Oxford - £750k (Loaned Back)
    Kalvin Phillips - Leeds - £2.8m (Loaned Back)
    Gedion Zelalem - Free


    Lamine Kone - £13.25m
    Andrea Poli - £12m
    Billy Jones - £1m
    And a lot of players released on a free.

    Poli wanted to return to AC Milan who offered me double what I paid for him, so that was a no brainer. Kone was decent last season, but I think Basto will be a good replacement and with Kone missing for a month each season, I thought £13m was a good deal.

    I've brought in 9 players, all of which are 25 years old or younger. I've filled the squad nicely, with the idea being for the future that I will now only look to strengthen the first team with quality in the next transfer windows.

    Hoping I don't start with 3 hammerings as last years form against the big boys would suggest that there is a high possibility of that happening.

    @Sabine as you can see, I decided to go with Haller.

    Oh, I have thrown around an insane amount of money this window.  :lol: 

    This time around I went for more players to fill out the squad, as I realised that I'm actually playing in the Champions League.. silly thing to forget.. I lost two months of the save because of my computer crashing and I ended up back in the pre-season and this time around, I said I was going to win the league, get into the Quarter Finals of the Champions league and win the domestic double, giving me a very respectable transfer and wage budget.


    I only have three players over the age of 27 now, two of them (Cattermole and Defoe) will be retiring at the club.

    Haller looks really good.  He's current at Crystal Palace on my save and scored a couple against me.  A very good transfer window.

    But that is a tough start to the premier league, very similar to what mine was in the second season..



    This is my squad now, the left back position is very weak, but Javet is both footed and can cover there if needed.  I tried buying Luke Shaw but Man United want a mind boggling £135 million for him, so nevermind.  :lol:

    I have had some very good luck in youth intakes as well, Jake Adams, Benedict Mason and Stewart Wootton are all from the first intake and I can see them being future first teamers, especially Mason who looks set to be Defoe's long term replacement.

  6. c3726d51eadc00ea6b28264092fc47fa.jpg

    Tom Davies wants to leave for Man City so I had to think fast..  I had a look and saw that Alli was unhappy and I negotiated from £92 million to 55 in a matter of days. 

    Speaking of Davies, he has left for Man City for £30 million.  Such a shame because I think he could've become a legend for the club, but his replacement isn't too bad. :D



    This team is going to turn into something special this season.  Absolutely no idea why he's transfer listed and in the reserves.

    Outgoing is Oscar Duarte to Man United;



    @smplfc123 some very good transfers there, I tried buying Gibson in the first season but Middlesbrough wanted far too much for him, £15 million I think it was.  :lol:

    Some more striker suggestions I could give you;

    Andres Ibarguen from Aletico Nacional.  He tends to get his work permit easily and is a great all rounder, although very short and with pretty much no jumping reach.

    Then there's Santi Mina (Valencia), Giovanni Simeone (Genoa), John Guidetti (Vigo) and Sardar Azmoun (Rostov). 
    They're all still relatively young and suit the complete forward role.  You could be a little more ambitious and try for the likes of Berahino, Johannes Eggestein and Milik, but you might end up paying a truckload for those.

  7. Welcome and good luck @smplfc123, a very decent first season which could've been far better if Sunderland had better defenders.  Their starting ones are just awful, aren't they?

    Although I do rate Kone and Lescott, Djilobodji, O'Shea,  Jones and Kirchoff underperformed so much in my first season and it was my main goal to improve on that.  Oscar Duarte is a centre back who is a must buy if he hasn't been picked up by another club yet.  I managed to buy him for £3.3 million in the january window of the first season and his experience is vital and gives a great amount of stability to the team.

    The team does need a huge overhaul and it's exactly what I've managed to do, the squad I've got coming into the third season is completely different to the starting one, with only eight players still at the club.



    Meanwhile, Manquillo has developed into an outstanding right back for the side and I've made a really tough decision and will be selling him to Manchester City for £40 million, ten times the amount I paid for him.  :)


    I have also sold Watmore to Sampdoria of all clubs for £15 million.  That'll be it for transfers as I have young English players replacing them which may hinder the squad a little in terms of quality depth, but it could provide a little bit more of a challenge for me. 

  8. It's transfer window opening and I've already been given a few amazing offers for my best players;


    Never going to sell Hughes.  He's now a World Class midfielder and he runs the show in the midfield.  19 goals and 13 assists in 61 games.   


    I was curious on how much of a fee I could potentially get for our wonderkid Asoro.  Chelsea started off with £52 million and it negotiations ended at this. 

    Both rejected.  :)

  9. A truly amazing season has just ended, won the league and the EFL Cup.   The team fell short in the Europa League in a semi final loss to Bournemouth of all people,  they have Bayern in the final and could potentially spend the Championship in the Champions League! 

    The final goals for and against was 115:32,  which is pretty incredible, but I would've preferred less goals conceded, but definitely not complaining with the goals scored!



    A couple of notes; 

    Joel Asoro has turned into an incredible player.  He has won the player of the year in the Premier League, and rightfully so;  19 goals and 13 assists and is arguably the best player on the team.  To think that he's only 19 is scary, he's going to be world class.


    Jermain Defoe has still got it at the age of 35 and scored 43 goals in 43 games in all competitions.   Although his pace is starting to falter, he still has the class like in real life and I think he is deserving of a new contract.

    Another surprise of the season is Elliot Embleton, who has ousted Cattermole from a centre midfield spot, playing as a roaming playmaker and absolutely flourishing.  He's one of our own and will have a great career at the club, an absolute must keep.


    I personally believe I have done a very good job with transfer dealings this season.   I'm pleased with the sales of Lens, Anichebe (who I didn't want to sell, but could not deny a transfer that huge) and Oviedo was a straight up £15 million deal, something that hit me by surprise because he wasn't really that good for me and I already had bought Garbutt to replace him; a player with similar current ability but was English. 


