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  1. Onto the tactical side of the team and I very rarely use my own tactics, but I couldn't really find anything that suits the flow of my team's game. I have a 4-2-3-1 as a backup tactic which I won't bother screenshotting because I will probably very rarely use it. This tactic is very attacking based, with the fullbacks running up to support the advanced wingers and Pastore also making runs whilst sticking to his playmaking duties but will inevitably score lots of goals. My defensive four of Verratti, Sissoko, Lugano and Sakho have their player instructions set to defensive, short passing but lots of creative freedom to keep the creative flow of the team going. I'm extremely happy with the squad and it's very unlikely I'll be making any signings until Lugano and Nené retire or are too old to cut it with the rest unless a French wonderkid catches my eye. That's all from me now, I'm sorry for the triple posting (I don't know if it's frowned upon here ) but the four picture per post rule really isn't something I'm a huge fan of.
  2. Onto my transfer dealings and as I've mentioned, I'm not a fan of the whole buying the league concept, even with PSG's m(b)illions. All I did for now is loan and sell the crap in the first team squad and bought players who fit right into both of my tactics. Click Gabriel Silva is a very talented and very versatile left back who could fill in as a AML if Nené gets injured. At £3.7M, he's an absolute bargain and being only 20 years old, he's already 2.5* rated and has a potential of 4* and is considered our joint best left back with Tiéné. Siyanda Xulu will be my other backup centreback (the other being Bisevac, who to be honest.. is pretty crap) and at £130k he's a bargain for pretty much any club and if he doesn't make the grade (although he is rated 2/4* so I'm sure he will), he'll be sold on for pretty much guaranteed profit. Oh, he's also touted as the next Aaron Mokoena who used to be a personal favourite player of mine when he was at Blackburn. I couldn't resist bringing Marco Verratti in as I've heard great things from him from people who've managed the likes of Manchester United and AC Milan, so I have decided to take him on myself. A bit more expensive than last season from what I remember, but seems to be have given a massive attributes boost considering his great potential in real life. Touted the next Andrea Pirlo, Verratti is going straight into the deep lying playmaker role, and should form a deadly central midfield partnership with Pastore. No real need to explain my outgoing transfers, Armand, Luyindula, Camara and Bodmer are crap and take up wages and Samnick and Yaisien are two promising players already on professional deals who I've loaned out to my new Feeder club. (cont. next post)
  3. Alright folks, I've had a good read of these type of friends and I've decided to share my progress as I go with you all. I had an ten season save with PSG where after the sixth season, I dominated pretty much everything that was thrown at me, but the prospect of bringing great French players through the youth system kept me going until the very last day of FM11. Well to start off, I won't be taking advantage of PSG's massive riches because really, I'm not a fan of the whole buying the world type of deal. What made me fell in love with the club last year was certain players already at the club (Erdinc - who scored 300 goals for me in eight seasons but seems to be a lot worse in this game, Areola who was my first team goalkeeper straight after Coupet retired after the first season and also had a big hand in getting a legendary 32 league clean sheets in a row (only conceding 10 goals in ALL competitions all season). Jumping straight into the game, I have currently just finished all my games for the pre-season, where we faced six amateur (although I'm not sure about Paris FC) teams to build up match fitness for my first team. Annoyingly, we didn't have our full squad as Areola and Bahebeck (who seems to be rated slightly less on this game) where in the U-20's World Cup squad. Nevertheless, 61 goals was a nice indicator of how good my tactic may be. (cont. next post)
  4. Sensational stuff as expected, Zero Sea. I'm dumbfounded with the amount of goals from corners I've gotten. A bit unrealistic, but why not exploit something that isn't cheating?
  5. Amazing story. Read it all from the beginning of the first thread of the series. Killed a good six hours of my spare time, haha.
  6. Incredible, in-depth OP, even more incredible tactic. In the seven matches I've played so far, there's been hardly any flaws found in it (infact, in one game against Hercules, I had a 96% passing success rate). edit: Huh, just realised this is my first post. I really am a lurker!
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