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  1. Do you guys think that it would be understandable to give Mignolet an upgrade (using editor)? Nothing too big, maybe +1/+2 in certain attributes, +3 (to 12) in positioning, and a PA rise to something like 160-167? He is criminally underrated, and I know it is judged from the previous season, but 9 clean sheets (also 2 in league cup) for a side like Sunderland was very impressive. I don't know, I don't want to be accused of cheating for doing anything like that, so I'd consult the forums first.
  2. The actual amounts are wrong. 8,000 NKR is about £830 which is a more accurate wage.
  3. Probably my favourite ever player outside of Europe. He has always been amazing in the game series for as long as I can remember and I think this is the first FM that he's not with Fenerbache (who I always play with and follow in real life). It doesn't seem possible, as thermo stated, to get him for an EPL team at the beginning, which is a shame because with those technical skills, he would be an unbelievable enganche.
  4. He isn't injured at the start of my save. Hmm. and yep! Both down the middle for interest in transfer and loan, I'm experimenting on how much I can buy him for and his contract now.
  5. I have been able to sell Johnson for £27 million. Sold Suarez for £44 million (although a majority of it was over four years, which I don't mind) Sold Lucas for £40 million (again, majority over four years) A bit drastic I know, hah. But I can get Leandro Damiao for a tenth of Suarez's price and again, looks potentially world class. £40k/week with a £1.1 million loyalty bonus too. I have Kyle Walker lined up as a replacement for Johnson (younger, and better and can only get even better) and his wage shouldn't be that bad at all really. It's just his loyalty bonus and agent fee that'll
  6. that is awesome! you actually have your son to manage now. I'm going to be most interested in how he develops more than anything now.
  7. Great read and a managing philosphy that a lot of people could imitate. Can't wait to see more of this. A transfer target I could suggest in the winter transfers is Ryan Gauld of Dundee United. 17 years old, fairly professional personality and really looks the part for his age.
  8. Yes, I noticed that with away games, the AI play a lot more aggressively and tend to pass into space which can tear your team apart if your players are not positioned correctly. The 5-3-2 (CB-CB-CB/WBL-WBR/ DM/ CM-CM-CM/ ST-ST) formation seems to be an unstoppable formation, Brazilian teams use that formation a lot against me.
  9. I remember your early FM11 tactic set being one of the finest I've ever played with. Looks like you're still working some magic, ZS. I'll give this a try, for sure.
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