    All in all, a successful season.  I'm looking forward to champions league football next year and I have a couple massive transfers coming up which I absolutely can't wait for! :D



    63,000!  This club truly is going to turn into a force to be reckoned with coming next season.

  10. 18 hours ago, the SLC said:

    is that with 5 mids across the middle or with the dm 2xcm 2xwingers/insideforwards?

    One with the DM :)
    Against lower table teams, I sometimes change the right and left wingers into strikers, stick on control and let them run riot.   This has been my tactic for the past four months;




    9 hours ago, nexting said:

    Where do I find that screen with tactical advice, haven't seen it for ages?

     Go to  Staff, then backroom advice;

    You will have this screen and this is how I have it all laid out:


  11. Yeah, I couldn't believe that!   I put him out for sale and Ajax bid £3.2 million.  Managed to get it straight up for 5. :)

    A little update now and I'm currently top in November, still unbeaten and haven't lost a game in 2017, which is some feat. 

    I have promoted Embleton and Asoro as full time players in the squad and they are developing amazingly;



    Asoro is infact my starting right back and has surpassed Watmore in current ability according to scout reports.  His, and Embleton's attributes are absolutely shooting up and I think Embleton is now ready for a more important role in the team.

    I have Luke Garbutt and Rob Holding coming in January and I have my eyes on Lingard, Barkley, Ibe and Andre Green to get a more English core into the squad.   I have teams sniffing around Will Hughes including Liverpool and Tottenham, but I won't sell anything less than £50 million because he is quite simply amazing.



    Small edit and Embleton is definitely getting more opportunities after this performance;


  12. I have a feeling that it's only gonna be uphill from here.  Changed from my 5-2-3 to a more managable 4-2-3-1, with the sale of Anichebe.

    To gauge on how I believe the season will go, here is the Community Shield game..  It was an absolute riot to watch. 


    The transfer window has been one of my successful so far.  Players' reputation have risen alongside their value, and it made for easy picking when offering them out.   I've very much gutted the team..but sales for Anichebe, Lens, McNair and an extortion for money for Djilobodji so severe, that I would probably have gotten arrested if this was real life.  Twenty bloody million!


    If you haven't noticed by now, all but one of my incoming players are British.  I probably would have not signed Javet befpre today, I was having a conversation with a friend about how FM 2017 is a bit easy and she suggested to buy only British players. 

    Wall and McArdle are also regens, Tom Davies was brought in as a direct replacement for Gibson, Chambers for Djilobodji and Connor Ripley for Mika and Mannone.  I also bought Ripley because of his Resolute personality.  I have a youth intake goalkeeper who could become amazing, so I'm going to use Ripley as a tutor and use him as my cup game goalkeeper.

    My Europa League group is alright as well,  Napoli being the only team who will test us, but it seems like they are declining,


  13. A beautiful 4-2 win away to Arsenal capped off an amazing season for me in my first season.  We ended up finishing fifth, level on points with fourth place Liverpool but with worse goal difference.  Couldn't even imagine what I would've done if we ended up in the champions league place.

    Jermain Defoe was outstanding, finishing the season with 30 league goals!  Lescott, Oviedo and Anichebe also impressed me. 

    We got knocked out of the League cup by Blackburn, but we did manage to win the FA Cup for the first time since '73.  We beat West Brom 2-0 in a very standard game.



    These are the season's transfers, and I think I did quite well. 

    • Carole was a solid back up who never complained.
    • Manquillo was very good as our new starting right back and for £4 million, I had to sign him on a permanent deal.
    • Ibarguen was a very good bargain signing, ended the season with 12 goals in 14 games and is already worth £7 million.
    • Hughes is the club's new record signing and I honestly think he's the reason why my midfielders are playing so well now.   Great passing and tackling success percentages.
    • Duarte was another bargain signing and has turned into my new starting centre back alongside Lescott and Kone when he's fit. 
    • Joe Dyson was bizarrely a free agent regen with no previous club who one of my scouts managed to find.  He has amazing potential and I honestly see him becoming our back up next season.



  14. I managed to get this guy for £875k for my Sunderland side from Nacional and I personally think he looks good for a lower - mid table Premier League team.   I think he might even come to the bigger Championship teams, but I haven't tested that.  For some reason, I didn't have any issues with a work permit, just appealed on his first rejection and he was able to get one.


    Very solid and I love how well-rounded his attributes are.

  15. f370682f2ac18fd3ef6aa3df09abc6ef.jpg

    I went a bit crazy all around with the transfers.  I had some great offers for the likes of Schurrle and especially Auba.  I have essentially just sold players who don't fit the formation that I'm intending to play with. 

    I coughed up on Emre Can because he always turns into a tremendously gifted player in recent versions and he is only on £120k/week.

    Timo Horn will be my new #1 keeper with Weidenfeller calling it a day and Burki quite honestly not being up to scratch for me. 

    The other transfers are mainly just improving squad depth and I might make a few more depending on if I can get good offers for anyone.


    This is very much what I'm going for at the moment.  I don't know too much about team instructions at the moment so I've left them very basic but they will change throughout the season.

    I absolutely love playing strikerless formations and Dortmund has given me a great opportunity to maximise the potential of the tactic.

  16. Although I have a very good Sunderland save at the moment, I can't help thinking that Dortmund is the right save for me for some reason.  Their squad is near-perfect with a few minor touches.

    I'll be holidaying until June 2017 as well, as it is my preference.

    I honestly feel that if you can get a great fee, selling Aubameyang is ideal because he's vastly underrated in some areas (ie. the most important areas; dribbling, finishing, first touch) and could improve on him with a much better player.

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